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5 Tips To Increase Instagram Followers (That Actually Work)

If you’re looking to organically increase Instagram followers for your account, this post will set you on the right track.

About a decade ago, we would not have even bothered if our Instagram was fancy enough for people to recognize it. We are just glad that we were on it keeping apart those who did not even know what it was.

However, neither are we living in the past nor are we satisfied with the present. In fact, how can we, if the pace of the changing world is too fast to catch up?

Since we have to go with the flow, why not go along with it rather than being behind it?

Also, gaining more followers on social media is necessary to build your brand and make your online presence with influencer marketing.

Increase Instagram Followers Tips

Without further ado, let’s take a deep look at these best tips to increase Instagram followers for your account.

1. The First Impression Lasts

5 Tips To Increase Instagram Followers (That Actually Work)

Someone said this quote right and it goes with everything including how to increase Instagram followers. So, to be one step ahead on your goal of increasing followers, you need to start at the start.

  • STEP 1: Make a new Instagram ID
  • STEP 2: Add a funny yet smart profile picture.
  • STEP 3: Make your mark. Always try to add a picture that defines you. Even if it’s your first picture, it is important and it’s going to stay in the minds of your followers the longest.
  • STEP 4: Pour your heart out when it comes to the bio. More importantly, have something there. Even “still thinking about it” will work but remember to write something.
  • STEP 5: Make your account public. That is how everybody will be able to see your posts and stories without getting to send you a request.

No matter, if you’re unable to figure out how to set up your Instagram account the right way, this guide will help you in setting up the account right way to gain more followers will help you out.

Now that you have understood the basics, you need to realize that the individual posting will not be the only aspect of it but the overall outlook of your profile will matter significantly.

You may have symmetry in your posts.

For example: If we take an idea from what Deepika Padukone does even though she is an established celebrity, it could be the “three posts at a time” style. It is unique and at the same time brings about a pattern in the profile.

Moreover, you need to post at a set time on weekdays and weekends. This makes a huge difference as it gives an estimated idea to the followers as to when your post will arrive.

Now, that the first impression is made, wait for its outcomes.

2. Use Interesting Hashtags

5 Tips To Increase Instagram Followers (That Actually Work)

If you want people who are not following you to get a whiff of your posts, then you should start putting some unique yet spot-on hashtags. Doing so might feature you in the “explore” tab which will help you gain popularity.

Try to use effective hashtags rather than basic ones. Do not use irrelevant hashtags like #followtofollow, they will increase Instagram followers but all will be spammers. Add hashtags that will add the targeted audience to your followers’ list.

For Example: For a sport-related post, you might add #oneteamonedream.

If you’re not sure which hashtags to use, here’s the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtagging.

3. Apply The Technique of observing and React

Doing your style and posting something that is your reflection is great. It means you are in the right direction, but working smartly on a platform like this is more recognized than working hard.

Some other links that might help you.

Therefore, always keep a track of your fellow bloggers or Instagrammers to know how they go about it every day by following them. This not only enhances your mindset of thinking but helps in another unique way to increase Instagram followers.

The other way is that having a similar Instagram Profile, you will appear in the suggestions of several people eventually leading to more followers.


4. Apply For a Verification Badge

This is an important point about which you need to think clearly. Not everybody can apply for a verification badge, you have to have a certain amount of recognized niche. Stability is tested and you should be having sponsored posts for different brands for promotions.

You should be an affiliate and must be earning a commission from the brand’s products. However, if you fulfill the benchmark then it is the best way to earn followers. Having a blue tick in front of your profile gives you validation and that is what the viewers consider in the first place.

Hence, if the application for the verification badge is accepted then you no more have to worry about your Instagram followers anymore. Moreover, even if you do not get a verification badge, you can add links to your bio. This will immediately bring their attention to your website and it will get the recognition it requires.


5. Creating Campaigns

Finally, one of the most trusted ways to increase your following is by creating campaigns. Now, campaigns can be conducted in numerous ways like giveaways.

‘Giveaways’ is a way by which you conduct a competition in which your followers have to follow some rules to have a chance at the free voucher you are giving.

This way not only does a viewer has to follow your page, but also has to participate through the comments section.

Thereby making your account popular enough for more people to get involved in the same.

End Words

In all, we understood various ways to get followers on Instagram accounts and in a crux, just be you because that is what nobody else has but you. Flaunt yourself, celebrate yourself, and be candid, and everything else will fall into place. Otherwise, these ideas will help you in reforming your profile to an extent. Anyway, stay motivated.

Aditya Goyal
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  1. This is an inspiring blog, thank you! Our team has started implementing a few of your golden rules but just like you, we are still struggling with the hashtag strategy, however, as you are a true inspiration, we will of course share.

  2. These are some great tips for the 2022 guides to buying active Instagram followers without wasting the money that you have discussed here. I really loved it and thank you very much for sharing this with us. You have a great visualization and you have really presented this content in a really good manner.

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