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25 Amazing Instagram Food Bloggers with 1M+ Followers (2023)

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
― Virginia WoolfWriter

With this quote, it is truly clear that food is what makes you. Everyone loves food and has some wish list that they want to try once in their life.

Well, what if you get all the recipes for the world’s best dishes in one place? Yes, I am talking about some of the best Instagram Food Bloggers that are going to teach you how you can prepare delicious recipes of your own. Or places where you can visit and have some mouth-watering food prepared by some of the best unknown chefs in the world.

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Instagram is the right channel to meet some great tastes in the World. I am going to take you to bloggers who are the best in their niche.

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If you are an extreme foodie and want healthy or unhealthy food, or want to follow an ongoing trend, there is a food blogger for you. Find your one right here in this post on the food blogger bio Instagram.

Top 25 Instagram Food Bloggers

These Instagram Food Bloggers are updated on the 13th of February 2023. So, there will be a difference in the number of followers and content over time. But this will be better in all cases. So, enjoy this post on the food blogger bio Instagram.

1. Tieghan Gerard (@halfbakedharvest)

Blog By: Tieghan Gerard

Followers: 5.1M

Tieghan Gerard is a woman of simple nature who use to be inspired by the people and places that she loves the most. She added whole foods and seasonality to her foods with the pure taste of ingredients to encourage people to try something new.

2. Foodgod (@foodgod)

Blog By: Jonathan Cheban

Followers: 3.9M

Jonathan Cheban is an American Food Blogger who has always loved food. If you are from America, then you can visit his own restaurant, one is Sushi Mikasa which is located in Miami and 2nd one is Burger Bandit on Long Island.

3. Yumna Jawad (@feelgoodfoodie)

Blog By: Yumna Jawad

Followers: 3.7M

Yumna is a Michigan-based food blogger who was working in Branding and R&M for the retail food industry. With the motive of clean eating, she started her blog after she got married in 2007.

Clean eating is different for her. She adds natural and fat-free ingredients to make every dish real and pure.

4. NYT Cooking (@nytcooking)

Blog By: New York Times

Followers: 3.7M

The New York Times Cooking is an Instagram Page by NYT Group. It is a great resource for anyone looking to explore a variety of recipes. The page has thousands of recipes from around the world, all carefully curated and organized to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Fumino Kimura (@fuminokimura_official)

Blog By: Fumino Kimura

Followers: 2.3M

Fumino Kimura is a well-known actress and food blogger from Tokyo, Japan. As she builds her carrier in 2 fields, she has a good food blogger bio on Instagram and a follower base, and that makes her much more popular in Japan. You can follow her for non-Vegetarian dishes.

6. Minimalist Baker (@minimalistbaker)

Blog By: Dana Shultz

Followers: 2.1M

Dana Shultz is working on adding innovation to Food Industry. She works with her team to provide recipes that require less than 10 ingredients and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. That’s why they have given this the name Minimalist.

7. Deliciously Ella (@deliciouslyella)

Blog By: Ella Mills

Followers: 2.1M

Ella is a British Food Writer and Entrepreneur known by the brand name Deliciously Ella. She has published some great food books on her Amazon Account.

If you are looking for some great plant-based dishes, you can add them and give some great ingredients to your tongue.

8. Skinnytaste Healthy Recipes (@skinnytaste)

Blog By: Gina Homolka

Followers: 1.9M

Gina Homolka is one of the best food bloggers on Instagram for healthy recipes. She believes in eating seasonal, whole food so that you can maintain good portion control.

You can follow her on Instagram and her own blog if you are a health-conscious person.

9. Smitten Kitchen (@smittenkitchen)

Blog By: Deb Perelman

Followers: 1.6M

With the motive “the place to find your new favorite thing to cook”, Deb Perelman is involved in providing recipes for foods that are cooked in a unique style.

You can check her cookbooks, blogs, and Instagram to get the best dish that you would love to eat.

10. Official Whole30® Recipes (@whole30recipes)

Blog By: whole30.com

Followers: 1.5M

This is the official account for the #Whole30 program. Whole30 is a cookbook that was awarded as a best-selling book by NY Times. The demand for whole 30 approved recipes is increasing, and they are the people behind this food blog.

This healthy food blog has reached 1.5m followers and they are constantly adding new chefs and nutritionists.

11. Michaela Vais (@elavegan)

Blog By: Michaela Vais

Followers: 1.2M

Michaela is a Vegan food blogger on Instagram. With her love for animals, she dropped meat when she was 6 years old. Now, she uses her creativity to provide delicious and healthy veggie foods that make her trending among veg foodies.

12. Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork)

Blog By: Samantha Schnur

Followers: 1.1M

Sam Schnur is ranked among the Forbes 30 Under 30 and is a women entrepreneur passionate about Food and Drink. She features national food chains and fortune 500 food and beverage companies. You will surely love the food suggested by her.

13. Alex Moe (@themacrobarista)

Blog By: Alex Moe (The Macro Barista)

Followers: 1.1M

He is from Seattle, WA, and started his carrier while working in a Starbucks. Alex Moe is well-known for his healthy drink recipes.

14. New Fork City (@new_fork_city)

Blog By: Natalie Landsberg, Gillian Presto, and Emily Morse

Followers: 989K

New Fork City is managed by a group of 3 women that are tied up with local restaurants, food vendors, and multi-national brands. They share the best foods and best restaurant details in New York on this page. #newforkcity has more than 2,000,000 submissions on Instagram.

All these 14 best Instagram Food Bloggers have more than one million followers. I will add more to this list when someone crosses this benchmark.

Here are some other Instagram food bloggers that I personally like and want to add to this list.

15. @whatsgabycookin by Laura J. Alber – 936k followers

16. @mollyyeh by Molley Yeh – 849k followers

17. @dailyfoodfeed – 756k followers

18. @foodie – 615k followers

19. @rachlmansfield by Rachel- 580k followers

20. @spoonforkbacon by Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park – 565k followers

21. @joythebaker by Joy Wilson- 518k followers

22. @lelia_foodblogger by Lelia – 485k followers

23. @thrivingonplants by Cherie Tu – 444k followers

24. @girleatworld by Melissa – 328k followers

25. @sweetsimplevegan by Jasmine Briones – 304k followers

All these 25 amazing Instagram food bloggers and food blogger bios on Instagram that is liked by millions of people. I regularly update this post so that you can get in touch with some great future food bloggers on Instagram.

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