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Real11 App Download – Play Fantasy Sports

Are you looking for a detailed guide about the Real11 App? If yes, then you landed in the right place.

Today I am going to share a detailed guide about the Real11 fantasy app. Fantasy Gaming Apps are a new & easy way to earn money from smartphones.

That’s the reason many people are using it and earning real money. Even one person from Bihar had won 1 Crore in fantasy cricket on Dream11.

I am not saying that you can also earn crores on fantasy sports. I am just saying that there’s an opportunity to earn some real cash from your smartphone.

There is a lot of competition on apps like Dream11, FanFight, etc. You can try some others apps for less competition.

Real11 app is a new fantasy app. Still, there’s not much competition in this app as compared to the popular ones.

Below, I am going to share how to install the Real11 app, how to register on Real11, & many more.

Without wasting your precious time? Let’s dive in…

Real11 App Download | BizApprise

What is the Real11 App?

Real11 app is a new e-Sport where users can earn real cash by playing fantasy sports & games.

It was launched as a fantasy sports app, but now it also allows users to play other games like Ludo, Carrom, Bubble Shooter, & many more.

Although Real11 is well known for cricket fantasy, you can play Football, Kabaddi, fantasy sports.

Gautam Gambhir is the brand ambassador of Real11.

Real11 App Download

The app has over 50 lakh downloads. The number is low as compared to other popular fantasy sports apps. Real11 app is available for both Android & iOS.

You can download the Real11 APK from the site. Just visit real11.com and download the app.

How to register on the Real11 App?

You will get Rs.100 for registering in the app. The registration process is simple.

Let’s see how you can get Rs.100.

#Step 1: First of all, just install the Real11 app on your device.

#Step 2: Just open the app and enter your details like mobile number, email.

#Step 3: You can add a Real11 referral code if you have one.

#Step 4: Now verify your mobile number and email.

#Step 5: You will get Rs.100 once you verify your mobile number.

#Step 6: Then visit your profile and update your details.

#Step 7: Enter your bank details and upload your PAN Card details to verify your account.

You have completed the registration process.

How to add money on Real11 App?

You need to add cash to your Rael11 wallet to play games on Real11.

Here are the steps to add money to your wallet.

  1. Just open the append tap on Wallet.
  2. Here you can see an option to add cash. Enter the amount that you want to add.
  3. Tap on the Add Cash button.
  4. Then make the payment. You can use UPI, Card, or Wallet to make the payment.
  5. The amount will be added to your account, now you can use eth amount to play.

How to play fanatsy sport on Real11?

Once you have added funds to your wallet, you can play fantasy sports or any other games with that money.

I am showing how you can play cricket fantasy on Real11.

  1. First, open the app and choose an upcoming cricket match.
  2. Now you need to build your team along with the captain and vice-captain.
  3. Choose the contest. You can choose from Practise, Paid,  & Private.
  4. Now just track your team’s performance.
  5. You will point based on your team’s performance.

You can also play other fantasy sports as well. Not only fantasy but now you can also play other games as well. You should check them out.

How to withdraw winning money from the Real11 App?

After playing some fantasy sports, you will have some winning money in your winning wallet.

Real11 minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 200. If you have Rs. 200 or more on your Real11 wallet, you withdraw the amount to your bank account.

You need to verify your account before initiating any withdrawals. For account verification, you just need to verify your Bank account details and PAN Card.

  1. Open the app and visit your profile.
  2. Tap on the Wallet.
  3. Now here you can see winning money.
  4. Tap on the Withdraw Cash button.
  5. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  6. Now tap on Withdraw Now.


What is the Real11 app?

Real11 app is a new e-Sport app. It allows users to earn cash by playing fantasy sports and games.

Is KYC verification mandatory on Real11?

KYC verification is mandatory for making withdrawals.

Why the Real11 app is not on the Play Store?

Play Store doesn’t allow cash contest apps.

How to download the Real11 APK?

For the Real 11 APK download link, just visit real11.com.

Is the Real11 app safe?

Yes, the app is safe to use.

Can I withdraw my earnings to my Paytm Wallet?

No, You can’t. But you withdraw your winning amount to your bank account.

Final Thoughts On Real11 APK

Real11 is a new fantasy app. Although the app is knowns as the Real11 fantasy sports app, now there are also many games available like Ludo, Carrom, Bubble Shooter, etc.

When we found a new app, we don’t trust it easily.

And that’s 100% correct because there is money involvement. There are some fake apps as well.

But you should trust Real11 because the app is legit. There’s not a single reason to not trust this app.

You can see Gautam Gambhir is associated with this app, that is enough to trust is app. Am I right?

There’s financial risk in this kind of game. Play fantasy at your own risk.

Do not play fantasy sports if your age is below 18.

Let me know in the comment how much you earned on Real11?

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