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Instagram Targeting: How to Increase Targeted Audience

While dealing on a platform like Instagram which is forever prone to greater competition and is evolving every second, one ought to be up in the market to continue to be the best or even to start a new business on Instagram. To do so, it requires Instagram Targeting strategies so that you can target the right audience for your business.

What is the definition of best really? What is being up-market when we don’t understand the market in-depth?

Hence, to start from the start you must know that being popular means loved by your engaging audience. So, don’t you think beginning the business itself requires expanding the target audience? Moreover, knowing the target audience in the first place.

Here, let us see how we can identify and locate our target audience and give a new definition to our business altogether.

Instagram Targeting steps to reach your Target Audience

Here is the process that you need to follow so that you can do better Instagram Targeting for your brand and eventually your account will start discovering on Instagram.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Product

The first and crucial step is to comprehend the capabilities of your product.

Before others, look and judge your product, you need to have a thorough evaluation of what your product does and how is it better?

You need to answer the questions you find your customers might think of and, before you even dream of this happening, you improvise your product.

When your product is free of faults, automatically the audience will be drawn towards buying it and it will lead to the chain-effect of buying and selling leading to a huge success.

Do not forget that there are over 25 million business profiles on Instagram according to recent research. Moreover, over 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day. So, before even thinking of making a product public without a check, let this statistic cross your mind and you undo your thoughts.

There are ample options for buyers but with that comes a decent amount of burden to you hence, when you fail to deliver something up to the mark, it is only you who is going to suffer.

Concluding with a bit of advice, don’t forget to ask yourself before putting your product before the market, what it does, why you made it and how is it different from the fellow competitors?

Step 2: Keep a check everywhere

This step is necessary as you are not spying around on other competitors’ products and progress but you are going through a process of making your service or product conducive to the customers you have.

Keep a check on similar profiles on Instagram. When you are two steps ahead in the league, it will attract the audience without many efforts then.

To grow your target audience through Instagram targeting, you have to get into specifications. Look out for petty details that someone might miss out generally. This will give you an edge over the others and ultimately widen your reach.

For example, You have created a campaign for your product on Instagram but how you are going to make it worth the pains you took in order to build it, will ultimately decide who wins and losses.

Therefore, determine the way your competitor might do the same, analyze it and come up with a more refined version of their proposal.

Step 3: Don’t forget the existing followers

The increasing audience, finding ways to increase Instagram followers and identifying them to be perfect for your product does not mean that you have to forget about the existing ones.

Everyone usually takes the current audience as granted which can cost them quite a lot in the long run.

Remember, at the end of the day every brand or business requires consistency for it to run. So, it can happen only if you keep a hold of your existing audience while making your upcoming products improved enough to get a better response in the coming times.

As per an analysis was done by sprout social, this is the graph of audience engagement by day according to the number of likes, comments and media sent on Instagram.

Instagram Targeting | BizApprise
Source: SproutSocial

The statistics showing this audience engagement tell us how our existing audience is important for our business to grow bigger. It tells us that their opinion matters even more than the new ones we are trying to fetch because after all, they liked us since the time it was nothing.

Step 4: Make a choice in Demographic Instagram Targeting

You might be wondering why we need to look at demographic factors for a social media platform, if you are then well, you are not alone because most of the brands ignore these factors at their own peril.

The factors include:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Income level
  • Gender

Why are these factors important? It’s because they help us know our audience better. Whenever you are searching for your audience, the first few things to strike your mind must be who are you selling the product online that is, the audience targeted by it and secondly, will they be able to afford it?

If you do not know the background of your existing audience who are buying the product then how can you expect a completely new crowd, unaware of what you are going to offer will buy it?

According to the reports, in general, these are the demographic numbers on Instagram. They help a lot in comprehending what to post and what response you will receive. Therefore, you cannot ignore them completely.

Instagram Targeting | BizApprise
Source: SproutSocial

Picture credits: sprout social

Thus, make your product by keeping these factors in mind because these are the ones which got you your audience and customers in the first place. It won’t be incorrect to say that it might work again to fetch new people as well.

Step 5: Consider Psycho-graphic Instagram Targeting

Now you know the audience that’s going to buy the product so the question arises that what is going on in their minds while choosing a product?

If you don’t know what’s happening on the other side of the table, how will you make your next move?

Henceforth, consider the following factors:

  • Attitude
  • Lifestyle
  • Interests
  • Opinions

Customize products according to what your audience will buy. When have done some groundwork into knowing your audience better, it will surely aid you to serve them better. In fact, they will be happier to see the things they imagined to be true in the market and ready to buy before even putting forth their requests for it.

This will truly satisfy them and make them happy.

Step 6: Analyze your growth

In the race of being the best, selling the best and retaining that best, the only thing you can now lack and be just one step behind to get your audience is ‘introspection’.

In our opinion, it is underrated. It is ignored every time. Why? Maybe because the businesses are overconfident enough to be wrong or under-confident enough to be scared.

Whatever the reason may be, the solution is an analysis of your business model because even if you think it’s the best, it won’t continue to be unless you keep on checking it and keep it up to date. If you think it’s outcomes might be difficult to rectify then you are not helping the brand to grow also.

The hindrances coming in between right now will save the greater downfalls later. Therefore, keep a daily analysis of your model answer the queries you think your customer or to be- customers might have and modify it as soon as possible.

Lastly, around 60% of users discover products on Instagram and 75% of them actually take an action towards it thus, take advantage of the fact and use it to get your business to such heights where it was never before.

What products to sell?

This question is highly generic. People are curious to know what other people will like and want to modify their thoughts into it accordingly. However, contrary to that we suggest go with what you want to showcase.

Nothing can be more loved or accepted on social media than authenticity, passion, and uniqueness. We can suggest to go for home décor items or try out furniture marketing like @IKEA but that would be another similar item entering the market.

It will not appeal to people if it does not reflect your inputs and ideas embedded in it as they scroll through it. You want them to stop scrolling and immediate tapping on it after they see it, not start scrolling afterward.

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End Words

Keep going and more than the destination, you will adore the journey it took you on. It will always be a learning process each day, each minute.

Just confide in what you want to offer and trust in it. Others will only get convinced by it if you do.

Use your own product, what better example than yourself can you put in front of them to make them believe in you?

Anyway, it is all about locating, searching and discovering new limits when it comes to business and you can do this with Instagram Targeting.

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