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The 20 Best Bloggers in India with 1M+ Earnings

Is Orange the new black? Well, I believe blogging is the new black. We have moved into such digital times that blogging is everywhere you can read. It is so widespread and holds so much importance as a large number of people are making their living out of this profession, and earning as good as seven-figure incomes.

So, today we discuss the top Indian Bloggers. We have curated a list of some 20 best bloggers in India across different domains who have made a huge success in the blogging industry.

These bloggers cover a wide range of topics, including technology, business, lifestyle, and more. If you’re looking for information on the latest trends and happenings in India, these bloggers are a great place to start.

If you’re looking to enter this profession, bloggers like Harsh Agarwal and Arun Prabhudesai have started sharing how to start, where to begin, how to achieve high in this profession, and a lot of other details to help you achieve this position.

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20 Best Bloggers in India

The 20 best bloggers of India which have been listed for your quick reference are names of the top bloggers in India.

In this post, we are providing you with these details for each blogger.

  1. When they started what are their blogs?
  2. What do they blog about?
  3. Where they are today? (Success Stories)
  4. How they are earning?

1. Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal - Best Bloggers in India | BizApprise

Blog Name: Labnol
Blogging Started: 2004
Blog Niche: Tech
Topics Covered: Tech Guides and How-to Guide
Domain Rank (DR): 87/100

Amit, who has a degree in computer science, worked for several reputable multinational corporations before starting his blog. He left his lucrative position as a reputable software developer at Goldman Sachs to embark on this journey, which has made him the country’s first professional blogger.

He is from New Delhi and has done admirably well in his chosen field with his site, where he teaches digital themes and provides inspiration to his expanding audience of devoted and ardent readers who are constantly seeking the most recent topics in the digital world.

His monthly income is generated via a variety of blogging-related sources which include: Paid Advertisements, Adsense, and Affiliate Marketing. The majority of his income he drives through Adsense (almost 75%).

Other than blog, he developed Google add-ons like Mail Merge for Gmail and Document Studio, which are used by more than 1 Million+ users.

2. Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma - Best Bloggers in India | BizApprise

Blog Name: YourStory
Blogging Started: 2010
Blog Niche: Entrepreneurship and Startups
Topics Covered: Brand Stories, Success Stories, Funding News, and Research
Domain Rank (DR): 86/100

One of the famous bloggers in India Shradha has made a respectable living for herself with her blog throughout the years.

After earning degrees in history, she worked as a brand adviser for one of India’s largest magazines, Times of India, and as the assistant vice president of one of the nation’s largest TV stations, CNBC TV18.

Her blog is regarded as the most outspoken and influential forum for budding companies in the nation, and her followers look to it for insightful advice on how to launch their businesses successfully.

She has expanded the scope of the blog by emphasizing leadership and entrepreneurship and sharing the triumphs of great entrepreneurs as her small means of inspiring other people to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

3. Abhijeet Mukherjee

Abhijeet Mukherjee - Best Bloggers in India | BizApprise

Blog Name: GuidingTech
Blogging Started: 2008
Blog Niche: Gadgets and Gaming
Topics Covered: Gaming, Gadgets, Windows, Mac, and Technology.
Domain Rank (DR): 85/100

After earning his degree from Delhi University, Abhijeet spent more than nine years working as a publisher before beginning his blog. His journey to become a blogger is rather different; it all began when he read the word “Blog” in a newspaper.

He began exploring blogging since he was curious about it. Later on, he began to publish his blogs, and today he runs his website, GuidingTech. On his YouTube channel, he offers advice on how to handle equipment and devices like a pro.

The advantage of reading his blogs is that readers can learn everything there is to know about technology. His blogs contain information on technology, video games, the Internet, science, and gadgets, and are among the top Indian blogs.

4. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal - Best Blogger in India | BizApprise

Blog Name: ShoutMeLoud
Blogging Started: 2008
Blog Niche: Blogging
Topics Covered: WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Make Money
Domain Rank (DR): 78/100

Harsh writes a blog about a variety of blogging-related issues, including how to create a blog, how to monetize it, and earn a respectable livelihood from it.

His specialties include SEO, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Other areas of interest include Webhosting, Life Hacks, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and other internet marketing.

With his blog, he sought to help aspiring entrepreneurs generate passive income without being overly bound to the usual 9 to 5 jobs. Among the top-rated Indian Bloggers, he was  presented with the “Best Blog/Blogger Award” on June 24, 2018, in honor of his accomplishments and “for extraordinary excellence in the world of blogging.”

Recently, Harsh launched “ShoutUniversity” where he shares his experience through Video Courses and Handbooks.

5. Raju PP

Raju PP - Top Indian Bloggers | BizApprise

Blog Name: TechPP
Blogging Started: 2008
Blog Niche: Gadgets and Tech
Topics Covered: Review, Launches, Productivity, How To Guide, News, Troubleshooting, and more.
Domain Rank (DR): 78/100

Raju PP is an electronics and communications engineering graduate. His blog was launched in 2008, and he is from Bangalore. “Technology Personalized” offers advice on how to make technology more personal, as the name suggests.

On his site, he enjoys writing on various technology-related topics, including iPhone, and Android, reviews, tutorials, updates, tips, and tricks for the most recent technological advancements.

It offers advice on how to make technology more user-friendly as well as the most recent technological developments.

He has received a lot of respect, including from publications like Exhibit Magazine and the Economic Times, which ranked him among the 151 Top Tech Indians and listed him among the top web entrepreneurs in India.

Raju has a workforce that constantly works on the creation and study of new technologies, and they also focus on including the most varied and interesting content and help him stand amongst the top Indian bloggers.

6. Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani - Top Indian Bloggers | BizApprise

Blog Name: PhoneRadar
Blogging Started: 2007
Blog Niche: Tech
Topics Covered: How-to, Tips & Tricks, Reviews, and News
Domain Rank (DR): 72/100

This tech blogger started blogging in 2007 and has a business that engages in Tech and Gadgets. Gadget Freak Amit loves writing on evaluations of gadgets like smartphones, the most recent phone updates, current tech news, etc.

Amit also runs his site, where he frequently posts intriguing content. His area of writing and video production is on Tech Solutions, Gadgets Reviews & Unboxing, and Tips & Tricks.

The benefit of reading his blogs is that you can read great content on day-to-day tech issues that you face. Additionally, you can learn about his Internet and technological experiences.

His blog is among the top Indian blogs and is incredibly inspiring and beneficial, especially for new readers.

7. Varun Krishna

Varun Krishna - Top Indian Bloggers | BizApprise

Blog Name: Fonearena
Blogging Started: 2005
Blog Niche: Gadgets
Topics Covered: New Launches, Unboxing, Specifications, Reviews, and Best Products
Domain Rank (DR): 70/100

Varun has established a name for himself in the blogging community with his outstanding and objective analyses and evaluations that his readers find educational. His blog is devoted to technology news, mobile phones, phone reviews, and whatever else.

If you are seeking an in-depth evaluation of any phone or other related technology news, you can gain insight into the admirable efforts of this committed blogger.

This site is perhaps the top blog in India for tech lovers and mobile users where you can obtain current and thorough evaluations of various mobile device types as well as the list of best mobile phones under different price ranges and specifications.

8. Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin - Top Indian Blogger | BizApprise

Blog Name: All Tech Buzz
Blogging Started: 2011
Blog Niche: Gadgets and Updates
Topics Covered: Current Technology Updates, Phone Reviews, Gadgets Reviews, Blogging, SEO, News, and more.
Domain Rank (DR): 66/100

​​Imran Uddin began his career as a blogger and, by the age of 19, was recognized as one of India’s top bloggers. Imran began writing while he was in his second year of college because he was passionate about it. He began writing about hacking, programming, and web development. Later, he broadened his focus and began writing about online earning potential, blogging advice, etc.

He quickly learned the skill of optimizing social media for business growth, positioning blogs at the top of search engine results, and other internet marketing techniques. Imran developed a significant social media following, which increased traffic to his blogs. Then he founded All Tech Media Pvt. Ltd., a digital marketing business where he now provides services to businesses wishing to expand online.

Since Imran writes about all the latest technology news in his blogs, he is a favorite among many readers. The best resource for learning about phones, accessories, technology, new launches in India, etc. is his page.

9. Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai - Top Indian Bloggers | BizApprise

Blog Name: Trak
Blogging Started: 2007
Blog Niche: News
Topics Covered: Business and Tech News
Domain Rank (DR): 64/100

Arun has impressed his readers as a dedicated blogger with his amazing writing abilities and a steady stream of useful information in the field of the Internet, Technology, Mobile, and Telecom.

He decided to focus on technology-related issues given that he is an IT expert and Internet nerd who has been making a living from his IT knowledge since 1996.

He accepted a position as manager of an Internet services company before starting his blog, where he had the honor of founding the first private Service Company in the nation.

A few years later, he left the business. He was exposed to the most recent tools and technologies as part of his work description, which he later found handy as a tech blogger. He stood out from other bloggers in the same niche. Thanks to his experience in the IT industry before earning a spot among the top bloggers in India.

10. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal - Top Indian Bloggers | BizApprise

Blog Name: MissMalini
Blogging Started: 2008
Blog Niche: Bollywood, Fashion, and Lifestyle
Topics Covered: Bollywood News & Reviews, Celebrities’ Beauty Tips, and Fashion Advice.
Domain Rank (DR): 63/100

Malini is one of the few women who dared to oppose the dominance of men in the blogging industry, and she has accomplished enough to merit inclusion among the top Indian bloggers.

She is a fellow female blogger who has continuously used her blog to share her interest. The best female blogger in the nation, according to many. With millions of page views per month, the blog boasts one of India’s largest readerships. The main focus of Malini Agarwal’s blog is Bollywood, the nation’s film industry.

Malini began blogging in 2008 as a pastime while working as a DJ for the local radio station Channel V. As her readership skyrocketed, she eventually quit her job and concentrated on her writing career. She has relied on her enormous following as one of the most well-known celebrities and Bollywood bloggers to produce informative entries on travel, fashion, and lifestyle as one of many initiatives to increase both her following and her blog.

11. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi - Top Blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: Archana’s Kitchen
Blogging Started: 2007
Blog Niche: Food
Topics Covered: Healthy Diet Plans, Recipes, Lunchbox Ideas, and more.
Domain Rank (DR): 62/100

Archana had a passion for cooking and eating at a very young age. She hasn’t turned back since she put on an apron and started cooking alongside her mum.

As a full-time chef and food blogger, Archana left her job as a software engineer to share easy, delicious culinary recipes with the entire world.

You will find everyday cooking tips, diabetic-friendly recipes, and suggestions for healthy eating on the page. Her primary goal in creating this website was to inspire visitors to start preparing, enjoying, and cooking healthy meals for themselves.

Archana presents simple diet plans, supper ideas, lunch box ideas, and original recipes to make cooking joyful and straightforward. She began the website in 2007, and within a few years, it rose to the list of top Indian blogs.

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12. Faisal Farooqui

Faisal Farooqui - Top Indian Bloggers | BizApprise

Blog Name: MouthShut
Blogging Started: 2000
Blog Niche: Review – Consumer Research
Topics Covered: Top Brands, Web Services, Product & Service Review,
Domain Rank (DR): 59/100

Faisal’s blog is a top Indian blog that also serves as a research tool and has progressively established itself in the market. In acknowledgment of the impact, his blog has played in consumer product reviews and his commitment to the need for Indians to have an objective analysis of any product they want to consume.

Entrepreneur Magazine named him one of the Top Business People in India in 2012 for addressing the need for Indian consumers to have an unbiased appraisal of items. He was also mentioned in the list of businessmen who made history. The inaugural Best Portal Award 2009 of the India Digital Media Awards was justifiably won by mouthshut.com three years prior.

Paid advertising, premium membership, Adsense, and affiliate marketing are some of his sources of income.

13. Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha - Top Indian Bloggers | BizApprise

Blog Name: NextBigWhat (Earlier – Plugged. in)
Blogging Started: 2009
Blog Niche: News and Startup
Topics Covered: News, Informative Blogs, Product Management, and Tech
Domain Rank (DR): 57/100

Another well-known figure in the list of the best Indian bloggers is Ashish Sinha. After working for prominent worldwide companies like IBM and Yahoo, Ashish created a blog in 2009. He relied on his extensive corporate experience to start a blog that will be well-liked by his intended audience.

A few years later, to gather momentum as fast as possible, he relaunched the site and emphasized certain trending subjects including start-ups, technology, and entrepreneurship.

The blog serves as a resource for market research, product roadmaps, business analysis, product management, and product marketing. Today, the once-employed man uses affiliate marketing to generate a monthly income of $18,000 from his site.

14. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath - best blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: The Shooting Star
Blogging Started: 2008
Blog Niche: Travel
Topics Covered: Travel Stories, Tips, Destinations, Climate, Sustainable Tourism, and more.
Domain Rank (DR): 53/100

Shivya Nath quit her secure employment to follow her passion, which she later developed into a successful career. Travel blogger Shivya spends all of the money she earns from blogging on travel.

She is a skilled storyteller, independent contractor, and social media entrepreneur in addition to being a travel blogger. She embodies ethical tourism, and it is her goal to establish as many connections as she can with the community. Additionally, she explains how long-term travel, although unusual, can be a feasible and rewarding way of life.

Shivya has also written a book titled “The Shooting Star,” which was well-received by readers and won the best national seller award. At the TBC Asia Awards, this top blogger from India also won silver for her best travel writing. Additionally, she received the 2015 Vogue India Award for Best Indian Travel Blogger.

15. Anjali Shah

Anjali Shah - best blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: Picky Eater Blog
Blogging Started: 2010
Blog Niche: Food
Topics Covered: Healthy & Delicious Recipes, Healthy Living, and Eating Guides.
Domain Rank (DR): 53/100

Anjali started her blog in 2010. Other than blogging, she is a Certified Health Coach and Author. She acknowledges that she had never cooked before getting married, learned to cook on her own, and was able to successfully change her husband’s eating habits from a junk food lover to her healthy, yet flavorful recipes made with simple, wholesome ingredients.

She did this to demonstrate that nourishing food could be delicious and desirable. Anjali attributes the creation of her simple-to-follow, delectable, and entertaining recipes to her “picky” penchant for eating healthy foods and junk food in moderation.

Oprah.com, Women’s Health, Cooking Light, Reader’s Digest, CNN, Food Network, Glamour, and Ladies’ Home are the featured work of Anjali who is among the best bloggers in India.

16. Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal - best blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: Bloggers Passion
Blogging Started: 2010
Blog Niche: Blogging and Make Money
Topics Covered: Marketing Strategies, Case Studies, Money Making, Business Growth, Learn SEO, and more.
Domain Rank (DR): 48/100

Anil is a Gurugram-based professional blogger. You might learn a lot about blogging and how to earn money from it on his blog. He is one of the most popular bloggers in India since his advice and information are well-liked and helpful to readers. He offers tested methods and advice for making money online as a blogger.

His blogs have also been highlighted in publications including Forbes, HuffPost, SEMrush, WPX, CrazyEgg, and JeffBullas.

Since he began writing in 2010, it has been an important part of his life. For more than 12 years, Anil Agarwal has been educating his online audiences with blogging advice and affiliate marketing tactics.

The success story of this prolific blogger is incredible, whether it be through paid step-by-step tutorials to make real money with blogging or free training on affiliate marketing and SEO for newbies.

17. Nirav Sanghavi

Nirav Sanghavi - best blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: BlogAdda
Blogging Started: 2007
Blog Niche: All-in-One
Topics Covered: Fashion, Food, Beauty, Technology, Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness, and more.
Domain Rank (DR): 47/100

Nirav Sanghavi is a blogger from Mumbai who is writing content on almost all niches. He is specialized in Blogging, SEO, SMM, Web Accessibility, Brand Identity, and Brand Consulting.

BlogAdda also allows bloggers to connect with other bloggers, which helps them to learn something new, engage with the audience, and eventually earn more money.

Nirav makes money from a variety of sources, including affiliate marketing, Adsense, sponsored advertisements, product/website reviews, and paid advertisements.

18. Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale - best blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: MoneyConnexion
Blogging Started: 2012
Blog Niche: Money Making
Topics Covered: New Launches, Unboxing, Specifications, Reviews, and Best Products
Domain Rank (DR): 46/100

Pritam Nagrale originally learned about blogging in 2008, and he launched his first blog in 2009. It was a blog about technology. He operated it for six months before closing it since he couldn’t continue blogging on the subject because he detested technology. He afterward began a blog on his area of interest. Then, after two years, he began making five figures from his blog. He also teaches digital marketing at DMatic Digital Institution.

By saying that if he can attain this level of accomplishment, anyone can if they work hard and consistently, he inspires the younger generation. He thinks that the digital revolution, which has limitless potential, will be the next great revolution as he stands among the best bloggers in India.

19. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal - best blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: Inditales
Blogging Started: 2004
Blog Niche: Travel
Topics Covered: Domestic and International Travel Destinations, History & Culture, Must-Travel Places
Domain Rank (DR): 42/100

Anuradha Goyal began blogging in 2004 by sharing her personal travel experiences with a couple of other travelers, and over time she attracted a loyal following throughout all of India.

Anuradha has visited 15 nations on four different continents since starting her blog and has spoken about her experiences in those. This professional travel blogger truly deserves a spot among the top bloggers in India.

The Mouse Charmers, her debut book, was released in 2014. Her flexibility as a blogger and writer is demonstrated by the fact that this book went on to become a national bestseller.

She was one of the winners in 2015 in an annual contest run by The Culture Trip. She received the “India Local Favourite Award – 2015” in honor of her contribution to discovering India and promoting travel options there through her blog.

Her website, IndiTales, is an award-winning travel blog that has served as an example for many aspiring bloggers and avid travelers by sharing their experiences at museums and jungle excursions.

20. Pardeep Goyal

Pardeep Goyal - best blogger of India | BizApprise

Blog Name: Cash Overflow
Blogging Started: 2013
Blog Niche: Money Market and Finance
Topics Covered: Stock Market, Stock Learning, Investment, Insurance, Listicles, and more.
Domain Rank (DR): 39/100

A multi-talented individual who is into finance, content marketing, and consultancy. Well, let’s get to know more about this multi-faceted man who is among the top bloggers in India.

He knew that finance is not easy and interesting for everyone and just because he is good at it does not mean he can make it look easy for other people. He had left his job and started working passively on his blog, he also joined content marketing during this time at some company.

However, eventually, things worked out for him and he ran his blog successfully and started full-time earning with the same. He also won the Best Personal Finance Blog Title in 2017.

Final Thoughts on Best Bloggers in India

This has been quite a journey getting to know these prominent men and women who are among the top Indian bloggers.

The list will be variable depending upon how new talent makes their way in the same field, they might supersede the previous generations in the form of creativity, presentation, or data curation.

They might also ace the lists more efficiently or make higher incomes in lesser times, well who knows how time changes!

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