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6 Steps for CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress

Looking for Integrating CCAvenue with WordPress? Here is a complete guide to CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress.

CCAvenue is a known Payment Service Provider among the best Payment Gateways. It is a payment gateway provider that helps merchants who have taken their business online, to receive payments from the customers in a seamless manner.

With more than 200 payment options, CCAvenue accepts 27 International currencies and 6 major credit cards. Its multilingual checkout pages are an additional benefit for Indian merchants.

The Social Network In-Stream Payments System allows the merchants to receive payments via their social media handles. Among its other key features, CCAvenue F.R.I.S.K (Fraud & Risk Identification System & Knowledgebase) is the most important one.

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As we all can see that CCAvenue is an efficient payment gateway, integrating it into one’s site can certainly elevate the customer experience. You can read this to CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in PHP.

Follow the steps given below, for a step-by-step guide on how to integrate this plugin into your site.

Step-by-step guide to CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress

Before I take you to steps on payment gateway integration, let’s see how you can install the CCAvenue Payment Gateway plugin.

  • Automatic Plugin Installation – These plugins are the easiest to install. Find the plugin that you want to integrate on the WordPress Plugins directory and install it via the built-in plugin installer.
  • Upload via WordPress Admin – Once you have created your site with the help of WordPress, you can upload a zip archive of the plugin that you want to integrate from your computer.
  • Manual Plugin Installation – You may need to manually upload a plugin directly using an SFTP client. SFTP client is a software that uses SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) for transferring files securely to and from a remote computing device.

Follow the below steps to get CCAvenue Installed on your WordPress website. CCavenue Payment gateway integration in WordPress is an easy task and these 6 steps will complete this task for you.

Step 1: Check Account Status

Before starting with the installation process, make sure that your CCAvenue account is activated. You can check the status of your application process from the dashboard of your CCAvenue login.

Step 2: Installing and activating the plugin

Once you have confirmed that CCAvenue is now active for your account, go to the WordPress Dashboard and install and activate CCAvenue Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.

Step 3: Enabling the plugin in Settings

Next, go to WooCommerce Settings. There you will find the Payment Gateways tab. Click on it and enable the CCAvenue option.

Step 4: Visit the WooCommerce Settings page

After these steps, visit the WooCommerce Settings page and click on the tab that says ‘Payment Gateways’.

Step 5: Managing further Settings

Click on CCAvenue and manage the settings of your choice. In case you don’t see CCAvenue in the list at the top of the screen then, check if you have activated the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Manager.

Step 6: Enabling the Payment Method

Enable the Payment Method and name it Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Internet Banking. This information will show up on your customer’s payment page. Add in the merchant id and key that you had received from CCAvenue Dashboard and select the redirect URL and finally, click Save.

You are done with CCAvenue payment gateway integration in WordPress. Start using this payment gateway to accept payments and enable cart in your website pages.

If you face any issue in any of the steps, please comment below and I will be happy to help you in providing a solution to you.

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