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5 Best Tips on How to Write Instagram Captions

Ironically, on such a huge platform as Instagram, little details matter more than the more visible ones. Hence, writing a witty caption becomes a matter of concern for all kinds of businesses on Instagram and influencers to engage their audience even more.

That is why we come up with some pro tips on How to Write Instagram Captions.

The picture and its photography skills matter the most but to get your followers to open the comments section and type something apart from just like the picture, you need to have a solid caption to back your post.

So, for being able to achieve that, here are some tips on how to write Instagram Captions to increase sharing.

How to Write Instagram Captions?

1. Use emojis

Let the funky emoticons do the talking for once. Including emojis in your caption is a good way to write a caption. People are more fascinated by captions having emojis rather than just plain text. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to overuse it. It will be a matter of seconds for your post to look from best to worst.

According to studies, using emojis increases audience engagement by over 15% as compared to not using one at all.

2. Contest and CTA

The space provided for captions can be used very smartly instead of just writing a quote or putting an emoji.

A question arises here that how to write Instagram Captions smartly? You can add CTA (Call to Action) that is encouraging your audience to reply to something that you have asked in your caption. This increases the level of engagement and makes them even more interested in your posts in the future.

Moreover, such fascinating caption contests increments the number of followers on your Instagram.

CTA can be done by asking a question related to your post or by asking them to give an appropriate caption to your post.

Or, even making it into a meme contest for the picture you posted. Choices can be endless, but you ought to select one to change the monotonous vibes of a plain caption.

3. Share Facts

It may seem old school to some people but putting a bit of information on the location you have tagged on your post being an Instagram Blogger can fascinate some wander-lovers into reading them.

Many people tend to get attracted to did you know facts or other pieces of knowledge about different places around the world and sharing with them what you know only adds up to more fun for them. All this unknowingly brings about much higher levels of engagement not only in the form of likes but also in the form of a number of times it’s been saved or people opening your profile.

4. Keep it brief and let the picture do the talking

Sometimes, less is more. If your picture itself is too aesthetic for a person to even look below for a second then feel free to skip the idea of a caption with a subtle emoji or simply a word that strikes in your mind.

Don’t try to find a witty caption every time you post something. Repetition makes things boring so, try to mix and match and experiment with things rather than going plain and following a pattern.

5. Have a consistent brand voice

Consistency is key. When it comes to your caption, you ought to keep it clear for new people to understand the whole idea of what you want to offer and to keep the old audience interested enough to stay.

Now, consistency or flow can only be established if you have a constant brand voice.

The idea of your brand should be reflected through your captions each time without fail. It can be with the help of hashtags or by directing your audience to your bio so that the viewers can immediately get led by the clickable website link to the brand page.

Anything can be done but looking at a post without even glancing at whose it is, the audience should be able to comprehend which brand they are looking at.

After all, this is the motive. Be seen.


Vision. An idea. It takes a lot of thought process and refining to conclude that this is right and that this should be posted. However, we get so lost in finding the answer to whether this should be posted that we forget the more relevant one! How to be posted?

Little details work a long way. We’ve heard it for longer than seeing it in action anyway so, why not start working on the latter rather than being stuck on the former?

Hence, caption-ating something adds an element that defines your post and structures it into something that makes a lot more sense than just blindly posting a picture.

Thus, we hope that next time you think about “how to” rather than just “what to” on Instagram!

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