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15 Top Sugar Companies in India You Should Know About

If you’re searching for top sugar companies, then this post is PERFECT for you.

In this post, we have compiled the top sugar companies in India based on the variety of products, annual revenue, assets, market capitalization, and much more.

Sugar companies in India contribute about 1% to the National GDP. We all know it’s another bone guarding the spine of the Indian economy with its employment rate of about 2.7 Cr. people directly employed in Uttar Pradesh.

It is also the second-largest in terms of revenue after the agronomic industry. Also, sugarcane is the leading crop produced in large amounts in India.

A total of 504 sugar mills are operating in India as per Economic Times as of 15 January 2022.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at sugar manufacturers in India.

Top Sugar Manufacturers in India

Company NameFounded In
EID PARRY (India) LTD1788

Top Sugar Companies in India

Here are the top sugar companies in India ranked as per the market cap, total sales revenue, ROE, and quantity output supplied in the country and worldwide.

1. EID Parry (INDIA) Ltd.

EID Parry is a sugar manufacturing unit under the renowned Murugappa group. It is a leading manufacturer of Sugar and neutral medicines. Their value and passion have made them excel in both volumes of production and revenue returns.

As of March 2022, the consolidated total revenue of the company is about INR 16,653 Cr. with a profit return of INR 1,572 Cr. The company’s market capitalization is 8,990 Cr. and the dividend yield is 1.88%.

The total crushing capacity is around 43,000 TCD and also is involved in the cogeneration of 160 MW of current. It is the first sugar manufacturing company to own a distillery and a form-based business model approach in India.

2. Shree Renuka Sugars

Apart from its agro unit, Shree Renuka Sugars is one of the world’s largest sugar manufacturing industries with its head office in Belgaum, Karnataka. The company has Brazilian subsidiaries and also is the 2nd largest in India.

The total volume capacity is 3,50,000 TCD, with each branch it controlling about 7.1 MTA of the total. The consolidated revenue of the company is about INR 6,420 Cr. with a loss of INR 136.72 Cr. and the market capitalization is around INR 9,099 Crores.

Its port-based branches are also amongst the famous sugar hubs in India. They have new and Innovative equipment for functioning.

3. Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.

Second largest sugar company in India in terms of volume with its crushing capacity ranging up to 76,500 TPA. Balrampur Chini Mills controls a total of 8 plants with all of them ensuring a cost-effective and accessible resource point.

The total sales revenue of the company is around INR 4,665 Cr. with an annual operating profit of 396 Cr. INR. The market capital of the company is INR 7,746 Cr. It also manufactures ethanol and supplies power to grids.

The main mission of the company is to enhance the value of the stakeholders and to stay prominent in the Industry.

4. Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd.

Triveni Group has sugar manufacturing and engineering units working under it. It is also one of the largest sugar companies in India. The total sales revenue of the company is around INR 4,587 Cr. (FY22) with a market capitalization of INR 5,845 Cr. and an operating profit of INR 514 Cr. The dividend yield of the company is about 1.22%.

The group also owns 7 sugar mills and a distillery with a crushing capacity of 56,000 TCD. Over 50% of its mills are in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Their mission to provide consumers with quality products and manage high profitability has helped in improving their standards to a globally recognized Indian company.

5. Dalmia Bharat’ Sugar and Industries Ltd.

The company has grown multi-fold in the last ten years. Dalmia Bharat’s sustainable approach and adoption of water conservation helped their growth over the years.

The total sales turnover of the company is around INR 2,915 Cr. (FY22) with a dividend yield of 1.10%. Their market capitalization is around INR 2,939 Cr. and their face value is 2 rupees per share.

Their brand is trusted and approached by thousands of farmers. With a total capacity of 35,500 TCD, the company has five sugar manufacturing units in total. The company produces both refined and sulfated sugar. Its quality standards are approved by top MNCs in the country.

With units to transport raw and refined sugar separately, their customized packaging is praised across the globe.

6. Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.

Dhampur Sugar Mills is among the leading sugar cane processor in the country. With its sustainable and highly determined work, the company has also extended its control over many other units including renewable power and ethanol production.

The total crushing capacity is 45,500 metric tons per day with a refined sugar volume of 1700 MT/day. The market capital is INR 1,673 Cr. with a dividend yield of 1.98%.

The total sales revenue of about INR 2,874 Cr. and it is also the first company in India to manufacture sulphurless sugar.

7. Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Ltd.

Established in the year 1981, Bajaj Hindustan is one of the top sugar companies in India by revenue. The total capacity is around 13000 tons of canes crushed per day (TCD). The total sales revenue is around 5,499 Cr. with a returning loss of INR 271 Crores.

With a market capitalization of about INR 1,745 Cr., it is also the leading ethanol manufacturer in India. It also supplies around 800MW to the Uttar Pradesh state grid.

The main mission of the company is to become the best in the field of its work. It also contributes resources to the rural economy of some states.

8. Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd.

Dwarikesh Sugar is a multi-faceted national company indulged in manufacturing refined sugar and allied products. It also has ethanol-producing units in the vast area of the workplace. Their state-of-the-art technology has resulted in a crushing capacity of 21,500 tons of sugar.

The company was initially showing a TCD value of 2,500 tons and a power generation value of 8MW. But with highly skilled professionals, they’re now supplying about 160Mw of power. They have commissioned distilleries and power plants.

Their market capitalization is around INR 1,708 Cr. With a net profit of INR 105 Cr. it is one of the great sugar companies in India.

9. Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd.

Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd. is a private company in Hargaon. The company manufactures and trades sugar and allied products. The company started with a very normal crushing capacity and has grown in the formative years to become one of the top sugar manufacturers in India.

The total market capitalization is INR 1,007 Cr. with a power cogeneration value of about 20MW. The total crushing capacity is 20,000 TCD and the company’s face value is 10 INR.

Its mission is to develop newer facets for improving sugar trading and packaging.

10. Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd.

Uttam Sugar Mills is among the leading sugar manufacturers in India producer of double refined sugar with the biggest turnkey projects and sugar plant installation. The total revenue of the company is about INR 2,008 Cr. with a profit return of INR 177.14 Cr. The market cap is INR 1,042 Crores.

The company also is the best manufacturer based on sugar quality. The total crushing capacity has increased to 23,750 TCD. They use renowned DRP technology.

They have made their products available for commercial purposes as well.

11. Mawana Sugars Ltd.

Mawana Sugars company is a producer of white sugar, refined sugar, and special sugars for medicinal uses. All of their products are designed keeping consumer satisfaction in mind. It is an ISO-certified organization.

12. RANA Sugars Ltd.

Originally set up in Punjab, Rana Sugars extended its control over alcohol-producing units shortly after its establishment. They are also involved in the co-generation of power and are pioneers in the textile industry.

The total crushing capacity is about 15,000 TCD.

13. Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.

Bannari Amman Sugars is the largest industrial conglomerate in south India with sugar manufacturing and trading units. The crushing capacity of the company is 20,100 tons per day and the total volume of sugar processed every year of about 2.4 M tons.

The company operates around 5 units with an average crushing capacity of 3,000 tons per unit.

The mission of the company is to expand its business to the maximum with a sustainable approach.

 14. Nizam Sugars Ltd.

Nizam Sugars is a sugar manufacturing unit started by the government of Andhra Pradesh with Nizam Industries. The company is the leading producer of double refined sugar in the state and contributes to its GDP.

The total crushing capacity is about 12,000 TCD.

15. Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.

Simbhaoli owns around 3 sugar manufacturing units and 3 distilleries. It is one of the top sugar companies in India for sugar manufacturing. The total crushing capacity is above 10,000 tons.

The company contributes its power generation to the rural economy and also packages refined and special sugars.

The company’s main vision is to set up manufacturing points in remote areas of the country to promote a healthier society.

Final Thoughts on Sugar Companies in India

All these sugar manufacturers in India are the best and if you are looking for such companies then you can try any one of them.

I provided information directly from the company website so that you will get all information accurately.

I hope you will find this post helpful. In case of any doubts or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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