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The 5 Best Tips to Sell on Instagram in 2022

Having a brand, you must have checked the number of taps on the clickable links in your bio.

Do you notice that quite often the number of those taps are incomparable to the legit selling on Instagram or buyers of your products?

Do you think that the amount of interest people show is unmatched when it comes to buying something in real?

Well, if the answer to all these questions is affirmative then, you seriously need some digging to do because the people, who are precisely your customers seem to have lost their way in the middle.

Keeping this thought in mind, let’s have a look at how to sell on Instagram and get more sales.

However, starting with what exactly are leads and what is conversion?

Leads are basically potential buyers for your product. They can be hot leads as well as cold leads. Where hot leads are readier to buy the brand’s product, ‘cold leads’ like the name suggests, require a lot of convincing to make them buy the product or service that your brand is providing.

Conversion is any kind of action performed by the buyer. It could be a purchase or a phone call or the time span for which the visitor is visiting your web page.

Best Tips to Selling on Instagram

Here are some ways by which you can start selling on Instagram. All these methods are the best to sell any product or service on Instagram.

1.  Shoppable Posts

One way of getting a good conversion rate for your brand on Instagram is by making your posts shoppable and allowing selling on Instagram. You can do so by adding icons like “swipe to the profile” to intrigue them into buying something as soon as they like it.

Usually, what happens is we like something but tend to forget to buy it at the moment because of the long process of going to the website. So, by this, the visitor or your lead can straight away click the icon and is ready to buy the product.

Similarly, you can even add banners like “swipe up to know more”. People tend to get interested when they are told about the details of something that they are wanting to buy and this way will give them suture to buy anything.

Selling on Instagram | BizApprise

For Example, Cadbury created an advertisement with an option to “Learn More” so the audience can fulfill their desires to know more about it right there.

2. Discounts and Promo Codes

If you want to increase selling on Instagram, you have to make your audience happy.

If they don’t get something different from what other brands offer then why will they be interested in your brand?

The best way to do the same is to give promo codes or discounts on the items.

Creating flashy posts with promo codes always helps. Most of the time, the only thing brands of the same category differ in is the way they market themselves.

People have so many choices so, the best deal for them wins for that day. Hence, to remain in the league of getting the most out of the leads is by pleasing them while keeping an account of the effects on the brand.

Also, keep in mind that the placement of the promo code matters a lot. Do not add promo codes in a haphazard manner plan to put it on products that are in demand. This will help you gain the trust and loyalty of your potential buyers to buy again from your brand.

Selling on Instagram | BizApprise

For Example: Here, this brand has given a promo code and discount to enhance the transformation.

3. Create Ads

An important aspect of transforming a browser into a buyer is by creating advertisements for your brand.

An example of the most usual scenario of your leads to make them a buyer is: Usually people open Instagram and check their feeds and search window when they are free but, at times when they are busy they only check their feeds. So, checking feeds is common in both cases and posting an advertisement to show it on their feeds is a good idea to bring about attention to your brand.

A hot lead will definitely open your profile and then the website because of a single advertisement and even without it while a cold one will get an idea to open the brand and to have a look at its products.

Thus, posting advertisements for selling on Instagram is a great way to target a specific audience on Instagram.

4. Do not underestimate the CTA

Putting posts and advertisements of your brands are things that can be impactful for your brand but they are not enough. Adding Call To Action (CTA) in every post is important to give a good finish to your post. These are short lines to end the post with the URL to reach the item people want to buy.

When visitors view a post, they should be able to get to buy the stuff you are posting. If they don’t get the link or URL to open it and look closer then they might drop the idea of buying the product.

Anything will work for example writing “Is that what you’re looking for? Tap here to know.” or, even “Love it? Tap to know the details.” will work perfectly but leaning your post without it will for sure be an incomplete move from your side.

5. Run Contests and Campaigns

If you think you have done all the things listed above then this one should be your next move.

Viewers love excitement and fun with everything. So, keeping that in mind why not hold a contest related to your brand and give vouchers like promo codes or a basket full of products of your brand.

These contests or giveaways create huge participation as well as the popularity of the brand.

In fact, they leave the participants with quite an amusement that they will look forward to your brand in the future.

Also, creating marketing campaigns can be another way to earn buyers. Nowadays, posting a story is quite common so, try going for emotional campaigns for your brand.

Emotional posts work more than attractive ones. They are heartfelt and relatable. They connect with an emotion be it happiness, sadness, excitement, or anger so that people can be moved by it.

For example, when @CocaCola changed its tag line from “Open Happiness” to “Taste the feeling”, it continued to focus on the emotion of being happy and portrayed people connecting with others and celebrating their bonds.

This way emotional campaigns can leave a lasting impression on the audience and urge them to buy the products.

End Words on Selling on Instagram

Marketing is a tactic but marketing on Instagram is an art. You only embrace the art only if you understand it otherwise you move on to the next one.

That is the thought here. Your art need not be exclusive but comprehended and relatable to the masses so, that most people end up knowing your brand and looking forward to its new collections.

Remember, you are a leader for some brand or the other. How will you be impressed to get converted into a buyer?

Keep that with you and use it for your own brand!

Happy Selling on Instagram!

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