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25 Best Women’s Clothing Brands that are trendy in India

Women’s clothing is an industry that is ever-evolving and growing tremendously. New brands are launched every day across various platforms.

It is a very versatile business line because of quickly changing trends that affect the fashion of clothing globally.

There is also growing competition between fast fashion and sustainable clothing when we talk about the clothing industry as a whole. This is fourfold when it comes to women’s fashion.

In this article, we talk about the top women’s clothing brands that are leading the Indian clothing market.

There are many great women’s clothing brands in India that offer a variety of styles to choose from. Some of the best products include Saree, Kurti, Salwar, Lehenga, and Dupatta. These brands offer a wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics to choose from. You can find traditional Indian clothes as well as modern and stylish clothes from these brands.

25 Best Women Clothing Brands

For promotions and high visibility, these women’s clothing brands collaborate with some of the best fashion bloggers in India. There are chances that you know about these brands as they are very active on Instagram.

For every women clothing brand, not only do we list the best women’s brands for clothing but also how they started and what was their brand story. We are talking about their expansion, the number of stores, and their brand philosophy. It talks about the types of clothing, how are they designed, who is the target customer and what is the collection inspired by.

1. Global Desi

Anita Dongre is the creator of Global Desi, which was established in 2007 and has become one of India’s most coveted fashion-forward brands in just 6 years thanks to its 48 standalone stores and presence in 130 multi-brand stores like Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, and Central.

The eccentric brand, which celebrates the contemporary lady and her creative spirit, boasts of Indian elements that playfully flirt with Western cuts, creating an explosion of color, personality, and global appeal.

The boho-chic outfits capture the essence of the autonomous modern woman who lets her colorful fashion fancies soar. The collection honors the trendy woman’s passion for creation. It is for a woman whose imagination is unrestricted and who makes her own rules.

2. Aurelia

In 2009, TCNS Clothes introduced Aurelia. In order to make Indian clothing more appealing, accessible, and practical for modern Indian women, Aurelia was founded.

With more than 200 standalone outlets spread over 90+ cities, the brand has effectively increased its retail reach across the nation. Additionally, Aurelia inaugurated its flagship location in Sri Lanka, and it looks forward to expanding internationally.

It was introduced with the intention of making Indian clothing for ladies more alluring,  casual, and simple to wear. Since then, due to its ability to redefine Indian ethnicity with a more modern twist, Aurelia has been a favorite among modern women’s business wear and casual fashion.

3. WforWoman

Their first brand store debuted in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, between 2001 and 2002. The number of stores has now surpassed 300 worldwide.

W’s exclusive brand outlets are currently located in Kathmandu, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka with plans to expand to additional nations. W offers its consumers a complete wardrobe solution, including fashionable clothing and accessories which focus on minimalistic designs.

W set out on its mission to offer Indian woman fashion in a contemporary retail setting. W designers, who were the first to introduce the concept of “Mix n Match” in retail, are inspired by the newest fashion trends and forecasts from the West and adapt them into silhouettes and designs suitable for the contemporary Indian woman.

4. Berrylush

Berrylush is a women’s clothing brand that was established, particularly for the younger female generations who are more interested in looking nice and having fun. Their goal is to make women sparkle by wearing garments with exotic designs.

It is a rather inexpensive apparel brand that primarily offers its customers the greatest online shopping experience possible. They have an office and a production facility in Noida, and they’ve partnered with 14 fabricators, exclusively manufacturing for them.

With the assistance of Myntra, which accounts for about (55% of the sales), the official website, which accounts for about (20% of the sales), Ajio, which accounts for about (10% of the sales), as well as other retailers, the garments are sold directly to consumers (15% of the sales).

5. FabIndia

It is one of the biggest private stores for handicrafts in India, Fabindia also sells organic food, apparel, accessories, home items, and beauty products.

It preserves the traditional skill sets of Indians while fostering sustainable rural development by connecting over 55,000 rural artisans to metropolitan markets. The handwoven and hand-printed materials used to make the clothing supplied by Fabindia are intended to appeal to buyers’ sense of aesthetics.

The goods offered by Fabindia are categorized as entirely organic, natural, and in conversion. 327 locations in India and 14 outlets abroad were run by Fabindia as of July 2020. Through 17 community-owned businesses, of which some percentage of the shares are held by craftsmen and craftspeople, Fabindia sources its goods from all around India.

6. Taruni

Founded on February 27, 2008, Taruni Clothing Private Limited is a non-governmental organization. Taruni is a clothing line for the modern Indian woman who values her individuality ever since it was founded. The woman who upholds traditions while being modern in her own manner wears Taruni attire.

This upscale and well-liked women’s clothing retailer, which specialized mostly in Indian and fusion wear, made the decision to strengthen its brand image and become the go-to destination for women’s clothes.

Over time, Taruni has created a name for itself as a company that provides a wide selection of mix-and-match Kurtis that may fit into the wardrobe of the average fashionable woman.

7. Biba

Biba was started in 1988, by a housewife as a hobby and a part-time profession to earn some extra money but look where is it today. With over 285 stores spread across 120 cities, Biba is among the most valued and trusted women’s clothing brands in India.

They have a versatile range of clothing, which can be worn easily both on festive occasions or for easy everyday office formal attires. Their prints and styles are unique and very soothing, plus they make easy maintenance clothes that are travel friendly and can be easily machine washed, keeping the expenses low.

In addition to all of this, they are a major favorite brand on the Bollywood bandwagon too which makes them a big hit.

8. Globus

Founded in 1998, the Indian retail chain Globus opened its first location in Indore the following year. It caters to young people with a selection of Western and Indian clothing and is known for its Indo-Western clothing, which combines contemporary cuts and designs with Indian prints.

Globus offers high-quality casual attire, formal wear, and traditional clothing. To give their clients a wide range, they also offer a complementary collection of jewelry and accessories.

They now offer online marketplaces like Flipkart, Myntra, and Jabong to stay up with their clients’ evolving shopping preferences. It is also updating its own online retailer website.

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9. Chemistry

Sunil and Shaila Jhangiani established Chemistry in 2005 with the goal of being an accessible quality Indian brand that produced casual clothing for ladies.

The principles of Chemistry have always been super-refined aesthetics combined with simplicity and functionality. It is one of the few fashion businesses that develops and designs all aspect of its collections in-house, they are proud to be one of the few companies to do so.

Chemistry also focuses its attention on making the most enduring, stylish, and comfortable sleepwear possible using only materials from natural sources with an addictive fit. They combine heritage and contemporary with a distinct sensibility to produce simple style and comfort for everyone.

10. Madame

Madame, a women’s retail fashion company established in 1993, offers a variety of clothing, purses, shoes, and accessories. Madame became a well-known women’s clothing brand in India thanks to its first-mover advantage and devoted customer base. In addition to casual attire and party apparel, the brand offered rapid fashion and on-trend goods.

Madame currently sells its products in over 600 multi-brand stores and over 150 exclusive brand outlets in India. To get the required foot traffic, the business opens outlets in upscale areas.

Each month, it enhances the atmosphere and remodels its stores. They improved our online presence by launching Glamly.com, an exclusive online store, and they redesigned and changed our website to include a variety of products and offer a customized user experience.

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11. Melange

Melange is a women’s clothing brand by Lifestyle, focused on ethnic wear initially and moving towards contemporary and chic clothing for women.

Customers can now take center stage and give their wardrobe a fashionable makeover with the Melange collection, which includes everything from the “Work from Home” line to sophisticated occasion clothing.

Major trends, classic Rethink Ethnic silhouettes, and key trends are all included in this carefully picked assortment, which is a true delight for buyers. The perennially popular “florals” have been updated with new silhouettes and patterns. The business represents the adaptable, diversified style of contemporary Indian women and seeks to strengthen the brand spirit of “Rethink Ethnic.”

12. Faballey

One of the few women-focused online businesses in India that have managed to balance both online and offline channels is FabAlley. They are looking for individuals with higher levels of independence, including financial independence. They have no issues making purchases online, and their population is expanding.

One of their USPs is that their product is trend-centric, thus the design process begins with a list of the major trends for the following season. For the upcoming key trends, their designers search the runways and the streets. Determine the categories, need gaps, and price points that must be filled in accordance with the sales analysis at the same time.

They can effectively pioneer the fast-fashion retail model in India because it takes less than three weeks from trend mining to product manufacture.

13. Indya

A modern Indian Women’s Clothing Brand called Indya was established with the idea of reinventing traditional Indian clothing in light of the changing aesthetics and way of life of modern women.

Not quite ethnic and not fully Western, the company promotes a hybrid of the two by focusing on modern styles made from plush materials and adorned with heritage designs, motifs, and embroideries as well as spectacular embellishments.

Their clothing is created with an eye toward Indian body types and with the desire to make getting dressed a rich yet simple experience. The contemporary global woman who wants her Indian Wear wardrobe to be not only fashionable but also reasonably priced, practical, and effortless is at the center of Indya’s design philosophy.

14. Dressberry

Dressberry is among the most popular Indian brands for quality clothing for women. It provides clothes and accessories that match the same, including very trendy shoes and watches, which are highly popular among its audience.

Dressberry caters to ladies between the ages of 18 and 30, who place a high value on staying current with fashion trends. Their clothing is very unique, top in trend, and is enjoyed by women who want to keep up with style and comfort always.

The company has enjoyed noteworthy success just 15 months after its start, ranking among the top Western clothing companies for women on Myntra.com.

15. Neeru’s


In 1971, Neeru’s was introduced with exceptional and intricately designed tailoring and embroidery on their clothing.

The collection is divided into elegant yards of grandeur with modern touches like stylish chiffon, digital designs, and special wedding and bridal sarees. It is entirely devoted to the wonderful ethnic aesthetic, showcasing a brilliant fusion of traditional Indian finery with modern fashions.

They have been producing interesting ethnic wear as priceless accessories for women for four decades. In fact, wearing their characteristic attire is regarded as a necessary part of getting dressed up for an occasion. Whether you’re looking for Western or contemporary silhouettes or traditional Indian attire, they have every style covered for you. From festive essentials, and ethnic ready-to-wear, to bridal trousseau options.

16. Kaira

Kaira Website scores 16th position in the  Best Women Clothing Brands

One such company that strikes a balance by offering both ethnic and Western apparel is Kaira. Kaira, which was founded in 2013, has a lot riding on keeping traditional values in style.

The company is well recognized for its distinctive, fast-fashion items that combine an ethnic and Western flair. It has developed a cult following among its female clientele throughout India thanks to its exclusive selection of Western and Indo-western clothing with ethnic inspiration offered at competitive prices.

The world’s greatest range of Indian ethnic wear is offered to you by Kaira Fashions. Their clothing is made from the best, hand-selected materials. The brand’s distinctive aesthetic, which permeates every creative component, embraces the feminine beauty of women.

17. Kraus

Kraus is a casual clothing lifestyle brand appropriate for today’s fashion-conscious women. You may find the ideal blend of fashion and technology at their design studio, painstakingly created by the best designers.

Their goal has always been to offer fashionable collections and produce artwork that encourages women to express themselves. The fact that they carefully consider the body structure of Indian women when developing the jeans sets them apart from other denim producers.

As it can be challenging for Indian women to locate the ideal pair of jeans. Kraus denim is made to fit Indian women’s distinctive body types. When it comes to fabric and color, there is simply no compromise.

18. Latin Quarters

Latin Quarters is a design-driven women’s lifestyle company that upholds the values of innovation and excellence. Since it began in 2006, it has sourced ideas and fashion trends from all across the world and interpreted them in a distinctive way.

Within their walls, their creative and varied team designs are consistently changing collections of clothing, jewelry, and handbags using the best materials and hues of the moment. The items are the epitome of contemporary global trends with an unwavering focus on quality.

Latin Quarters is pleased to offer its services to customers at more than 250 sites nationwide through upscale boutiques, renowned department stores, and all significant online portals.

19. AND India

Women’s clothing is changing because of the distinctive cultural characteristics of our nation, it is especially crucial to comprehend her needs, as well as those of her mind, body, and surroundings. AND provides a stylish line of Western clothing that seamlessly integrates formal and evening dresses.

It has changed to keep up with the changing lives of its customers. By improving the way they look, feel, function, and play, AND helps them feel more at ease and confident. To assist customers in developing their own unique sense of style, this women’s clothing brand frequently updates its collections and tries out new global trends.

At the moment, AND is sold at around 515 points of sale, including 122 exclusive shops and 350 well-known multi-brand lifestyle formats like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central, etc.

20. Anavila

The Indian clothing company Anavila caters to women who love pastel colors. It is primarily known for its sarees and other Indian traditional clothing. The outfits work best for both formal and non-formal occasions. For today’s lady, Anavila redefines luxury, comfort, and grace.

It is the ultimate lifesaver for those of us who favor clothing with minimum adornments. It produces works of art that are exquisite to the eye with their lovely prints and patterns.

They continually aim for creativity, uniqueness, and beauty in whatever they produce, and this goal is rooted in our Indian culture and our inquisitive outlook on the world.

21. Fable Street

A tech-enabled lifestyle brand called FableStreet provides professional women of all shapes and sizes with high-end workwear options. As a company, they support empowering women and sharing their individual experiences.

Their USP comprises a unique, R&D-supported algorithm called Tailored Fit that provides an excellent fit with just 3 body measures. The only company in the world to provide the “My Style, Your Fit” solution, which aims to address and meet the needs of working women of various shapes and sizes.

The brand responds to customers’ evolving needs by remaining flexible and creating items that meet and resolve their workwear-related problems. This has aided them in maintaining relevance and cultivating a loyal customer base.

22. The Veshti Company

The Veshti Company was established in 2017 with the goal of making tradition fashionable while also developing avant-garde designs for clothing and accessories.

They began as a modest bottom-wear business however,  Being proponents of comfortable clothes ourselves, they were able to recognize the flaws in the traditional apparel on the market and made the decision to take matters into their hands and bring across a change.

Their design philosophy involves making garments from scratch in a way that they are evergreen, made with the best fabrics which are sustainable and patterns durable.

23. Bombay Paisley

Bombay Paisley was introduced in 2008 and saw the establishment of a versatile new Indian brand for women’s clothing.

In an urban woman’s outfit, it bursts color and vitality with glitz and elegance. Its feminine silhouette wins over many hearts and offers the outfit an enduring elegance. It has a very traditional look because of the seamless marriage of ethnic design, luxurious prints, and meticulous detailing. It establishes the persona’s tone and attitude.

It serves those who wear XL size as well as those who are skinny and fit. It provides unique and beautiful printed clothes which are super trendy but comfortable, it is like the exact combination of being trendy yet at ease.

You can find this women’s clothing brand on Westside, TataCliq, Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

24. People

People is a fast-fashion company for young people that offers a one-stop shop for trendy, global looks. It is among the best Indian brands for women’s clothing.

The product line, which targets young people, is distinguished by a street-perfect and college-ready mentality. They are here to help customers discover their individuality and sense of style.

Through its assortment of fusion tops, kurtas, casual shirts, T-shirts, jeans, winter clothing, shoes, and accessories, the brand delivers the newest styles. People focus on making the newest fashion available in the edgiest styles in an effort to change how young people dress.

25. Label Ritu Kumar

The LABEL a brand by the designer Ritu Kumar is honored to support the representations of current Indian culture in their clothing. 

The current generation of young women is exposed to an expanding variety of influences in the quickly changing culture. India has and constantly will develop an identity for itself, even in the face of enormous foreign aesthetic stimulation. This phenomenon is what inspired the creation of LABEL, and it is our goal to be recognized as a symbol of this new vitality.

A designer brand for young urban India despite having international influences, Indian design is where its personality first emerged. The appearance that is targeted is, elegant and skillfully designed.

Conclusion on Women’s Clothing Brands

This list contains the best women’s clothing brands and provides you with all the details about them. You can use the links in the articles to redirect you straight to the women’s clothing brand pages/shopping platforms to shop for outfits from them. This is the go-to place for a seamless experience of shopping with an accurate understanding of which brands to shop for kind of clothing and where to get the same.

Happy Shopping!

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