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5 Latest Instagram Trends to Follow in 2023

Change is constant. And in the world of virtual platforms, it is going to remain the only constant for as long as they are there for us.

So, since all social media apps are evolving every second, what you think you posted to be trendy and aesthetic at that time won’t remain for a very long time. You need to follow the latest Instagram trends.

Thus, keeping with the pace of this transformation, let us look at the major Instagram trends of 2023 that have made a mark in the hearts of its viewers for as long as we can remember.

5 Instagram Trends to Look at in 2023

Here are the top Instagram trends that you should follow right now to get stand out.

1. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has made a mark lately. Not only is it very helpful for the businesses to run as they don’t have to hire people to interact with customers, but it also has been really helpful for the customers to clear their queries.

Usually, brands use chatbots to send notifications to regular customers, and in return, people ask questions, about reordering or new menu items and these chatbots send in related links to help out the customers. This way the whole hustle of answering each person with appropriate information and sending time-to-time updates gets a lot easier.

2. Animated stories

The latest addition to the trending social media hype is posting animated stories. Of course, putting normal stories is itself more engaging than posting pictures but a little twist in that usual video or post that you are adding as a story can work a long way in impressing your audience.

This funky edit gives a chic look to your story and it always intrigues viewers towards what different will pop up next! You can use an already existing filter on Instagram to convert your pictures or videos to animated ones or you could use any app for it like, PicsArt.

Here, in this example, the animated story is put to make the poster visually more attractive.

3. Alternating posts

Having a feed that stands out when kept along with various others is what we need nowadays. People are impressed by the visually distinct outlooks of an Instagram page so, another way to do so is by posting alternating posts.

For example, if you are posting pictures of the same kind, do it in a particular sequence. This way the overall look of your feed is completely changed and looks fascinating.

A feed should not be thought of too much, just play with it and do anything that happens in flow. Even when you are creating a puzzle out of your feeds, it should be neat and sequential.

In this example, the posts on the tabletop are put alternately to create a puzzle but at the same time to maintain sequence.

4. Augmented Reality

This trend was started by Snapchat but it is all over Instagram and many other social media platforms. Adding filters to your posts can work well sometimes. However, using them too much also sets off the whole purpose of it.

So, be careful while using these because they look fake sometimes when overdone.

Anyhow, the dog filter will not look too much for a change don’t worry!

This is an example of augmented reality wherein a filter of an animated mouth is used to create humor.

5. Intriguing Content

Lastly, as we say “old is gold”. Never forget the roots of every trend that gets popular. Your content will always be the master. It will always be your driving force and the force of attraction for your audience.

It doesn’t mean that you become simple and just showcase your content because creativity and outlook are also important to some extent. However, simply doing the latter and forgetting the main focus will only make your boat sink someday.

So, remember that if you can’t keep up with every trend, do try to give your best in the last one here.

End Words

It is not 2016 and being on social media is not just limited to putting hilarious pictures with even more embarrassing comments of your family members on it. Our life is pacing and we have to run with it to keep up with the pace.

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