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15 Best Food Bloggers in India that You Must Know in 2023

Are you looking for the best food bloggers in India? Then this post is right for you. Here in this post, we have curated the list of top food bloggers in India that can make you go drool over and start following right now in 2023.

With the increasing trend in the food industry, more and more numbers of retail food chains are creating a presence in Indian Market.

India stands to be the World’s 6th largest food market as top food bloggers in India are contributing on a large scale.

In this post, I am going to take you to the best food bloggers on Instagram that are shaping the Indian Food Industry.

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Top 10 Food Bloggers in India To Follow in 2023

NameBlog NameFollowers
Suvir Saran@suvirsaran1.6M
Shivesh Bhatia@shivesh171M
Ronak Rajani@MumbaiFoodie650K
Harpal Singh Sokhi@chefharpalsokhi524K
Deeba Rajpal@passionateaboutbaking520K
Hina Gujral@funfoodandfrolic419K
Richa Hingle@VeganRicha357K
Uma Raghuraman@masterchefmom349K
Anubhav Sapra@delhifoodwalks183K
Asha Shiv@foodfashionparty151K

Best Food Bloggers in India

Here is the list of 15 top food bloggers in India on Instagram ranked based on the number of followers. These are the individual bloggers who create their own innovative recipe and people loves their food.

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1. Suvir Saran (@suvirsaran)

Blog By: Suvir Saran

Niche: Cookbook Author

Suvir is a well-known author in the food industry and I recommend you to read his book for the traditional flavors in your food.

2. Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17)

Blog By: Shivesh Bhatia

Niche: Baked Food

Shivesh is the best in the baking niche and you can follow him on Instagram and follow his website for Cakes & Brownies, Cookies, and Tarts, Pies, & Bars. He scores the #1 position in this list of best food bloggers in India.

3. Ronak Rajani (@mumbaifoodie)

Blog By: Ronak Rajani

Niche: Food Blog in Mumbai

He writes blog-related best places to eat out and ideas on taste enhancement. If you are from Mumbai or in Mumbai, you should definitely follow him. It has slowly moved into providing its own food and beverage recipes as well. This page is number #2 position in this list of top food bloggers in India.

4. Harpal Singh Sokhi (@chefharpalsokhi)

Blog By: Harpal Singh Sokhi

Niche: Veg and Non-Veg Food & Beverages

Harpal is for all-rounders who can follow him for some great beverages, non-veg recipes, Healthy food recipes, and baked foods. What makes it one of the best food bloggers in India is that it provides Punjabi Tadka in its recipes.

5. Deeba Rajpal (@passionateaboutbaking)

Blog By: Deeba Rajpal

Niche: Baking and Food Stylist

One of my favorite food bloggers in India that are best in Baked Food. If you are a chocolate lover then it is a must to follow her. Also, if you want to learn food decoration, she is the best.

6. Hina Gujral (@funfoodandfrolic)

Blog By: Hina Gujral

Niche: All-Season Food

Hina is great in her food recipes and is best suitable for the audience who wants to try dishes in a different way. Most of the food made by her will be less spicy and healthy.

7. Richa Hingle (@veganricha)

Blog By: Richa Hingle

Niche: Veg Food

Richa is the best who is looking for an All-in-one veg blogger. From baking to healthy food to fast food, you can find a number of mouth-watering dishes in her blog. You can definitely start following her cause the dishes are really amazing which makes her number 3 on this list of best food bloggers in India.

8. Uma Raghuraman (@masterchefmom)

Blog By: Uma Raghuraman

Niche: South Indian Food

Her blog @masterchefmom is for those who are interested in South Indian Food. She is best known for “Rasam” and I suggest you try her Rasam Recipe for once. You can also try her cheese recipes.

9. Anubhav Sapra (@delhifoodwalks)

Blog By: Anubhav Sapra

Niche: North Indian Food

His blog @delhifoodwalks is self-explanatory, a blog that started with the street of Delhi and soon move to other parts of the country. Moreover, he provides weekly food exploration videos on his YouTube channel. You can follow to experience amazing street food from the streets of Kashmir to Kanyakumari aka the whole of India.

10. Asha Shiv (@foodfashionparty)

Blog By: Asha Shiv

Niche: New Dishes

Asha is for one who wants to try something new. She is creative & great at spices and I am sure you will love her recipes.

11. Neha Mathur (@whiskaffair)

Blog By: Neha Mathur

Niche: All

Neha Mathur is blogging for the last 7 years and has created a good presence in this industry. She is good at everything and I like the way she presents the food.

12. Karthik Gandhi (@gastrohogger)

Blog by: Karthik Gandhi

Niche: Mughal Food

He belongs from the city of Nizam and Nawab, not to think much, it’s none other than Hyderabad, India. His crazy love for Biryani made him a real foodie and motivated him to start his own food blog and share the amazing street food and figerlickin’ Mughal food from the streets of Hyderabad. You can follow him as well if you are really a Biryani lover.

13. Nandita / Everyday Superfoods (@saffrontrail)

Blog By: Nandita

Niche: Healthy Vegetarian

Another healthy food blogger in India is best known for her salad dishes and healthy baking. She is the author of “The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian: Delicious Meals from the Indian Kitchen”, a must-read book.

14. Natasha Hamo (@organicandhappy)

Blog By: Natasha Hamo

Niche: Healthy-Organic Food

If you are looking for an organic food blogger, then Natasha is here for you. She is Indian and lives in California and you will get unlimited healthy organic dishes on her blog.


15. Sailu | Indian Food (@sailusfood)

Blog By: Sailaja Gudivada

Niche: South Indian Food

Women from Vizag are worthy of trying South Indian dishes preferably Dosa and South Indian Meal. She is an organic gardener and promotes organic food.

I hope you’d find this curated list of top food bloggers in India helpful.

If you’ve suggestions regarding the best food bloggers in India, kindly share them with us in the comments section.

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