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15+ Best Ludo Earning Apps to Play Ludo and Earn Money

The transition from physical to digital games has been made possible by technology. Now, things are different from when we were kids and played games like Ludo with our friends and family whenever 2 to 4 players used to sit together.

Now, Ludo completely takes the digital way with so many apps available to download, making it convenient for every user.

In this post, I will cover another aspect of the Ludo Game where we can earn money by playing it on some genuine Ludo money-earning apps.

What are Ludo Earning Apps?

Ludo Earning Apps allow you to earn money by playing Ludo games. You can usually choose to play against other players, and the app will use a special algorithm to match you up with opponents of similar skill levels.

The better you perform in the game, the more money you can earn. Special bonus opportunities may also be available occasionally, such as for completing certain achievements or reaching certain levels.

16 Best Ludo-Earning Apps of 2024

These applications also make inviting others to play with you easier by allowing you to create your own private space or table. Such money-earning games also provide a guaranteed payment and fill your wallet with a bonus that you can use to play games and win money.

One of the most intriguing features of Ludo Earning Apps is getting a true sense of the game and communicating with players across the world.

1. Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme website Image for reference

Ludo Supreme is the leading internet gaming firm, with a 95% market dominance in the Indian gaming sector – casual and board games. They develop skill-based games that elevate the gaming experience for players by keeping them engaged, and amusing, letting them forge cash as they play.

Players pick the league they want to participate in and put some money in their wallets. Many gamers have won up to ten lakhs in cash, which they can withdraw utilizing a variety of easy payment options such as bank transfer or UPI (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay).

Various forms are available depending on a person’s interests and level of risk capacity. Every game involves a prize pool that is scattered at the end of the game based on the strategy chosen. You can win real money depending on your abilities, and you can select from a variety of games.

Note: Every gameplay begins as soon as it has enough participants.

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2. WinZO Ludo

WinZO website Image for reference

WinZO Games is one of the leading Ludo-earning Apps out there for Ludo fanatics to also want to make quick cash while enjoying their favorite board game. WinZO guarantees the fairness of every sport it lists. It is completely reliable and protected.

To detect malicious participants, they have strengthened their identity verification systems. Their conscious efforts to make the gaming environment safer have resulted in rich gameplay experiences and love from all its users.

You may use the various payment methods to add money to your WinZO account and add the balance you want to deposit. Upon authentication, a player may transfer their reward money from WinZO via several money transfer apps like Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, etc.

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3. Rush Speed Leedo

rush website Image for reference

Rush is a real ludo-earning app to test your gaming skills and earn real money. An online gaming site where India’s competitive spirit is alive and well. Transfer wins prize money instantly to your UPI account. Play free games with real money and benefits, with Speed Ludo.

Simply outscore your competitors within ten minutes to win, and the jackpot sum will immediately be paid to your Rush wallet. The least amount required to begin the game is ₹3/-. Purchase one of the VIP membership bundles to receive up to 20% off of gaming.

The popular board game Ludo is available online now you can earn money by achieving the top score in under 10 minutes. Join Rush Ludo, your favorite online board game. But things take a turn. Play Speed Ludo online for FREE and win real money with no risk of loss.

4. MPL Ludo

MPL Ludo website Image for reference

The biggest Ludo Earning App and eSports platform in India is called Mobile Premier League (MPL), and it provides 60+ games — including ones in the fantasy sports, card, arcade, puzzle, and action game genres—for free download.

Available for Android and iOS devices, you can choose to play free online ludo on MPL in the free-to-play lobby. To play the game using real money, select and take part in the “Cash Battles” on MPL. Play against an online opponent, defeat the opponent, and complete the game’s goal to win a cash award.

MPL offers customer service to its players around the clock. You are free to ask questions at any moment during the day. You can play Ludo online with your family or best friend at any time of day and play against one another and communicate with them.

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5. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire ranked 1st in the list of best Ludo earning apps

Ludo Empire is India’s top multiplayer real money game for Android, with over 60 Lakh users playing for cash daily. It is safe, quick, and simple to play, and has been optimized to provide a pleasant playing experience.

Select from various game styles, including quick ludo, classic Ludo, and many more. Participate in weekly, monthly, and daily tournaments to increase your daily earnings.

A variety of cash battles are available, starting at just ₹5/-. Play ludo tournaments for real money daily, weekly, and monthly. Entry fees start at just ₹10/- and go up to ₹1 Crore. With devoted customer service to help you and guarantee a great gaming experience, Ludo Empire has become one of the best ludo money-earning apps.

6. Ludo League

Ludo League website Image for reference

Ludo League is the largest real-money ludo Earning App in India. They are committed to giving all of their players the greatest possible gaming experience. They provide every player with the flexibility of playing the Ludo game on their mobile devices at any time and from anywhere. The games are transparent, secure, and safe.

Players can challenge their friends to a game of Ludo. To play Ludo League with your friends, you need to send them the game code by email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any social networking platform.

Pay by NetBanking, credit and debit cards, UP, wallets (Paytm, PhonePe, etc.), and other methods. Withdraw the reward money immediately into your Paytm wallet.

There are over 5,00,000 actual users of the Ludo League which makes them the Best Ludo Earning App. You get to experience sensational, never-before-seen varieties of games across the Ludo League app.

Note: It is completely lawful in India to play real money skill-based online games that require talent to win.

7. Gamezy Ludo

Gamezy Ludo website Image for reference

GameZy is a fantasy gaming app, that has many enjoyable games, Ludo being one of the most played. This Ludo Earning App aims to provide players of all skill levels with the knowledge and opportunities to win while keeping them completely amused.

Create your teams based on performance, statistics, and head-to-head matches, then enter competitions for a chance to win real money in the fantasy leagues. You can play against up to three opponents using the app. Additionally, you may take part in Ludo tournaments.

One of GameZy’s biggest features is the ability to rapidly withdraw your winnings into your bank account, UPI, and Paytm wallet. Create an account on the app, choose one of the 14 games it provides, and begin playing.

8. Real11

Real11 website Image for reference

Real 11 is a top-rated gaming app to play and earn money. Gamers get to experience amazing graphics while playing the games they like. They foster a safe a reliable community that enjoys playing ludo. The website is legal to use and earn money from. Meet like-minded people who enjoy the same games as you.

They deliver a faster gaming adventure with a smooth gameplay environment. With minimal entry fees, the rewards are amazing. Transferring money from your bank account to this game is very easy and done securely.

Real11 Ludo stands out from other internet Board games in a distinct manner. Enjoy Ludo on this favorite amazing sports game application site and get the rewards.

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9. Elite Ludo

Elite Ludo website Image for reference

Elite Ludo is the most captivating game, offering fast withdrawals and the opportunity to make money in real time. It’s not only a dice game; it also requires careful preparation and a master strategy to play. They took your enthusiasm for mobile gaming and gave it a fun twist. Thousands of gamers join Elite Ludo every day to find their inner heroes.

They make sure that your gaming time is enjoyable by providing you with a wide range of tournaments and 1v1 matches around the clock.

Your bank account or Paytm wallet will be rewarded with the ₹5 registration bonus once you download the app and submit the referral code. Since the minimum amount required to play a game is ₹25, you must add ₹20 more to your wallet. The more friends you refer, the more referral bonus you receive (₹5 per referral).

10. OneTo11

OneTo11 website Image for reference

OneTo11 is India’s first Social Networking Fantasy Mobile application. Make your fantasy team and enter contests to win cash by placing in the top 75% (more than other apps, which only award the top 50%). Earn 1.5% of the entry fee from referrals who take part in paid competitions.

You can use a special code to direct smartphone users to OneTo11. Users of OneTo11 receive income from referrals of their referrals. Don’t pass up the opportunity to earn lifelong awards and infinite revenue. Before your friends and family, join OneTo11 and start spreading your exclusive code.

To participate in the game, choose a contest and pay the entry fee. Players can connect with other online participants to play, and win prize money and rewards based on their performance in the game.

11. PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot website Image for reference

PlayerzPot is one of the best Ludo Money Earning Apps in India. Not only Ludo, but you can also play other fantasy sports like cricket and football on this platform.

To win actual Cash Prizes, play the most popular Ludo game with quick matchmaking. Play whenever and wherever you choose. They assure responsible gaming through a daily deposit, best-in-class anti-fraud detection, and a commitment to fair play.

The Great Ludo Experience has attracted almost 1 Cr+ users (Zero Waiting Time). They provide top-notch ludo gaming that is smooth and intriguing. You get to win the Best Rewards And VIP Services with daily Real Cash Prizes. They have a great Refer and Earn Rewards system and have round-the-clock client support.

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12. Ludo Sikandar

Ludo Sikander website Image for reference

Ludo Sikandar is a Ludo Earning App in which you get real money against your opponent. You may win real Paytm money by playing Ludo games anytime.

You can play against random opponents online as well as with friends. Win by challenging your buddies. Experience the fair play in a whole new way. Invite your friends to join you and receive 1% lifetime referral income for each game they play. The Fastest Payouts promptly receive money into your account. Live Chat Support is available around the clock.

It is one of those real money games that takes excellent strategy and planning to defeat your opponent. Games are no longer used as just a pass time, now you can utilize your gaming expertise to make a significant amount of money.

13. 4P Ludo Pro

4P Ludo website Image for reference

To advance in this game, you must use your knowledge, plan to game, make calculated conclusions, pay attention, and practice. With practice and knowledge, you may become the best player.

Discover the world of Ludo. Roll the dice and let the fun begin! It has to streamline contest mechanics so that anyone can easily learn to play. Play with real players and get the chance to earn real money.

The user interface of this application is very simple and easy to navigate. The customer support line is available 24/7 to help you get the best services possible.

14. KhiladiAdda

KhiladiAdda website Image for reference

KhiladiAdda is another one of the Ludo Earning Apps that makes it easy and fun for users to earn real money while playing the age-old classic game of Ludo. Participate in this fun venture and immerse yourself in their smooth user interface while playing this board game.

They ensure the rewards the players get after winning a battle. The features include quick cash withdrawal via UPI apps, winning bonuses upon referral logins, strong customer support around the clock, and much more! KhiladiAdda keeps hosting several tournaments from time to time distributing lakhs worth of cash rewards in rupees. So keep an eye out for this app if you are seeking a way to earn money while playing online games.

15. Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy website Image for reference

Ludo Fantasy is the passion project of Game developer VIVSON Games Pvt. Ltd. This Indian startup company Ludo Fantasy was founded in February 2019. Ludo Fantasy has been expanding at an amazing rate under the guidance of a skilled management group.

This game can be played with real-world friends as well as online. The most captivating game is Ludo Fantasy, which provides immediate withdrawals and the ability to win money in real time. Play Ludo to compete against live players and win real money.

To serve every participant, the organization maintains in Customer and Technical Support team around the clock. Only skilled games played for real money will be offered by the enterprise, and all winners and earnings will be subject to all applicable tax laws.

FAQs on Ludo Money Earning Apps

Q1) Can I earn money in Ludo?

One can earn money by participating in Ludo Matches and Tournaments from any of the above Ludo earning apps. Responsible gaming is highly recommended while playing Ludo fantasy.

Q2) Which Ludo app gives real money?

All the apps that I mentioned in this blog give real cash. Ludo Supreme, MPL, and Ludo Empire are my top 3 recommendations.

Q3) Is Ludo’s fantasy real or fake?

Ludo Fantasy is 100% safe and real. You can play with real money and withdraw the amount of the winning in your bank or wallet.

Final Thoughts on Ludo Earning Apps

As technology developed, we switched from playing physical games to playing online ones. What can be better than sitting at home playing your favorite board games and earning money? These Ludo Earning Apps provide the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the amazing gameplay experience and make real cash.

We hope this helped to let you decide on your next favorite Ludo Earning App. Let us know your views and experiences about these Ludo Money Earning Apps in the comments.

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