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Set the Instagram account foundation to gain traffic

It might sound a bit nice and promising to jump right into Instagram Marketing and gain the followers of your dream, but there is more to that. Before you can even open the floodgates of traffic to come and help in the growth of your fashion site, you have to work hard to set up some promising infrastructure right now. There are some proven steps available, which will help you to set up IG account for presenting you with the best chance of just diving tons of traffic from the said profile. All these will only start when you have a solid plan to back it up for good.

Create that awesome Instagram Marketing Plan

Unfortunately enough, whatever you do it is not going to be enough to start an IG account and pound pavement to start posting the content. Any form of progress that you plan to make will be quite difficult for you to track and also quite haphazard. Instead of just throwing some pictures and posts on your IG wall, you have to create a plan first and then start tracking the progress of your job in this fashion world.

  • For reaching the marketing goals you have come up with and the followers for Instagram, it is always preferable for you to just create plans with the help of a quant-based Instagram marketing approach over here.
  • If you have never heard of this term called quant-based marketing, then you should know it first. It is quite a simple approach for just creating a strategy to reach any set target by just working backward from the said goal.
  • This approach seems to be one of the biggest reasons for you to grow the IG following in a rather quick manner. So, you have to just come out over here and say that. You have to, and there is no way around, to create an Instagram marketing plan for the growing value of your IG account.
  • You are always invited to start early and set up one traffic goal and then just start working backward from goal to the current reverse engineer the success rate from your side.
  • There are times when you might be a bit lost on ways you can get proper traffic goal for yourself, but this accuracy might not be the exact point. This goal is mainly subjected to be a goal, projection, and even estimation.
  • There are some guidelines required for the goals, but you have to set up one depending on your project and what kind of result you want to see in the end.
  • Well, the time frame is going to be just 90 days. Anything, which has passed this benchmarked time, will be pointless to envision. On the other hand, too much change or work can even change the timeframe to some extent.
  • For the idea of tracking, it is always suggested to do that on a weekly basis. You might not be engaged in activities, which can easily drive traffic every single day. So, you can track progress weekly to get solid data.
  • Always remember that you are not going to double IG traffic week over week. That is going to be quite unrealistic in nature. But, on the other hand, you can always expect to just grow a healthy rate anywhere within 10 to 40%.
  • For the follower count, you have to work a bit hard. For reaching that ultimate traffic goal, you might have to create a follower goal and plan to reach it first. Always remember to care for a goal over there as well.


When the plan is halfway through:

When you are actually on the way of creating the plan, remember that just like any of the other social media, IG growth is exponential and not that linear as you might think it to be. It is far easier to just move from 10K followers to 12K than going from 0 to 2K. Sometimes, you can plan to work backward from goal, which will be around 3K weekly visitors from IG by week 12. For landing to that goal, it is always mandatory for you to need a 37% growth rate on the weekly count. There are some promising tabs in your marketing plan, which will help you to keep track of the changes well.

  • First of all, make way for two tabs. One is for the raw numbers and another one will be for the assumptions.
  • The third tab will be for the strategy, which you can gladly use for tackling the challenge. The relevant hashtags are used for reaching out to more audience, which is will the reach of each, and that should be another tab.
  • Then there will be a tab allotted for various quote types and contents that you are planning to use. There will be another tab for link tracking and also for the traffic to every link possible.

It is always important for you to track anything which seems possible for you and help you to understand the audience well. You can further analyze the growth rate and find out whether you are just on track or not. There is no need for you to mess around with the plans on a daily basis but just end up with one crucial one for your success. Once you are through setting up the Instagram marketing plan, you need to work on the profile for conquering the same.

Have the perfect IG Username

It is time for you to nail down that perfect IG username. The name needs to be an attractive one as that’s what the audience will remember and tell others as well, willing to find your business profile on the IG search bar. Not just attractive, but the name should be meaningful to you and the business you are associated with. Trying out names for the fashion-centric account is not that user, but research can help you find the right answer as asked for.


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