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Top 5 Mistakes of Instagram Branding To Avoid

All of us ponder every now and then about what will make our Instagram account more popular.

Or, have we ever not told ourselves “Oh! This looks lovely. Let’s put it on Instagram.”?

However, wait for a second and think again, have we ever thought of what will lead to a downturn in your profile, in your Instagram Branding?

Sadly, not many of us.

On the contrary, it is completely fine as the wake-up call is yet again ringing and we have come up with some tips that you must keep in mind while you post something.

Again, look for the positive sides and be yourself, nobody is denying that but, we should be well aware of the thorns along with the beauty of a flower so we don’t get hurt!

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Mistakes of Instagram Branding

Here are the 5 serious mistakes of Instagram branding you should never make.

1. Old posts

It’s okay! You love a picture of yours for which you never got the right time to post until now. However, you need to realize that a lot of people are looking forward to your posts, and hence, you cannot put something that feels of ancient times.

Instead, put a picture of the view from your home or your unimaginative yet bearable photography skills. People will rather prefer to see something relatable and candid rather than a well-edited post from 2013.

Try not to add those #throwback pictures as nobody is looking forward to something that’s better to be kept in the past, now!

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2. Irregular Posting

It is always pleasant when you know the pattern for something, isn’t it satisfying?

The same drill goes with the timings of the posts. When you post regularly, you will notice that your admirers are already there to be the first one to have a look at it. That feeling will be incredible.

Moreover, irregularity is inconvenient for your followers to catch up and one or the other might miss out on your posts which will be a problem for your Instagram Branding.

3. Too much self-promotion

You are excited about the online business you have started and you cannot wait to disclose each and every detail about it and you have planned to put 3 consecutive posts dedicated to them. Trust me when I say, I understand.

However, don’t you think it to be frustrating when someone is self-absorbed more than required? I think you got it.

So, next time try to keep yourself in place of your beloved followers to discern what they might feel about your content.

4. Instant Bot bought followers

Just don’t. Settle for less but, do not ever indulge yourself in small and quick achievements. They are useless and they will only lead to a never-ending chain of problems.

There may be several apps to lure you into buying fake followers but as much satisfaction it will provide to earn your followers it won’t be of any match by buying them.

For a moment let’s assume that it is better because it is fast and without much pains and it will help in getting actual followers as they get inspired from your fake ones apparently, however on the flip-side of the coin, you will never be able to apply for the blue-tick verification badge after it.

In fact, looking at the fake followers, the real ones will start doubting your caliber, and eventually, you’ll have to give up on them too!

5. Too much self-promotional

Looking at selfies at all times can be a big turn-off for your audience.

Everybody gets tired of looking at the same kind of pictures no matter if they have an up-gradation in a filter or an aesthetic background this time. It still is the same old selfie.

So, never forget to keep mixing up your photography skills and come up with variations while posting.

It won’t be a bad idea if you don’t show your face sometimes. Change is for good and looking at the delectable delicacies you’re eating or the scenic beauties you are witnessing will be a much-wanted site for them.

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These may be a few of the many things you need to avoid but I’m sure that these will have most of the impact you require on your Instagram Branding right now.

All you need to do is, be unbiased it works for everything. The optimization should be the key to all your posts. Do not forget, neither too much of you nor too much of the background should be posted. In fact, some of your closet, some of your activities, and your pets could even serve as.

Keep balance and you’re good to go.

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