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9 Best Tips to Sell Online and Grow Your Business in 2023

Interested in some amazing tips to sell online and grow your eCommerce business? Here are the top 9 best tips to sell online and become a profitable business owner.

Living in a time when the prices of everything are rising exorbitantly be it the rent of a shop or its electricity bills, salary of hired employees, or maintenance costs of the place, everything comes with a price tag which is not at all nominal.

In such a case, when someone says why not cut these costs do something that does not involve any of these and still leads to a greater number of sales of your products. What would you think?

According to us, your response will be why not?

So, let us see how to sell, promote, and earn better from selling our products online.

Best Tips to Sell Online [2023]

Here are the 9 golden rules to help you get started with your online business.

1. Calculate the total cost of your product

While selling something online, it is really important to compare and evaluate points from scratch. Starting from the costs of making a product, take into account even the smallest of costs you are bearing to sell the product online.

These can comprise shipping costs, manufacturing costs, payment gateway, marketing costs, packaging costs, and costs of raw materials involved.

Now, the question arises as to what exactly the payment gateway is.

Well, Payment Gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payment processing for e-businesses and online retailers.

These services ease up your job to sell what you want to and hence require a commission for the same. Such costs come under the payment gateway.

2. Check the viability of your product

There are perks of selling anything online but with that comes great competition so you ought to have a survival strategy to outshine your competitors.

For that, you need to ensure that whatever you are selling is viable for you. Not only should it be profitable in the long run, but there should be a profit margin for each product too.

Profits = Selling Cost – (Manufacturing cost + Transportation Cost + Packaging Cost + Marketing Cost)

Only if this value comes out to be positive, should you be continuing with the process of establishing your product online for sale.

If it is not the case then, try to cut your cost price by making alterations in manufacturing and then selling it online.

There’s no point to sell online that gives you negligible or zero profits.

3. Create a digital catalog

When you are done with the first two steps of this guide, now it is time to focus on the specifications of the product.

Hence, you need to create a digital catalog of your product to mention everything related to the product. You need to specify the product code, product name, color, and description and then you have to add the pictures of your product.

Now, doing that is crucial as that is the only way that a customer will be able to judge the product. So, try adding pictures clicked from various angles to give clarity to the buyers. Also, try to add photos with a white background only.

4. Manage daily progress

When you are trying to make your business successful on such a large platform it becomes difficult to manage it. So, what we suggest is to stay organized and track your achievements each day, and set targets for the next one.

This way you won’t feel confused after a week that what happened then. Noting down every detail will make your work easier and it will obviously help you to cross-check something that you did earlier and that may have caused a problem now.

So, don’t get carried away by the workload. It is important to focus on other aspects of displaying your product online too.

5. Decent Inventory Management Software

You must be caught up in making everything right and while doing that it’s difficult to remember the inflow and outflow of inventories. It is of utmost significance to keep a check on that but you should not worry and take the responsibility of doing it yourself.

There are many apps online that can help you manage the exchange of inventories now and then.

One of the vital points to keep in mind is FIFO.

It signifies First In First Out. It is necessary for the oldest product to be sold first or it might get expired for the time being. So, remember to get rid of the products that you have been stuck up with for a long time as they will be a problem forever until they are sold.

6. Be Approachable

Now, all those efforts will be in vain if you are not visible to your potential buyers at the time of their need. Therefore, you need to be discoverable to get customers to buy your product.

Create Instagram to be popular. They have billions of users and anything new won’t be unnoticed by all of them. So, if your product is unique and cost-effective then, you will be recognized and your customer base will be huge in no time.

You should also create a mobile-friendly app to be even more approachable. Make it android and iOS-friendly for a variety of users to use the app and judge whatever you want to offer them very easily.

Also, creating a website does not take much time hence, doing that and directing users on Instagram and Facebook pages to your website will help you even more.

All you have to do is create a clickable link and put it in your bio. This is the easiest and quickest way to bring them to your website.

7. Sell on an e-commerce platform or have a website of your own

Now, this is something that is quite speculated. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

Selling something on Flipkart or Amazon or Myntra for that matter will give you an enormous amount of sales and exposure in less time. You just have to:

  1. Fill in a seller’s registration page, and
  2. Provide documents and bank details

That’s it! You’re ready to sell online. It’s actually that simple. However, these sites charge very high commissions so, your profit margins shrink automatically which can lead to problems for you being new to such an environment.

While running a website of your own won’t require high commissions but it will take time to create an impact among the masses. So, you will have to wait for a while to be recognized and famous for what you want to offer.

8. Approach more people, tell everyone

You are required to publicize your e-commerce business as much as you can so, initially start with sending emails to everyone you know. They should contain everything about your products and the invite should be unique.

Trust me, people get a thousand such emails and they land into the trash without even reading thoroughly so, as far as it is not concise and at the same time witty enough to grab their attention, there is truly no point in sending it.

9. Sell coupons on sites

Now, we all know that everybody loves free stuff. No matter where you get it, you would want it if you come to know about it. Therefore, selling coupons on deal sites is a big yes when it comes to getting more buyers for your products.

Slowly, you can remove them but at an initial phase, these can be helpful.

Final Thoughts on Best Tips to Sell Online

We hope that these points served you well and gave you an edge as to how you should start an e-commerce business.

It may be cumbersome in the starting but do not lose your calm and keep going. In the end, your efforts will pay off and your products will be a success.

The only thing important is authenticity. Your products should reflect your creativity and what you would like your audience to experience not someone else’s idea modified for the sake of making money.

Of course, you can do it any day, anytime but will that satisfy you at the end of a long day when you are about to say the day goodbye?

Aditya Goyal
Aditya Goyal

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