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Best email marketing tool – Sendinblue review

Email marketing is what most of the organization is now looking for. In this article, I am talking about Sendinblue review which is an email marketing tool.

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The major reason why email marketing is that popular is because of the most convenient source of marketing along with the highest conversion rate.

Organizations can create leads for current as well as past customers and speak with them directly to them, in their inbox, and at the time that is convenient for them.

Sendinblue Review

Sendinblue Review | BizApprise

SendinBlue, a cloud-based digital marketing company that is leading in providing the best email marketing tool. This tool is the best fit for all types of organizations and sizes.

It offers the latest and enhanced email marketing features, which includes:

  • Marketing Automation –  Fully automated email marketing that sends an automated message for specific actions and preferences
  • Email campaigns – Create attractive campaigns to gain meaningful email list and increased conversion for your business
  • Transactional Emails – Contain information that required further action and have very high open rates
  • SMS messages functionalities –  Send SMS for your business just like you send emails. Just draft and send to your contact list. Also, it includes transactional SMS.

SendinBlue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships with their customers.

What all Sendinblue can do?

Create clean and professional newsletters

With sendinblue dashboard, you can create a responsive newsletter for your business to increase conversion. You just need to drag-and-drop and upload your need. Your well-designed newsletter is now ready to create leads.

These features include:

  • HTML Editor
  • Personalized Emails
  • Free responsive template gallery

Build and target your audience

You can create email contacts and other contacts of your potential customers. By doing this you can do further campaigns and sell your product and service.

Also, custom forms are there on the dashboard so as to create any campaign.

Schedule email campaign

Your business has a time where the demand is high or it may be beyond boundaries, you required to schedule your email. With sendinblue, you can schedule your campaign and now the responsibility is delegated to sendinblue. Sit back and relax, your work will be done.

Communication Automation

With 8 automation templates, you can go for marketing automation and automate your communication. All you need to set the task that is just a few clicks away and leave all up to sendinblue.

Both SMS and Email automation can be done with sendinblue.

Measure performance

Checking the result of the campaign, and task that your organization is gone through is the must. By doing this you can derive what further steps are to be taken, or conversion that your leads created.

Analytics is based on:

  1. Real-time statistics
  2. Advanced Open & Click-Through Reports
  3. Heat map

How sendinblue works?

Sendinblue requires connection with your website, apps, and through CMS & CRMS.

  1. CMS: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, and many more
  2. CRM: Salesforce, Intercom…
  3. Web performance: Google Analytics

Organizations need to connect sendinblue with there system. Then start using the dashboard to create campaigns, build an email list, and increase conversion.

Plugins are available for almost all the source. You just need to install the plugin to your system and start using it.


I found Sendinblue as the best email marketing tool that is available right now. The reason behind this is the convenience and feature that I mentioned above in Sendinblue review.

All the necessities that an email marketing tool should have been covered by them. This is why I choose this as the best tool.

You can visit sendinblue and sign up there to start using it at no cost. You can send 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts.

After that, you need to go for the premium version according to your requirements.

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