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Influencer Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2022)

Have you ever visited a Food Corner or a Restaurant because you saw it on your favorite food blogger on Instagram? Have you ever started a routine that you have always been reluctant about just because an Influencer you completely adore started following it?

Feeling guilty? Well, don’t be because this is the type of marketing wherein various brands focus on popular entities to drive a brand’s message to the larger market.

A couple of years ago, the brand endorsements and product advertisements were only done by celebrities and other well-established personalities, but now the market has taken a completely different turn in which any Influencer who has a devoted fan base and followers can do product marketing.

Want to know how? Then, let me start from the start!

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What is Influencer Marketing on Instagram?

To cut the chase, in one-word Influencer Marketing on Instagram is nothing but a collaboration. Any business collaborating with an influential person to promote their product, service, or campaign is Influencer marketing.

To explain it further, it is simply publicization by Influencers having an established niche through their daily posts for which they get paid.

It is an indirect yet successful way of marketing that creates curiosity amongst the audience as soon as their Influencer hits the “post” button. However, not everybody can do Influencer marketing.  One has to have a decent number of followers to do such marketing. Of course, no brand will spend money on marketing for insignificant results.

Examples of Influencer Marketing on Instagram

There are numerous Influencers we follow every day. Some are fitness-oriented while some are fashion bloggers, some are food lovers while others love to travel every inch of the world.

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However, to begin with, let us look at the ones which have emerged from around us. Here are two of the most amazing personalities who have been in the business for quite a while now. They are working in very different areas yet they are evolving in their own ways independently.

1. Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

Aashna Shroff is a young Indian Influencer who is looked upon by thousands of her followers for fashion and beauty tips. Loaded with chic looks and aesthetic backgrounds, she always manages to leave a mark on her followers whenever she posts something.

Having 791K followers, she is considered one of the top ten Instagram Influencers in the market today.

2. Amol Goel (@indiapictures)

With 444k followers, Amol, the founder of “IndiaPictures” is doing a great job in shaking the minds of his followers. Creating curiosity amongst the people and completely fascinating them with his exquisite photography, he is a true Influencer of his generation.

Not only does he influence people with his posts, but also comes up with different activities for potential photographers. The most recent one being “hashtag IndiaPictures” to get featured.

  • More than 50% of the marketers are intending to expand the budget for this type of marketing.
  • The biggest challenge for over 67% of marketers is to find relevant Influencers for their brands.
  • About 70% of the influencers when asked the reason for getting into the business, told it to be the earnings.
  • Lord & Taylor got 50 Instagram Influencers to wear the same dress, which promptly sold out.

How to Enter the Arena of Influencer Marketing on Instagram?

Finally, we have understood what it is so, it is time to know how we can be a part of it and earn money through it. It is simple but necessary and thus we must never forget these golden highlights if you want to be in the game. The following are the major areas to keep in mind:

1. Research

To commence with the most basic yet essential criteria, you need to know what you are dealing with. So, an ample amount of research work is required. You need to clearly think what you want to post on Instagram only then you will be able to improvise.

Originality and self-portrayal are key to everything. Don’t try to do something that is already a trend and popular, rather start with something you admire and work on that. We all prefer uniqueness to repetitiveness.

Always remember, do not try to copy what another Influencer does, it will never work if it’s not your own.

If you want to post food-related posts go ahead! However, analyze what the prerequisites must be to enter this world.

The food cannot just be tasty, it has to be drool-worthy while just having a glance at it.

2. Fix Your Budget

Not all of us have a strong back but that does not mean that we cannot dream big. However, every dream is accomplished by climbing a ladder. So, going step by step towards your goal is what you would require at the moment.

It does not matter if your budget is less, what matters is how you use it. Instead of a fancy, go for concrete and stable ideas. This way you will save money and will be able to utilize it for other aspects.

If you have the resources, why not be a travel blogger? That is truly where the budget constraint will play its role.

3. Know Your Competition

We all have dwelled on the fact that this kind of marketing is only going to increase so this means the competition will get bigger. Hence, remember the saying “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” and always be updated on what the potential Influencers of similar interests are doing.

You will always learn something new if that becomes your habit. You will know about their sponsorship status, how often do they post, what gains the audience’s attention more and what failed. So, the learning process will never end this way.

4. Gain Trust Amongst Your Followers

Trust is very important. You may start big but to maintain consistency you need to gain trust. They need to know that they are precious to you.

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This way a friendly and warm relationship will be established and they would be happy and eager to see your posts. No matter if they are a very small family of yours on Instagram but they are the first ones and that is why they are the most important. Always keep in mind, first impressions last!

5. Look for Partnership and Contact them

Similar Instagram Influencers might be your competition but some might turn out to be a good team. Henceforth, always look forward to similar Influencers having similar scenarios and interests as you. Try to reach out to them and never send them formal and generic direct messages or emails for partnerships.

Keep yourself in their position and show your truth to them. They should know where you come from as it always gives them a part of you and they will know you better.

Also, do some research which brings you back on the first point about the Influencers you would contact.

For example:

  • Try to analyze what they post. Like: If you are a fashion blogger then look for people who do similar work and with whom do they collaborate.
  • Beware of fraudulent accounts too. Some people have a great follower base but they have huge criticism on their posts as well so, try to be away from them.

6. Use Hashtags

It is a very minute yet significant point. We tend to forget its importance but remember, my friend it really helps in gaining followers.

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However, on the contrary, people also have the power to mark a hashtag as something they don’t want to see. So, be careful and use relevant hashtags to make your posts approachable and likable at the same time.

7. Strategise the Content You Are Going To Post

Always try to pen down what you are going to post next. It is always easier and smarter to be one step ahead of the situation. The content you will produce should be relatable to your target audience.

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Henceforth, the judgment of your audience is required consistently. Posting anything and everything will create boredom and you will lose your precious followers and your chance at Influencer Marketing on Instagram.

Be aesthetic. Be aware.

Bloggers like these have to schedule their posts or they might take longer to post which will adversely affect their followers. Hence, coming up with giveaways is an innovative idea to keep them engaged.

So, create useful and different content quick!


So, now if somebody says “Influencer Marketing”, you will indeed be the first one to respond to it. With the kind of pace it has been moving on, it will not be of any surprise that completely new terms emerge in another decade.

Still, I am sure that this Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram will surely help you to enter the business and give a head-start to your dreams!

Eventually, you will make your own way of learning and experience. Just do not forget the basics!

Aditya Goyal
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