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11 Powerful Instagram Tools Marketers Should Use in 2023

What exactly makes Brands so successful on Instagram? Yes, you guessed right it’s a massive Instagram following. With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great way to build an audience and customer base. You need to focus on Instagram tools to get the desired results.

Cultivating Instagram for a large following has been made easy with the help of powerful Instagram tools. Successful brands, influencers, and businesses have made these tools a large part of their Instagram marketing strategy.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we have listed some of our deemed favorite tools for Instagram marketing.

11 Powerful Instagram Tools

These Instagram tools will help you analyze your audience and create engaging content to engage your audience.

1. VSCO (Photo Editor)

11 Powerful Instagram Tools You Should Know About | BizApprise

Instagram is a visual app, so when making your marketing strategy, never forget to include VSCO. VSCO ensures that the visuals of your marketing strategy are up to par. It provides various filters and themes that customize your photos for different campaigns. VSCO is available for both Android and iOS users and therefore readily and freely usable to the masses.


VSCO offers a free version and a premium version you can subscribe to for only $19.99 a year. This premium version will allow you access to all photo editing tools and filters along with advanced photo editing tools.

2. Juicer.io (Create Social Media Feed)

Instagram Tools

Juicer is a Social Media Feed Manager that aggregate your brands’ hashtag and posts into a single. One best thing are that Juicer also provides a WordPress Plugin to pull every post that you posted on your website.

It works in 3 simples steps:

Step 1: Choose social media accounts
Step 2: Embed Code and use WordPress Plugin on any webpage
Step 3: Now sit relax and use Juicer Dashboard


Small Plan – Comes with Juicer Branding and you can Embed 1 Social Media Feed and 2 Source Accounts. Surely, free.

Medium Plan – Can embed 1 Social Media Feed and 5 Source Accounts at $19 monthly.

Larger/Business Plan – You can embed 3 Social Media and 15 Source Accounts at the cost of $99 monthly.

3. HootSuite (Scheduling and Auto Publication)

11 Powerful Instagram Tools You Should Know About | BizApprise

Success on Instagram thrives on consistency, and HootSuite is just the app to help achieve that. Managing your Instagram account becomes a breeze with the help of the HootSuite tool. Its functions range from scheduling to publishing content for your account. It provides options for scheduling and posts automatically according to your schedule.

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HootSuite is a free tool that you can take advantage of to grow your business, however, for a better experience you can sign up for HootSuite pro.

  • Bulk scheduling
  • Real-time analytics
  • Social Sweepstakes
  • Unlimited RSS integrations
  • 10 social accounts for 1 user

4. Linktree (Build Link to your Website)

Instagram Tools

If you are a blogger, an artist, or an e-commerce site, Linktree is going to be a game-changer for you. Linktree is a free tool that allows you to drive where your Instagram traffic goes. The tool lets Instagram accounts drive traffic to specific landing pages of their website, web-store. Most e-commerce sites usually use this tool to drive traffic for sales.


Linktree allows you to sign up for free but for additional perks you can sign up for Linktree pro. Pro which is a more advanced version provides the following advantages for $6 a month.

  • Retargeting of audiences from Facebook and Instagram
  • Providing priority links
  • Customizing your background design
  • Timing links for scheduled posts

5. Social Insight (Get Insights)

11 Powerful Instagram Tools You Should Know About | BizApprise

Analyzing your Instagram account helps you take control of your audience. Social Insight allows you to check the growth, engagements, and interactions users make with your account. Furthermore, Social Insights shows comparisons between the analytics of multiple Instagram accounts. All the above functions, therefore, make Social Insights a powerful tool for your brand to grow.


Social insight is not a free tool but has 3 price plans to suit your pocket, each having perks to grow your Instagram account.

Basic Plan

  • $ 29 per month billed annually
  • Social insight can only link to one Instagram account
  • You get advanced analytics and reports
  • You will only have access to email support

Business Plan

  • $79 billed monthly
  • Can link to 3 Instagram accounts only
  • Up to 5 users can use the tool at the same time
  • Access to advanced  analytics
  • Chat support is available

Small Agency/Enterprise Plan

  • $299 billed monthly
  • Can link to 20 Instagram accounts
  • Up to 25 users can use the tool at the same time
  • Access to social Insight University
  • Chat support is available

6. Magic Social

Instagram Tools

Magic Social has done something that most Instagram tools have failed to do. This tool allows you to choose what you want the demographics for your Instagram account to be. The niche generation that is gathered using this tool will help optimize marketing efforts.


Magic Social offers a 7-day free trial to test it. Paid versions are available every week at the price of $7 and $14 per week.

7. Later (Instagram Scheduler)

11 Powerful Instagram Tools You Should Know About | BizApprise

Later is a useful scheduling tool that helps you plan your Instagram account. Major companies review this app and suggest that it is a necessity for Instagram business accounts. Later is freemium that allows 30 posts on a schedule for zero costs. So, if you are having issues with being consistent and releasing content on time, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is one of the best Instagram Tools when it comes to scheduling.


4 paid versions Later provide targeting from Individuals to Large Companies. Plus version is available for Solopreneurs at the price of $9 per month with 100 posts & stories for 1 Social Profile. Premium version is for Small Businesses with 2 Social Profiles and 250 posts & stories at the price of $19 per month. Starter plan includes 3 Social Profiles and unlimited posts available at $29 per month for growing businesses. Last is the $49 plan for Brands where you can manage 5 Social Profiles and unlimited posts.

The above price includes 4 platforms i.e Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

8. Hashtagify (Hashtag Marketing)

Instagram Tools

If you don’t realize it by now, Instagram hashtags play a vital role in Instagram marketing. This tool helps find the most trending hashtags and apply them to your posts. Using hashtags plays an important role in finding your niche. So, the first thing you do is type in your niche, and then it will let you know how popular it is.


Hashtagify is not free but has 3 price ranges to suit all kinds of needs.

  1. Personal plan: This plan offers full access to ranking hashtags and bookmarking favorite hashtags at $19/month.
  2. Business plan: Offers access to full ranking and the top 30 favorite tweets at only $64 a month.
  3. Enterprise plan: Plan for companies who want to track the most popular hashtag with a high-precision plan which costs 249$ per month.

9. Combin (Marketing Tool)

11 Powerful Instagram Tools You Should Know About | BizApprise

Combin is an integrated tool that aims at finding an audience that suits you. Through its powerful searchability, it will let you target your audience from a hashtag, locations, and commenters. Furthermore, it performs multiple actions like following, unfollowing, and leaving comments from a single tool.


Combin has a variety of subscription options ranging from starter to business. The starter pack is free while the business plan is $10 a month with the following perks.

  • 5 Instagram accounts management
  • 1000 instant search results for posts
  • Instant search results for users
  • Search results refresh the ability
  • Statistics
  • Unlimited in-app actions

10. Grum (Post from Web)

11 Powerful Instagram Tools You Should Know About | BizApprise

Grum is another powerful tool that helps people post pictures from the convenience of their laptops. It allows you to deliver your posts, comments, and captions to your users on time. With Grum, managing your Instagram will always be a breeze.


Grum’s plans start from about $10 and allow a 3-day trial period, perks include the following.

  • Unlimited editors
  • Access to 3-5 Instagram accounts

11. Canva (Create Campaigns)

Canva | BizApprise

Canva is arguably one of the best tools to create engaging content for users. It ensures that you deliver beautiful, flawless photos that will captivate your followers. It has a wide range of graphics and templates that help customize designs in minutes. Try Canva today and make unique graphical content that your audience will love. I recommend this as one of the Best Instagram Tools to create a responsive campaign.


Offers a free forever plan that has all the features mentioned above, however, it has a professional plan going at $ 13 a month.

  • Unlimited folders for your designs
  • Team functionalities
  • Unlimited storage for photos and assets
  • Upload your images
  • Access millions of photos starting at $1 each
  • A 30-day trial.?

Which is the Best Instagram Tool?

Being on Instagram is as essential as being on any other platform when it comes to your marketing strategy.

However, merely having an account is but a drop in the ocean they are many things that you will need to do to make a successful Instagram account.

You have to use very effective means to pull up your audience and that is what these tools can do for you. Take the smart road and start using Instagram tools today.

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