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3 Secret Techniques on How to Get Startup Ideas in 2023

In this post, I will reveal the 3 secret techniques for the best startup ideas that you can use and build your profitable business. So read this article on how to get startup ideas.

If you are a person who does not want to work under someone who wants to be your boss. Then, you surely thought of having your own business or let’s say startup.

But for a startup, you firmly need an idea upon which you can develop your brand. But the foremost question that arises is how can you find ideas for your startups.

Therefore to solve this question I provide you the 3 secret techniques for how to get startup ideas.

Techniques on How to Get Startup Ideas

Here are the 3 secret techniques that will help you to get a startup idea that will clear the first step to build a startup.

Technique 1 – Find what saves people’s time

This is the secret technique number one — where you have to carefully observe things around yourself. But how should you do it?

Suppose, you travel from your home to your school/college/office by car, auto, bus, or train. On your way, if you look carefully, you will find everyone is busy.

No matter how old a person is or what job he/she does – everyone is so damn busy with their lives. People are racing against time. They have to reach by a 9’o clock or submit an assignment by a 4’o clock, today no one got a minute.

For instance, people pay an extra 100 bucks to get home delivery – or take a cab instead of waiting for a bus. Do you know why? Because it saves time. That’s how people pay extra money for things that save them time.

Time is the most valuable thing people have, so they do pay for everything just to save or get some more time.

If you are desperately looking for a startup idea, you have to start finding something through which you can save precious time. Therefore, you should start observing and thinking about a product or a service that solves the time issues.

Technique 2 – Focus on solving common problems first, technologies later

This is the secret technique number two – where you have to focus on solving problems first, and technologies later. Today a lot of people are so obsessed with technology – that they fail to provide desired solutions.

People get super motivated by watching “Silicon Valley” that they create tech products without analyzing the market.

You should focus on things that solve common problems people are facing in their lives. If you need an idea for your startup, you have to begin with market research. It will help you to understand the common issues people around you are dealing with.

If you have to succeed you need to know the market trends, market problems, etc. In short, you have to learn about different problems and think about how you can deliver your product.

There your job is to bridge the gap between the two sides.  One where people are stuck right now and the one where they will reach through your help.

Technique 3 – Focus on adding convenience and speed

This is the secret technique number three – where you have to focus on delivering convenience and speed to people.

When you are searching for startup ideas, you need to think of something which will provide convenience and speed to people. For instance, the launch of e-wallet facilities like Paytm and payment gateways helps in making online transactions easier.

With the launch of such other fund transfer facilities, it adds convenience and speed to our lives. Today we prefer payments through credit/debit cards, why? again, because it adds convenience and speed to our lives.

Earlier also we were not having any major transaction issues – like we don’t have a transfer facility at all. But with the commencement of these facilities, things became more convenient for all of us.

Therefore when you are searching the startup ideas, keep these techniques in mind, and apply them wisely.

Now, these are 3 secret techniques on how to get startup ideas. We hope you find your startup ideas with these techniques.

Aditya Goyal
Aditya Goyal

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