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40 Powerful YouTube Statistics that One Must Know (2023)

YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms on the internet. According to statista.com, YouTube has almost 2 billion active users monthly. That is a huge number!

There are all sorts of videos on YouTube, from music videos to vlogs to gaming videos to educational videos. And people are watching all sorts of videos on YouTube. In fact, according to YouTube, people watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every single day!

That’s a lot of videos! And a lot of time spent watching videos. But what else can we learn from YouTube statistics?

For one, we can learn about the most popular YouTube channels. According to BizApprise, the most subscribed YouTube channel, and most viewed YouTube channel is T-Series with over 200+ million subscribers and 215 billion views.

We can also learn about the most popular types of videos on YouTube. Music videos are always popular, but other types of videos that do well on YouTube include gaming videos, “how to” videos, and funny videos.

YouTube statistics can also tell us which countries are watching the most YouTube videos. The top 5 countries are India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia. These countries make up over 50% of YouTube’s global audience.

So what do you think? Are you surprised by any of these YouTube statistics?

Let’s see complete YouTube statistics that you as an Individual, Creator, Marketer, and Influencer must know.

YouTube Statistics

Overall, YouTube’s user base is young and engaged. This presents a great opportunity for brands and businesses to connect with this key demographic. If you’re looking to reach a young audience, YouTube is the perfect platform.

YouTube Statistics – Demographics

These stats will classify YouTube users based on Age, Gender, Location, Regional, Education Level, and Income.

YouTube Age Demographics

Chart representing YouTube Age Demographics Statistics

YouTube is a powerful platform with over 2 billion active users worldwide. And while its user base spans all ages, the platform sees the greatest engagement from users aged 18-34.

This age group makes up the lion’s share of YouTube’s global audience, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all users. They’re also the most active users on the platform, spending an average of 40 minutes per day watching videos.

Interestingly, the next biggest age group on YouTube is 35-49-year-olds, who make up just under a quarter of the platform’s users. This age group is also relatively active on YouTube, spending an average of 20 minutes per day watching videos.

The platform sees much lower engagement from users aged 50 and up. Just 11% of YouTube’s users are 50+, and they spend just 9 minutes per day on the site on average.

YouTube Gender Demographics

youtube statistics

Did you know that YouTube is used by more men than women? In fact, according to recent data, men make up 54% of YouTube users, while women account for 46%.

This gender split is reflected in the content that people consume on YouTube. For example, men are more likely to watch gaming videos, while women are more likely to watch beauty and fashion videos.

So, what does this all mean? Well, it seems that YouTube is a great platform for both men and women to make money and reach an audience. However, it is worth noting that the majority of YouTube users are men, so if you’re catering your content toward them, you may have a better chance of success.

YouTube Location Demographics

Chart representing 15 Top Countries based on YouTube Location Demographics
Source: Statista (Data as of April 2022)

YouTube is available in 100 countries and 80 different languages. This global reach is one of the things that makes YouTube so popular.

As per a report from Statista – 2022, the Netherlands has the highest YouTube penetration of any country at 95% as of January 2022. South Korea ranks second at 94% while New Zealand ranks third at 93.9%. African countries Nigeria and Kenya have a YouTube penetration of under 30%.

YouTube Regional Demographics

YouTube regularly looks at regional demographics when it comes to content moderation. This move comes as YouTube attempts to appeal to a wider range of users, including those in countries with different cultural norms. By understanding the demographics of its users, YouTube can more effectively moderate content and ensure that users have a positive experience.

YouTube Income Demographics

YouTube is highly popular among high earners. Here are the data from the US.

  • Less than $30K – 75%
  • $30K to $50K – 83%
  • $50K to $75K – 79%

YouTube Education Demographics

These statistics are of US users divided into groups of higher levels of education.

  • High School: 70%
  • Some College: 86%
  • Graduates: 89%

YouTube Statistics – Usage

1. YouTube has 2+ billion monthly active users. When compared to 2012, users increased by 70%.

2. This platform is used by 42.9% of global internet users.

3. A quarter of the World’s Population uses YouTube every month.

4. 100+ countries have a local version of YouTube.

5. 62% of users from the US access it daily. This amounts to 122M+ US users per day.

6. More than a billion hours of content are watched by active users daily.

7. Combining all age groups, an average visitor spends 16.44 minutes in a day.

8. A total of 1 billion hours of content is watched by the daily active users.

9. Every minute a YouTube user gets new content for 500 hours. This amounts to 720,000 hours of fresh content every day.

10. 10% of most-viewed videos uploaded on YouTube receive 79% of all views.

11. More than 70% of the views are from mobile devices.

12. India ranked 1st with a difference of 220M (almost 50%) more users from the United States.

13. Among the top 10 biggest viewers, the United Kingdom has the most views per person.

14. 3.4% of the Youtubers are dominating the market. 96.6% of YouTube channels have followers of less than 10,000 subscribers only.

15. More than 38 million channels are there on YouTube worldwide.

16. T-Series from India is the most-subscribed YouTube channel with 242 million followers.

17. “Baby Shark Dance” is the most-viewed video on YouTube with 12 billion views.

18. Play Store has more than 10 billion downloads with 138M reviews and 4.6-star reviews. More downloads the world’s entire population.

YouTube Statistics – Engagement

19. After Netflix, YouTube is the most preferred platform to watch videos on TV among the age group of 18 to 34 years.

20. In 2022, Gaming content leads YouTube where most trending videos featured videos from gaming channels.

21. By 2025, it is expected that sports viewership will reach 90 million. (Think with Google)

22. Just like Instagram, YouTube Shorts are in trend with 15 billion daily views.

23. 58% of the top 100 searches are music-related searches.

YouTube Statistics – Business

24. 92% of Internet users love to watch video content online every week. This creates opportunities for brands to promote their products/services through digital content.

25. High demand for tutorials or how-to videos as 33.33% of Internet users watch them every week.

26. 30% of Internet users tend to watch a live stream every week.

27. The top 5 search terms include BTS, PewDiePie, ASMR, Billie Eilish, and Baby Shark.

28. 75% of the surveyed audience said that YouTube ads make them aware of new brands. (Think with Google)

YouTube Statistics – Ads

29. Every quarter YouTube makes ad revenue of $7 billion.

30. YouTube advertising revenue has a growth rate of 65.69% year-on-year.

31. Individual creators have an average CPM of $3-$5.

32. Advertisement revenue share for creators is 68%.

33. When compared to action campaigns, full-funnel awareness campaigns drive 75% more reach. (Think with Google)

34. Brands have the potential to reach 2.56 billion YouTube users. It accounts for 32% of the total world’s population.

35. Males in the age group 25-34 are high-potential audiences for advertisers.

36. India is the largest targeted country for businesses as it has a total reach of 467 million users.

37. Collaboration with Hyundai and BTS was marked as the top YouTube collaboration in 2021.

38. In 2020-2021, apple spent ($237.15 million) the highest budget on ads. (Statista)

Other YouTube Stats

39. 1st video on YouTube “Me at the zoo” was uploaded on April 23, 2005, and received 267M views.

40. Video Ads was rolled out in August 2007, a year after the acquisition of YouTube by Google for a $1.65 billion deal.

FAQs on YouTube Stats

What gender uses YouTube the most?

As per the latest data published on April 2022, 53.9% of YouTube users are male.

How long do people spend watching YouTube videos?

People typically spend around 2 minutes watching YouTube videos. However, this number can vary depending on the length of the video and the level of interest that the viewer has in the topic.

What is the most popular type of YouTube video?

The most popular type of YouTube video is one that is entertaining and informative. However, there are many different types of videos that people enjoy watching on YouTube, so it depends on the individual viewer’s preferences.

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