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22 Best Network Marketing Companies in India (2023)

Network marketing is a type of company that relies on individual salespeople selling to other people one-on-one. A network marketing business provides people with the opportunity to generate additional revenue. It is regarded as the ideal way to supplement your normal income while having no significant training or expertise. One might need to establish a group of clients or salespeople for a network marketing firm to help improve customer acquisition and finalize purchases.

22 Top Network Marketing Companies in India

Businesses that engage in multi-level marketing distribute their goods to consumers through people rather than physical stores. This makes the individual distributors responsible to sell the products further. Distributors are independent contractors under the MLM business paradigm.

1. Amway

amway as best network marketing companies in india

Amway is an American MLM company that offers goods for home, personal, and medical care. The business is headquartered in Ada, Michigan, and was established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos.

They are a reputable distributor, marketer, and provider of a wide variety of nutritional, skincare, home and lifestyle, cosmetics, and supplements. Their presence today is felt deeply in over 100 nations and territories, spanning six continents.

Ever since the beginning, Amway has worked to improve the lives of individuals and make them happier with its products. There are more than 16,000 employees currently working for Amway.

2. Herbalife

Herbalife network marketing company

Herbalife has become a well-known network marketing company in India. Mark R. Hughes established the business in 1980, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Products from Herbalife Nutrition India are only offered through autonomous partners. Herbalife Nourishment offers excellent nutritional support for a healthy lifestyle.

There are reported to be 9,900 workers employed by it globally. They claim that to create their goods, they solely work with the best manufacturers, and resources and make investments in the newest equipment, knowledge, and infrastructure.

Experienced scientists prioritize the level of validity, reliability, and integrity more than anything else. Weight-loss and protein recipes are among Herbalife Nutrition’s offerings, along with protein bars, beverages, aloes, supplements, sports drinks, energy, and personal care items.

3. Tupperware India

Tupperware India mlm company

Tupperware is one of the MLM companies with the most female members. Tupperware originally started in the USA. The company began operations around 75 years ago and continues to revolutionize people everywhere.

Tupperware manufacturing began in India in 1996, with Delhi serving as the first location selling the Refrigerator Collection in India, which included jugs and much more. Tupperware is a lead-generation business that targets women. Tupperware periodically releases new Tupperware Goods Catalogues while taking into account the demands of Direct Retailers and Distribution companies.

In 2020, they adopted a new strategy to use social marketing to enhance their direct sales channels. They commit to putting people and the environment first in everything they do to help them succeed consistently. They have more than 3 million sellers in 80 countries.

4. Modicare

Modicare mlm company

Modicare is a vital member of a sector overpowering other huge network marketing companies in India. In India, Modicare began e-commerce in 1996. Today, it is present throughout India, with more than 40 facilities serving more than 2700 cities. The motivation behind Modicare is a desire to empower people’s inner visionaries.

Modicare has changed people’s lives in more ways than just giving them economic independence; it has additionally provided them an opportunity to regain their dignity and succeed.

Modicare sells items in categories like wellness, skin care, color personal care, home care, food and beverages, SM watches, jewelry, lifestyle, and others.

5. Oriflame India

Oriflame India network marketing company

Oriflame is a well-known direct-sales beauty firm. It began in 1967 with two brothers, Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, and their friend, Bengt Hellsten. They started this business with a vision to deliver high-end beauty products that were inexpensive and accessible to all people and were influenced by Sweden.

They provide an assortment of premium cosmetic solutions as well as the chance to launch your own company. They manufacture premium, secure, leading-indicator commodities and give cosmetic enthusiasts the exceptional opportunity to join a worldwide beauty network. Anyone can join Oriflame, an MLM business, and start earning money by working as a direct seller.

In their monthly catalogs, customers can find great deals as well as recommendations on skincare and cosmetics. By promoting and marketing their Swedish-made skincare products, the company gives you the chance to work in the cosmetics industry.

6. Vestige

Vestige a mlm company

Vestige Marketing Private Limited is one of the best-known and largest network marketing companies in India. It was founded by Kanwar Bir Singh in 2004 and has grown into a renowned direct-to-consumer business that deals in premium well-being items. Their products include health supplements, ayurvedic medicines, skin care, air and water purifiers, home care, women’s hygiene and so much more.

It is a business with ISO 9001-2015 recognition, and Vestige is committed to giving each of its client’s top-notch service. Helping individuals achieve a lifestyle of financial freedom is their purpose and ambition, and they intend on expanding globally and setting the standard for direct sales.

Including over 3,000+ both online and offline retail locations throughout India, many overseas headquarters, and several distribution centers, Vestige has been establishing a significant dealer network that is perpetually expanding.

7. Forever Living

Forever Living a network marketing company in india

One of the most well-known MLM businesses in the country is Forever Living. The business was established in 1978 by Rex Maughan. Forever’s foreign company has expanded over the past 40 years.

Their vision is a future where every woman and child gets the right to food, housing, and healthcare, and a shelter where people can rebound from catastrophic events. FLP claims to offer the highest-quality items, and their prices are comparable to those of other MLM businesses.

They develop and market hundreds of health and cosmetic products all over the globe. Are available from Forever Living Products to help people. Their essential component is aloe vera. They sell aloe vera drinks, gels, creams, weight-loss programs, multivitamins, beauty supplies, etc. They have warehouses in Mumbai, India.

8. Atomy

Atomy mlm company

India Atomy was established in the USA in 2010. Atomy’s philosophy of producing high-quality items for the public, as well as its unwavering operations in worldwide marketplaces, has enabled them to accomplish incredible achievements.

They engage in competition against major retailers like groceries, department stores, internet retailers, and home shopping services to mold and alter how individuals buy things. They concentrate on initiatives that develop human capital and teach staff members integrity. It has become well-know amongst other network marketing companies in India.

They claim to serve people with the GSGS approach, embracing items of pure class and price across the globe. They sell products in the healthcare, food, beauty, home, personal care, etc. categories.

9. Keva Industries

Keva Industries a network marketing company in india

Keva Industries Pvt Ltd is an authorized network marketing company in India that adheres to Govt. of India Direct Selling Regulations. It has received various prestigious certifications, licenses, and honors both domestically and internationally.

Keva Industries is constantly looking for methods to help the society and aid as it can through its extensive and well-organized facilities and superior advertising and distribution system.

Products from Keva Wellness, Keva Repurchase Kit, Keva Home Care, and Keva Herbal are Keva Energy Products, Keva Beauty Products, Keva Agriculture Products, Keva Personal Care Products, Keva Food Products, Keva Health, Fitness Equipments, and much more.

10. Asclepius Wellness

Asclepius Wellness a mlm company

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited is a network marketing company in India and was established in 2014. The business operates responsibly, offers a wide variety of goods, and has a successful marketing strategy. As of present, they planning to expand rapidly and make a significant contribution to consumers and the people who are involved with them.

The serves a wide range of commodities, including those for dental hygiene, oral range, basic necessities, nutritional supplements, medical services, and many other goods pertaining to agriculture. The items are produced using cutting-edge production techniques, eco-friendly substances, and expert compositions.

In order to make its commodities widely accessible across the country, the group operates over 550 C&F channels around the country as well as facilities in major states. By participating in or promoting pro bono work or the highest standards of ethics, the firm ensures that this really maintains a consistent effort to run in methods that will culminate in benefiting the policy objectives.

11. Ok Lifecare

Ok lifecare is one of the most well-known network marketing companies in India. It was started by Dr. Jogender Singh in 2016. Ok lifecare is a product-based direct-selling business committed to using only organic resources and methods for people’s health, hygiene products, and overall well-being.

The factors reflect the tenor of their interactions with one another, their immediate reporters, and their ideals. Their mission is to consistently contribute to improving the quality of life for the customers. They are all passionate about providing leadership in sports and have a firm focus on doing so.

They constantly strive to act in a morally and effectively appropriate manner. Their products include products related to agriculture, Herbofoodceutical is a line of goods for well-being and preventative medicine. Charakayu is a line of ayurvedic goods manufactured from ancient herbs and so much more!

12. Glaze Trading

Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. is a network marketing company in India. Sanjeev Chhibber and Chetan Handa, two prominent businessmen, founded Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. in 2003. The business uses direct selling to market its goods and services. The business doesn’t impose a distributorship price.

Simply by accepting a position as an Affiliate Dealer of the Business efforts products, anyone can launch a company. They don’t impose a distributorship price. Their mission is to provide a particular assortment of expertly manufactured, well-studied items that are useful, secure, and suitable to satisfy each customer’s demands and to market them at attractive pricing while maintaining a persistent goal of quality excellence.

Glaze Trading has built up a large body of knowledge, making it one of the greatest MLM organizations. Healthcare, hair care, ayurveda, food, drink, face care, home care, body care, items relating to agriculture, and much more are among their products.

13. RCM

RCM uses a multi-level business model, and the products it sells include FMCG, office supplies, pcs, electronics, apparel, footwear, and plastic goods. offering higher-quality goods at lower prices.

400+ regular consumers enjoy healthy solutions with beneficial experiences. The RCM product range is diverse and includes goods for food, clothes, and even health. The community keeps growing as a result of consumers sharing their opinions after trying the items and being pleased with their excellence. The business does not use advertising, marketers, local distributors, or retailers to sell its items.

RCM offers Ayurvedic medications, Men’s Fashion, Family Nutrition Energy Vita, Women’s Fashion, Intimate Care, Sanitary Napkins, Kids’ Fashion, Footwear, Groceries, Household Cleaning Accessories, Beverages, and so much more.

14. HHI Marketing

HHI Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the network marketing companies in India. In the year 2016, REEMA JAIN and ANJU VARMA created the business. The business partners are given a wide variety of things to pick from the catalog that will be shown on the website. They can make orders using the money in their wallets, and the goods will be shipped to their homes.

HHI MARKETING PVT. LTD.’s purpose is to make it as simple as possible for devoted members of direct sales organizations to achieve a lifetime of fulfillment. Thousands of HHI Business Associates are connected to you and are there to help you. Their goal is to offer high-quality goods at fair prices so that people have a method of subsisting and earning additional money.

They are dedicated to providing their clients with efficient, secure, and well-researched Ayurvedic treatments. The products include agricultural items, wellness, food products, footwear and fashion, personal care, beauty products, and much more.

15. Altos

Altos is a store that allows you to get the greatest Ayurvedic items online in India. They have been in business since 2000 and produce some of India’s best-selling goods. Altos Business has helped numerous individuals succeed. They provide a chance backed by skilled management, a consistent funding structure, and inherent value. Since 2000, Altos has operated well and has hundreds of stores.

One can enroll with Altos Consultant to launch their own company; this gives everyone a terrific chance to generate money. It is currently one of the top network marketing companies in India that offer goods to improve people’s quality of life.

Altos currently offers over 250 goods, and its broad selection includes items for skincare, food, agricultural care, personal care, hair care, home care, deodorant, and fragrance. Their three decades of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry have helped them create the workplace and business claims that propel individuals toward spectacular success.

16. IMC

IMC was founded in 2007 by two motivated individuals, Mr. Satyan Bhatia and Dr. Ashok Bhatia. By empowering people with its rigorous business strategy and fostering a better global environment with its premium organic goods, the organization has achieved incredible progress toward its aim.

The organization has achieved incredible progress toward its aim by empowering people with financial independence. The company has received appreciation and recognition on several occasions as a consequence of its efforts to create an environmentally friendly and satisfying workplace for everyone.

The business has amassed millions of thrilled clients and several contented employees, becoming a well-known network marketing company in India. The items include 
products like skincare, personal care, child care, healthcare, nutrition animal care, agricultural aids, clothing, home care, etc.

17. Avon Beauty Products

Avon is a network marketting company in India. They offer high-quality, creative beauty products that are predominantly marketed to and by women. Through social media, vast numbers of Avon Associates market well-known Avon products. Their mission is to empower women to bring out their best in society.

Their products include makeup, skincare, personal care, fragrances, fashion, and many other exciting products with regular discounts. They had worked hard to build an environment for the employees in India.

They provide a friendly atmosphere that is beneficial to development and nourishment while valuing uniqueness. They acknowledge efforts and provide a really satisfying experience for everyone, with connections at the center.

18. Winfinith

Founded on April 15, 2020, Winfinith Marketing Private Limited provides utility products for a healthy lifestyle. They are expert communicators, and as leaders, they can go from being normal to outstanding. Over the past 20 years, direct sales have been one of the best-known business strategies in India.

Their products include nutritional supplements for cattle growth, healthy foods, natural vitamin supplements, Fresh Dent, HomeWin, and so much more.

It costs nothing to join Winfinith as a sales representative, but you must complete your initial transaction within 35 days. Winfinith’s business associate is required to carry out two crucial duties: buying and selling items and creating downlines.

19. Biosash

Biosash was established in 2015. It is owned by Sh. Ramesh “Nico” Khanna. By enhancing the well-being of everyone who uses its goods, Biosash contributes to societal welfare with its solutions that offer better immunity and satisfaction.

Their goal is to improve the quality of life in India and throughout the globe by employing cutting-edge innovation and research to create a variety of goods. They provide their partners and clients with distinctively nutritious commodities to become the top immunity-enhancing company on the globe.

Biosash provides top-notch nutritional goods, cosmetics, personal hygiene items, etc. They first introduced sea buckthorn to the United States and are currently bringing it to you in India.

20. Indusviva

Indusviva Business Plan was founded in 2014. With the company’s unique opportunity, you may make money, live a fulfilled life, and receive ongoing, lifetime income. has teamed with BIO ACTIVES JAPAN CORPORATION of Japan, the first government-approved multi-level marketing firm in the country and a leading provider of dietary supplements. The company has an ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Their products are a hit in the marketplace. This is because they target a specific sector, which is the health sector. This is because nowadays consumers are becoming more conscious of their overall well-being and are prepared to pay any price to prolong their good health. They are the manufacturer of five healthcare items that have found great success and are well-received in the Indian market. These products are i-Charge, i-Pulse, i-Coffee, i-Slim, and i-Glow.

Once you join them as an associate, you have to join two more people, and they need to do the same. This will guarantee that your downline expands by itself and you will profit from this.

21. MI Lifestyle Marketing

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited engages in the sale of a broad range of high-quality, everyday-use lifestyle items. Their goal is to give the greatest service to clients, who make up the firm’s foundation. Their products include agricultural care, healthcare, home care, personal care, food, beverages, and more.

Due to the growth of direct selling throughout the nation, the lucrative options presented have facilitated numerous clients’ purchases of items through non-retail locations. The skilled leadership and spokespeople in their communities of wholesalers and distributors make sure that customers receive the finest goods and advantages.

Their goal is to build and update their marketing strategies over time while laying a solid foundation for their partners’ profitability. Mi Lifestyle strives to offer products and solutions that surpass expectations in terms of superiority, affordability, and fulfilling their duty to the community.

22. DXN Marketing

DXN was established in 1993 by Datuk Lim Siow Jin. Production, distribution, and production of nutritional supplements are among DXN’s primary economic endeavors. Dietary supplements, food and drinks, personal care items, skincare, home goods, and water purification systems are among its major product categories.

They aim to offer cheap prices and high-quality goods since direct selling allows them to maintain minimal visibility while making significant profits. Many people who consumed their goods and improved their wellness have vouched for the advantages.

Along with a powerful foundation and a commitment to sustainability, DXN has quickly expanded into other industry sectors, such as real estate, information and technology, and so on. The massive increase in distributors globally and the enlargement of DXN’s presence in major regions have contributed to its quick global reputation in the MLM market.

Final Thoughts

MLM companies can be agolden opportunity fpr people looking to earn extra money. Finding the right company for you is a crucial thing in having a smooth income flow. There are a lot of fraud companies who con people in the name of making money. So opting for a right network marketting company is the only way.

Hence we have put together this extensive list of 22 best network marketing companies in India. These company will make you regain the financial freedom you have alwasy dremt of.

Do let us know how you liked the article and comment about your expeeriences and querries about Indian network marketing companies.

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