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11 Best Startup Ideas in India [UNDER ₹10,000]

It is rightly said that technology and startups go hand in hand. If you’re looking for the best startup ideas in India, this post will work like a CHARM for you.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not just another way of earning a livelihood but it’s more of a passion to become your boss.

Though entrepreneurship is highly rewarding it also requires a lot of patience and consistent hard work to build user trust and reputation. Here are some online resources for startups to help you during the planning phase.

Besides hard work and business skills, you should also take proactive steps to avoid major startup mistakes.

With that being said, the following are the best startup ideas in India under ₹10,000 investment.

11 Best Startup Ideas in India

Here are the best startup business ideas in India under ₹10,000 investment in 2023.

1. Government Tender

Government Tender as a startup idea

With the increasing stack of Public Sectors in India, the number of government tenders is increasing.

This is among the best startup business ideas in India, where the earning capacity is high with an initial investment of Rs. 10,000/- only. You can earn lakhs by participating in tenders that best suit you.

You just need to register a firm from GST Department and Bid tenders that matched your business interest area. Tenders of every interest are available on Government eProcurement Portal and you can apply filters to find your RIGHT tender.

Also, check respective state government tender websites and PSUs’ websites for a larger scope of participation. The best bidding strategy is to quote less price.

2. Freelancing Startup

Freelancing Startup business idea

Freelancing Startup is one of the best startup business ideas in India. In this, you have to start working as a freelancer on one of your skill sets. Get some good projects from freelancing websites and earn some amount of money that you are going to use to create a freelancing startup.

Now, you have gained some reputation and have some amount of money in your hand. Moving forward to the business idea, you have to hire some employees that have similar skill sets. These employees will work for you in getting more projects and get them completed on time.

The bid on projects and everything will be decided by you. Employees will work on projects and will get a fixed salary for completing several projects in a month.

You can also hire based on per project rate and earn commission while work is done by them.

Freelancing startup is a completely different idea and you can earn in USD by getting foreign clients. Investment in this business is less than Rs. 5,000/- until you earned from it and hire employees.

3. eCommerce SPN Services

eCommerce SPN Services as a business idea

SPN stands for Seller Partner Network, where you will become a certified seller support partner of eCommerce Brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, and more.

This required some basic knowledge of eCommerce Channels, Seller Dashboards, Advertising & Promotions, and Accounting.

Here, your job is to get eCommerce sellers from India and around the globe and manage their seller accounts from your end. In short, you have to drive sales by enhancing their visibility using simple digital marketing techniques.

The areas include Product Cataloging & Imaging, Brand listing, Advertising Optimization, Payment Reconciliation, Accounting, and complete Account Management.

Now, apply for SPN on Amazon and Flipkart to start getting projects. I recommend you start your own and build your team as you move forward.

If you are a digital person then this is my recommended idea among the best startup business ideas in India. Investment is ZERO.

4. Handicraft Business

Handicraft Business idea

Another amazing business idea is to start manufacturing handicraft products. The handicraft industry is one of the most lucrative industries in India.

The idea is to start manufacturing handicraft products by hiring housewives and craft laborers from nearby areas.

For this, you need to decide on a range of products from a whole lot of products available in the Handicraft Industry. Try to come up with a product that is unique and at the same time crafting cost is less.

Once the product is finalized, start crafting sample product/s with the help of a single craftsman. Promote the samples in a nearby market and get orders for them.

Now, start adding more craftsmen as you move forward in getting increased numbers of orders.

The investment in this business idea is less than Rs. 10,000/-.

5. Blogging

best startup ideas in India | BizApprise

Blogging is arguably one of the best startup business in India these days. The reason being it’s booming and flexible to operate from any part of the world.

All you need is a laptop with internet connectivity, and a website and you’re good to go. Here are the best web design companies to get your website ready.

Unlike other startup business ideas in India, it requires a minimum investment. You don’t need a big office rather you can do it from anywhere.

If you’re planning to start your blog, follow these 6 proven strategies to grow your blog website. You can earn revenue from blogging with advertisements, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

6. Tiffin Services

Tiffin Services as a startup idea

You must have heard about Mumbai’s Dabbawala. It’s a tiffin service to employees, shopkeepers, bachelors, and others to enjoy home-cooked meals at an affordable cost.

Tiffin service is another one of the best startup ideas in India with the potential to earn a significant profit. You can start with minimum capital at a small level and gradually expand your services.

This will be a sure super-hit startup in metro cities where the majority of people living for jobs and employment and can’t afford to pay restaurants for their daily meals.

7. Event Management Services

Event Management Services

Event management is one of the bright startup business ideas in India for young entrepreneurs.

Event managers come up with a creative team to manage everything and altogether make your events a grand success. Looking at the increasing demand for outsourcing events, event management services are one of the best startup ideas in India.

Unlike other best startups in India with low investment, the Setup cost is higher. But if you’re good at it, the mouth publicity will soon cover those costs.

This startup idea requires your creative and management skills. If you’re good at managing things, this can be a life-changing opportunity for you.

8. Online Coaching Classes

Online Coaching Classes as best startup idea in India

With the outbreak global pandemic and the changing scenario of the education world, online coaching classes are going to be a big hit.

This is the right time to jump in if you are a teacher and have the required expertise to impart education in your field.

It’s one of the best startup ideas in India since it takes a very minimal amount of investment (less than ₹10,000/-) with a great success rate.

Here I recommend you create an online course and upload it on your website. You just need a Learning Management System Plugin and an Indian payment gateway integration to start selling courses and generating revenue.

9. YouTube

YouTube as a business idea

This is one of the best startup ideas in India because Indians are addicted to watching videos on YouTube.

Yeah! YouTube is one of the platforms by Google that let you not only be a celebrity in no time but open a handsome regular earning source.

You need to be yourself and create videos that rank on YouTube by performing or presenting your best interest to the audience. Also, the chances for success are even higher if you come up with unique content.

The main source of YouTubers is Ads and Sponsored Reviews of Products related to your niche. This is one of the best startup ideas in India because Indians are addicted to watching videos on YouTube.

10. Social Media Influencers

become social media influencers

Social Media Influencer is another trend that will be in trend till social media websites are there.

You can start social media blogging by creating a page where you create content and promote companies from various niches such as Food, Fashion, Travel, and others.

The recommended platform is Instagram and Facebook for social media blogging. Here’s how you can earn revenue as a social media influencer.

This is one of the best startups in India with low investment since all you require is a social media account and a smartphone to start this business.

11. Bonus: Thadi (Tea Stall) Startup

Thadi tea stall business idea

This startup idea is for those who can invest money of more than 1 lakh.

As the number of Tea Lovers and Tobacco consumption increases, opening thadi in your local area is one of the best startup ideas in India.

The idea is to open numbers of thadi and assign a person who is responsible for managing that particular thadi on a salary based. Like this assign as many possible thadi’s in the most feasible places of your city.

You are required to manage these thadi’s and your income will be the combined profit earned from all thadis.

Sum Up on Best Business Startup Ideas in India

Establishing our own business with an innovative idea is not an easy task to do. It’ll not only take your energy, money, and mind but you need to play a little smarter as well.

To be a successful entrepreneur and an inspiration for others, one must go through the above classic ideas to launch a startup in India.

We hope that you’ve found this article worth reading and hence we welcome your reviews and suggestions in the comment box. You may also add if we miss anything.

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