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Top 10 Agricultural Companies in India (2021)

Agriculture companies in India contribute 18% of the total GDP apart from offering livelihood to over 60% of the Indian population. As per the FY20, Gross Value Added by Agriculture And Allied Sectors stood at 276.37 Billion USD.

After the advent of the green revolution in the industry and globalization in the country, agricultural companies in India that manufacture and distribute agricultural products have maximized everywhere. They play an important role in contributing to the country’s social and inter-cultural development.

Based on the data collected from different websites and reports, there are many companies that promote agricultural products, both raw and processed. Without further ado, let’s see what these companies are.

List of Agricultural Companies in India

Here are the top 10 agricultural companies in India to look out for this 2021.

Company NameCity
Rallis India Ltd.Bangalore
DuPont Chemical Company Delaware
JK Agri Genetics Ltd.Hyderabad
Advanta SeedsHarristown
Godrej AgrovetMumbai
Rasi Seeds Ltd.Coimbatore
Nath Bio Genes Private Ltd.Aurangabad
National Steel & Agro Industries Ltd.Gujarat
Raghuvansh Agro FarmsKanpur

1. Rallis India Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

Rallis is one of the leading crop care companies with over 2300 distributors reaching around 40,000 retail counters across the country. It is a subsidiary of a chemical company in India i.e. TATA Chemicals.

They are the producers of fertilizers, pesticides, seed drills, and soil purifiers on a sustainable level.

The developmental manufacturing of agricultural products contributed to 86% of the company’s total revenue. The company recorded a turnover of 16 Billion according to the reports released in the year 2020.

It’s been helping farmers and agriculturalists with its cutting-edge quality fertilizers and products. Their marketing sales have increased from 824 Cr. in 2009 to 2,245 Cr. in 2019 and profit has increased from 98 Cr. in 2009 to 295 Cr. in 2019.

Market Cap – 5,037 Cr.

Stock P/E – 24.7

Book Value – 79.1

Dividend Yield – 0.97 %

They have provided the best quality service to the farmers who are dependent on them by their engagement in a vision to promote a world where technology could serve farmers. Their future is wholly dependent on the future of farmers in India.

2. DuPont Private Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

DuPont India uses science and innovation to help farmers around the world. It’s an American company established in the year 1802. They have their offices in many countries including one in India. The group has gained its reputation as the best agricultural company in India.

The total gross revenue has increased from 2,007.84 in 2016 to 5844.74 in 2020. They have other sources of income that include the other areas of chemical production and distribution. They have shown a notable decrease in the cost of consumption from the year 2016 to 2020.

Market Cap – 1,644 Cr.

Stock P/E – 33.6

Book Value – 88.40

Employees Count – 98,000

They produce first quality fertilizers and pesticides along with products and equipment tools for agriculture. Their profit rate is increasing by 3% every year since 2017.

3. JK Agri Genetics Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

JK Agri Genetics is a division of J.K Organisation, and one of the top agricultural companies in India. The organization deals in the Production, Processing, Marketing, and R&D of Hybrid Seeds.

Product Portfolio includes Field Crops, Vegetables, Fodder Crops, and Plant Growth Regulator.

They are the leaders in research with 7 research centers and 23 trial centers across India.

Market Cap – 293 Cr.

Net Income – 34.90 Cr.

Total Assets – 258.58 Cr.

ISIN – INE690O01011

4. Bayer

agricultural companies in india

Bayer India is an Indian subsidiary that has many other fields of interest along with agriculture and farming. Their gross revenue has increased from 573.10 Cr. in 2016 to 674.21 Cr. in 2019.

Their revenue from operations also has witnessed an increase from 546.9M in 2014 to 657M in 2020. They employ around 7,000 workers every year and have shown high consumer satisfaction reports.

Market Cap – 3,854 Cr.

Stock P/E – 23.8

Book Value – 409

Employees Count – 7,000+

Their main goal is to unite scientists, activists, and farmers to promote innovative growth collectively.

The cost of materials has shown a notable fall from 2010 to 2020 leading to a rise in the expense from the year 2014. The company has shown a history of a very negligible change in the profit and loss rate before and after taxation.

5. Advanta Seeds

agricultural companies in india

It is a multinational agro product designing company based in Harristown. Advanta produces good quality seeds that are climate and soil-resistant by nature. They distribute seeds and produce fertilizers in well equipped and automated industrial environment.

The group turnover of the company is about 3,500 Cr. as per its annual reports released in the year 2019. Their sales turnover has decreased in the last four years from 104.5M in 2016 to 89.0M in 2020. Their annual profit rate is around 3% with their total revenue rate increasing by 15% every year.

Market Cap – 3.47 Cr.

Stock P/E – 38.6

Book Value – 22.4

Employees Count – 3,000

Although they’ve faced many insolvencies in the formative years after the year of establishment, they manage to remain one among the top 10 agriculture companies in India with their innovative ways of producing tools that help farmers immensely.

6. Godrej Agrovet Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

With their aim to promote farm productivity and farmer profitability, Godrej remains one of the top agro-based companies in India. It is a diversified company supported by high-quality research and innovative product production.

They have more than 10 subsidiaries actively working around, promoting the country’s economy. Their total sales revenue is around 550M USD. Total income is increasing by 18% every year. Their profit rate is increasing by 6% per annum. Their total revenue has also shown an increase of 2,000 Cr. in the last decade.

Market Cap – 9,297 Cr.

Dividend Yield – 1.14 %

ROE – 17.6 %

ISIN – INE850D01014

The company has investors from around the world managing high shareholding records. Their products are safe and liable. They also assure consistency in promoting the business of the associates with good values and workers.

7. Rasi Seeds Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

Rasi Seeds are one of the leading agricultural companies in India delivering values and science to the farmers. They have crossed milestones in the industry with their quality research and product innovation.

They produce organic-based fertilizers for agricultural purposes. They have set campaigns to promote food security by a state of art methodology. Their profit rate is increasing continually since 2014 and their total turnover per annum is about 400 cr.

Market Cap – 12.8 Cr.

Stock P/E – 14.8

Book Value – 7.64

Employees Count – 1,000+

Their innovative approach has been recognized around the world and the consumer satisfaction rate is quite high. Over 15,000 farmers are benefitted from their ideas. Their products are also given a grade A certificate from the equipment industry governance of India.

8. Nath Bio Genes Private Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

Nath Biogen has been in the industry for more than 40 years now. The group is also given a reputation for being the best seed and seed drill distributor in the country. Their ideal crop safety procedures help them manage to provide the best quality service to the farmers.

Their main motto is to create an eco-friendly and bright future for farmers and agriculturalists. They employ around 11,000 employees across the country. Their net sales turnover is 234 Cr. along with other sources that sum up to approximately 281 Cr. They have an effective increase in the profit rate every year.

Market Cap – 515 Cr.

Stock P/E – 9.17

Book Value – 317

ISIN INE448G01010

They have many investors and shareholders. Their business part is expanding on a yearly basis by 30%. The consumer satisfaction rate of the company is quite high with around 57% regular and repeated customers.

9. National Steel & Agro Industries Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

Set in the state of Gujarat, National Steel & Agro is a partnership firm that has been in the industry for producing and distributing organic fruits and vegetables around the country. They also export these with their well-organized management.

Their owners and workers are closely associated with each other. Having over 1000 employees, they remain one of the top best agro-based companies in India. Their profit rate has increased by 5.3% last year from 833M to 894M.

Market Cap – 16.4 Cr.

Book Value – 97.1

Dividend Yield – 0.62 %

Employees – 1,000+

ISIN – INE088B01015

Their export and import units are well managed by highly influential people. They put safety before anything and it shows well in the certifications they sport since the year of establishment.

10. Raghuvansh Agro Farms Ltd.

agricultural companies in india

Raghuvansh Agro Farms believes in collective growth by promoting good fuel, food, and clothing. They assist the growth of dairy farms in India by empowering those who are directly involved. The product line includes organic vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and seeds.

Their cow and buffalo milk are directly from the farm along with the organic cereals and pulses. They have investors from all parts of the country with a sophisticated environment for production and distribution. The gross revenue of the company stands at around 2 Cr. and generates about 3 Million in sales. They show rapid scales of developmental profits along with well-corrected management.

Market Cap – 341 Cr.

Book Value – 40.0

ISIN – INE865P01016

P/B – 5.7

They believe in innovation and stand among the best 20 dairy distributors since 1995. It holds 51% of the total shares and promotes safety and quality together.

The production volume of the companies, contribution to the growth, and the innovative methods used play a very important role in the position of the company among the best agricultural companies in India.

I am going to regularly update this post on agricultural companies in India so that you are updated with the latest companies.

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