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12 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in India (2023)

In this article, we’ll discuss the need for solar panels and a list of the best solar panel manufacturers in India.

Did you know the total consumption of electricity in India has been recorded at an all-time high of 411.64 gigawatts (GW) in January 2023?

With the rising per capita consumption of electricity like never before, and the depletion of fossil fuels to generate energy. There’s an ardent need to shift focus from non-renewable to renewable sources such as solar, biofuels, hydropower, and geothermal energy.

Over 35% of greenhouse gas emissions are from coal and other fossil fuels to generate electricity. India among other nations, planning to reform energy-producing sectors by producing over 175 GW of energy from renewable sources. As of Feb 2023, India has an installed capacity of 174.53 GW.

With the schemes of the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable) and continuous price surges, the only feasible option is to install rooftop solar panels.

But when you have to install solar panels, there are numerous doubts and dozens of questions like the best solar cell manufacturers in India, how to decide what’s suitable for you, and so on and so forth.

Luckily we got you covered. This is the curated list of the best solar panel companies in India to clear all those doubts and potential queries you might have.

What Are The Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in India?

First of all, all these solar cell manufacturers are not in the order of best to worse. You can decide what’s best for you. We’ve classified them on the basis of the number of years in operation, expertise, and overall production capacity.

If you are an individual house owner and wondering whether these huge solar panel companies in India will offer services to you or not? The answer is “Yes“. These brands offer services to everyone either directly or through their distributor network.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each of these best solar panel companies in India.

Company NameYears in MarketCapacity
Vikram Solar Limited151.2 GW
Adani Solar251.5 GW
Waaree Solar272.0 GW
Goldi Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd.101.0 GW
Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd.291.5 GW
Sterling & Wilson Solar Ltd.111.0 GW
Luminous15600 MW
Microtex Solar10500 MW
Panasonic10500 MW
Loom Solar04400 MW
Premier Solar22425 MW
SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd.15140 MW

Best Solar Cell Manufacturers in India

To decide on the best solar panel companies in India, I’ve taken into account the following factors.

  • Pricing
  • High Efficiency
  • Installation Capacity
  • After Sales Services
  • Subsidy

Along with these factors, I’ll through some light on the latest market trends of each solar cell manufacturers in India.

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    1. Waaree Solar

    Waaree Solar | BizApprise

    Waaree – One with the Sun

    With the tagline “One with the Sun”, Waaree Energies Ltd. has the highest production capacity of 2 GW from their 2 plants in Surat and Umbergaon.

    Waaree is among those solar cell manufacturers in India that provide complete solar solutions with a wide range of products and services. Their range of products and services includes:

    1. EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Services
    2. Solar Products including solar water pumps
    3. Lithium-ion Batteries
    4. Project Development

    You can use Solar Calculator to check the complete cost of solar installation by mentioning your location and total units of electricity consumed in a month.

    Reasons to Go For Waaree Solar

    • Industry Experience of 30 years.
    • Global Service Network
    • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for the long life of solar panels.
    • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is 30%
    • Wide range of products to choose from.

    2. Adani Solar

    best solar panel manufacturers in india | BizApprise

    Adani Solar is the subsidiary of the Adani Group of Companies which is a renowned name in the solar industry.

    This company has India’s 1st Automated Solar PV (PhotoVoltaics) manufacturing that reduces the manufacturing cost of solar panels. In 2020, Adani Solar was the winner of the Golden Peacock National Quality Award.

    Moreover, Adani is only one of the best solar panel manufacturers in India – received the top performer of the year award by DNV-GL PVEL Global reliability testing that too for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020.

    Reasons to Select Adani Solar

    • Undergoes 3 EL (Electrode Impedance) checks to ensure crack-free PV Panel Manufacturing.
    • The lifespan of 25 years even in extreme weather conditions.
    • Market leader in R&D of solar panels.
    • PAN India Service
    • The capacity of 1.5 GW at Mundra, Gujarat.

    3. Vikram Solar Limited

    best solar panel manufacturers in india | BizApprise

    With a worldwide presence on more than 6 continents, Vikram Solar Limited is arguably the best solar panel company in India.

    Vikram Solar is serving since 2006 and has offices across India. What makes this company an industry-thought leader, it’s one of the oldest solar panel companies operating in India.

    This company has won several awards in the past such as:

    1. CII Award for Customer Obsession & Active Customer Engagement 2019.
    2. Soft Disk Award for Solar Manufacturer of the Year.

    Reasons to Select Vikram Solar Limited

    • 2.4 GW+ of solar panels shipped globally
    • 1,355 MW+ in India
    • The annual production capacity of 1.2 GW
    • PAN India and Global Network
    • Works for Households using distributors network.

    4. Tata Power Solar

    Tata Power Solar | BizApprise

    Tata Power Solar is a subsidiary of Tata Group. With the brand name and market leader, Tata Power Solar is one of the most trusted solar panel manufacturers in India.

    Tata has the vision to provide efficient solar panels that are affordable and sustainable for the use of even the common man.

    Even if you are looking for household projects, Tata Power Solar offers services to every sector of our economy from corporations to individuals.

    Why Tata Power Solar?

    1. Brand Name and Trust of Tata Group
    2. 31 years of service in Solar
    3. 1.4 GW modules shipped outside India
    4. 1.5 GW production capacity for India Only
    5. 25 Years of Module Warranty

    5. Sterling & Wilson Solar

    Sterling & Wilson Solar Maunfacturer India | BizApprise

    Sterling & Wilson Solar is a listed company with ISIN – INE00M201021 and has a Market Capital of 3848.64 Cr.

    With a presence in more than 25 countries, Sterling & Wilson is becoming a global solar powerhouse. Around 252 projects now have been started having an average capacity of 10.6 GW.

    They believe in innovation, and thus provide the best in quality and latest solar panels to their clients.

    Why SW Solar?

    1. Ranked 1st by Wood Mackenzie’s 2020 Global PV O&M Report
    2. 11 Years in Manufacturing Solar Modules
    3. The latest Technology involved as SW Solar is an Innovative Brand
    4. IRR of 32%
    5. Listed on stock exchanges (NSE and BSE)

    6. Goldi Green

    Goldi Green Technologies Solar | BizApprise

    Goldi Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best solar cell company in India known for the implementation of sustainable methods to manufacture solar cells.

    Commencement of operation in 2011 with 10 MW of production, Goldi increased production capacity over years. Currently, Goldi has a manufacturing capacity of 1 GW and they are adding a new unit in Gujarat that will manufacture 1 GW. Making the total production capacity around 2 GW.

    Why Goldi Green Technologies?

    • 3-step quality checks to ensure the long life of panels.
    • Automatic Robotic Production for higher efficiency.
    • 12+ countries in Business Network
    • IRR of 30%

    Production of Goldi’s Solar Panels is done through robotic technology with automatic quality checks to ensure high-quality output.

    7. Luminous

    Luminous Solar | BizApprise

    Luminous is one of the well-known solar panel manufacturers in India. They have a wide range of products including Fans, Modular Switches, LEDs, and so on and so forth.

    Now solar is among their lead business and they captured the Indian Market with the help of the presence of a well-known brand name.

    Also, luminous deals in a complete range of products including:

    1. PV Panel
    2. Solar UPS
    3. Solar Battery
    4. Solar Controller

    Why did You Select Luminous?

    • Use Solar Calculator to check the investment.
    • Provide Solar Loans.
    • Lifetime Support from Luminous.

    What makes this the best solar panel manufacturers in India, you can use various features available on the Luminous Solar Website to determine the right type of solar panel required as per your need.

    8. Microtex Solar

    Microtek Solar | BizApprise

    Microtex is known for Acid Battery and Inverter Manufacturing in India. Now they’ve added solar manufacturing units and become part of the best solar panel manufacturers in India.

    They offer several ranges of products that include:

    1. PV Modules
    2. Solar Management Units
    3. Solar Power Conditioning Units

    After-sales service by Microtex is decent and you can go for AMC for the long life of the solar panels.

    Reasons to Select Microtex Solar

    • PAN India Service Region
    • AMC for a year of maintenance
    • Detailed Solar Cost Calculator
    • Cheaper as compared to the above-mentioned companies

    9. Panasonic

    Panasonic as solar panel companies in india | BizApprise

    Panasonic is a well-known brand in the electronics segment. Now they extended their hands to become the best solar panel company in India.

    As the brand motive of Panasonic is to provide world-class products to their customers, they believe in offering higher-performance products.

    But, I recommend Panasonic for large projects only as they are based in North America and the cost is on the higher side.

    Why Panasonic Solar?

    • Brand Presence
    • 25 Years of Triple Guard Warranty
    • Faster Service
    • IRR is 25%

    10. Loom Solar

    best solar panel manufacturers in India | BizApprise

    Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a startup started in 2018 at Faridabad by Amol Anand. He is the ex-executive of Luminous and started his own solar panel manufacturing unit in Haryana.

    Currently, they expanded their businesses to PAN India with a network of 1500 re-sellers. Loon Solar is known for Mono Crystalline Panels (known for generating electricity in low sunlight).

    They received GOLD Medal in the 11th Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business. Even they have employees which are graduated from NISE (National Institute of Solar Energy).

    Why Loon Solar?

    • Good Quality Panels at Low Pricing
    • Network in 700 cities in India
    • Featured in Outlook and YourStory
    • Complete range of Solar Products

    11. Premier Solar

    Premier Solar | BizApprise

    Premier Solar was incorporated in 1995 and launched 1st solar in 1998 in an assembly line situated at Balanagar, Hyderabad.

    They received several awards that prove their expertise and rank them among the best solar panel manufacturers in India.

    Some of the awards include:

    1. National Award for Best Employer Award presented by the President of India
    2. National Awards for Excellence in Renewable Energy – Rural Electrification from the World Federation Of CSR Professionals

    Why Premier Solar?

    • Deals in Solar Panels, Solar Lanterns, Home Solutions, Street Lightning, and Water Pumps.
    • 25 Years of Performance Guarantee
    • Best for Small to Medium Projects

    12. SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd.

    SWELECT Energy Solar | BizApprise

    SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd. is a Chennai-based company that deals in Solar PV, PCUs, Stabilizers, and Balancing Devices.

    Their recent award is a prestigious award in this category. The award is presented by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) for the best “Tier-1 Solar PV Module Manufacturer“.

    Also, they received certification for Solar PV Modules from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

    SWELECT has a production capacity of 140 MW which is less compared to other solar panel manufacturers in India. But, the quality and service provided by them are highly reliable.

    Why SWELECT Energy Systems?

    • Listed Public Limited Company
    • Great After Sales Support
    • Provide Services up to 140W
    • Performance Warranty of 25 Years

    Final Thoughts on Solar Panel Companies in India

    These 12 solar panel manufacturers in India are the best to fulfill all your solar panel and cell requirements. All of these solar cell manufacturers in India are 100 percent trusted and genuine. You need to follow these 3 steps to place a request for the installation of solar panels.

    • Step 1: Check your consumption level using a solar calculator.
    • Step 2: Get the Best Price by visiting and contacting us directly.
    • Step 3: Place installation/visit request.

    Now I’d like to turn it over to you. If you require any further information, you can get connect with me in the comment section.

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