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10 Best Business and Product Name Generators (2023)

Unlike earlier, the business market is now becoming too competitive due to the easy and affordable mobile internet technology available at the tip of our fingertips.

In such a scenario, if you are starting a business, you might have to struggle a lot in coming up with the best product name generators that engrave onto the minds of your prospective customer base.

Not just that one should also think about the available domain name because today’s businesses are occupying space online as well as offline.

According to the traditional and common theory of business marketing, a brand name should be something that is easy to spell, quick to read, and remembered for a long.

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If you are one among them who are struggling with the choice of making a perfect product name, then we have some top-of-the-line and 100% working product name generators.

Before you try out any of the product name generators, keep the following tips handy with you while deciding on a name for the product.

  • Your product name gives a positive message about your product.
  • Keep the name such that it is easy to remember and share.
  • The product name must be simple to spell out in any of the languages or places across the globe.
  • Always keep it short and simple.
  • Try to be unique. Avoid names that sound similar to other already established brands.
  • Experts have suggested not keeping it funny.

Guess the good news is! You do not have to worry about deciding on a name for your product because there is an ample product name generator out there that may help you in choosing the best name for your product.

10 Best Product Name Generator

Here I am going to start with the best product name generators that are enough to help you in deciding the name of your products. Let’s see what are they:

1. Oberlo

Oberlo Product Name Generator | BizApprise

Oberlo helps a lot of businesses so far to make a wise choices regarding their product name. It will just ask you the keyboard that directly relates to your product and within seconds, it displays hundreds of options as soon as you click ‘Generate Options’.

All those names will be unique and you can pick any name that you find compatible with your product and its desired image. It’s an easy-to-use tool with the option for making many permutations and combinations.

2. Shopify Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator | BizApprise

You will be amazed to know that a lot of great businesses today have generated their names from Shopify. It is a trustable platform where you can simply enter the name in which you want to be a part of your product name and let Shopify do its job.

What makes it extremely convenient is the availability of online business stores also. This means that you can select the name and create an online website from a single platform. Thus, it saves a lot of your valuable time too.

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3. Brand Root

BrandRoot Product Name Generator | BizApprise

Brand Root says that it provides a smarter way to name your product. The list of names generated for you will be available for an online domain also, very easily and at the best price. Although it is free it has a premium option as well for making sure that you will get the best of all. It also provides a logo design in its premium service which is also editable according to your choice and preference.

4. Business Name Guide (Anadea)

Business Name Generator | BizApprise

Another product name generator is an Anadea that asks you the desired name you prefer and then gives you a wide range of options to select from.

When you choose the product name, it will redirect you to the domain platform where you can pick a reliable domain at the same time.

Not only that here you will also get custom web designing options for your newly decided product name.

You can also choose ‘Industry’ before selecting the product name for getting better options to choose from.

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5. Wordoid

On this platform, you will get simple and natural-sounding words that may prove effective to compel your customers to believe in your product.

Wordoid is a widely used product name generator naming new product launches. As it creates catchy names, most of the new ventures count on Wordoid for picking the right name for their products.

What makes it different from other product name generators is the availability of varied languages to create the name. It also allows you to blend 2 or more languages to create a catchy name.

6. Freshbooks

Freshbooks could be the ultimate tool to source the best product name for your new launch. It is convenient and interactive that guides you well in creating the name that becomes your product identity. Rather than randomly generating a name, it collects a few basic details about your product like industry, keyword, etc. Eventually, it gives you wide choices of creative industry-specific product names.

7. Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas works exactly like its name. It gives you really cool names that may boost up the sales of your new product. Besides the keyword, it will also ask you some more relevant questions like the domain name you want, related industry, and alike questions. Based on your answers, it gives you some selected names that you may go ahead with.

8. Business Name Generator

Indeed, finding a good name for your business is really tough especially when there are already appealing ones. Business Name Generator claims to brainstorm before it gives you ideas for the product name. Plus, it is a platform where you can rely on your privacy.It doesn’t share your data or sell it to others. So, you can be assured of data stealing.

9. Hipster Business Name

When it comes to the most creative product name generator on the roll, Hipster would be the name. It gives you a catchy, clever, and fun name that enables you to stand out among the rest. It is an affiliated product name generator where it will charge you a small amount for buying a domain name.

10. Name Station

Last but not least product name generator is ‘Name Station‘. As the name suggests, it is the junction of the different names and their various possible combinations based on the keyword suggested by you. Along with a creative name, it also suggests ideas for domain names that suit your needs.


These 10 product name generators are enough to finalize the product name. Even you can take ideas from these tools and drive a name using prefixes and suffixes of your choice.


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