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The Evolving Meme Culture of Instagram

You are having a terrible day. You are stressed out and work-loaded. So, you leave the situation as it is and take your smartphone to open Instagram. What is the first emotion that comes out of you on doing so?

Well, I think it is pretty obvious that it is “laughter” or simply a sardonic smile but the real question is “what for?”. The answer to it may be evident but still let us hear it, “the meme-ification”.

What is meme-ification? Why is this unconventional marketing tactic getting so much famous so quickly? How can we earn money from this business?

Let us discuss in detail what the whole phenomenon is about and its side of the story.

What is Meme Culture?

Meme culture is the growing industry of sharing a meme wherein a meme is casually an imitation or a joke created for social interaction and mockery.

The new term coined for jokes and humor, Meme Culture is not just a wave that will die as soon as it emerged, it is there to be for the longer race!

Why Instagram is flooded with Memes more than anything?

It might sound mean and over-stressed but the truth is bitter. Memes are ruling our feeds more than any brand, travel blog, or delicious food because they mess with the minds and not the hearts of their followers.

Try to remember the post you saw of a place that should be on your “Must Travels” list. You cannot and it is because of the same harsh reason.

Those posts delight us, drool us, satisfy us but momentarily. What gets shared through us and is laughed over by us for endless times till we get bored is a meme and will always be.

Moreover, the strategic reason for this trend is ‘money’. People earn more money from posting memes than posting a fashion blog. Isn’t it amazing that you make more money by spending less?

You do not have to be concerned about proper videography or photography for your post and neither do you have to spend money on expensive clothes. All you require is a heart pouring out what it truly feels to reach out to the masses.

The best thing about the success of it is solely the evolution of the audience.

Viewers do not want sophistication, they crave relatability!

So, the next question that might pop in your mind is:

Can all of us start a page and earn money?

The answer is simple: sure! If the word you are looking for is “easy”, then you are not going to find it. It is because of no matter if it sounds like a cakewalk, it has difficulties of its own type.

Still, we all can get into the business if we have the determination to produce worthy jokes, consistency and of course sense of humor.

Henceforth, if you are willing to take the pains and try it, we are happy to provide you with a few points to keep in mind.

Do not dig too deep

  1. If you are creating a meme remember to go easy. Do not try to think too much or you will make it boring.
  2. Try not to detail it with discrete stuff because then not all your audience will get it and it will only sadden you.
  3. Go for everyday ideas and something that happens with you all the time. The reason behind that is certain if it happens with you, it happens with everybody.

Do not go too far

When it comes to memes, one ought to be free and at the same time remember the boundaries. You do not want to get sued by a renowned entity for creating questionable content. It happens many times without actually intending that people get arrested for delicate content.

Be careful. Try to be funny and not hurting someone’s sentiments. Taking a meme too seriously is a mistake of its own but we can only change us not others.


Morphed picture of Mamta Banerjee featuring @PriyankaChopra led a woman to jail.

Try to make it 2-way

By this I mean, try to make a meme in which people have to choose between situations. Something which makes them ponder and put forth an opinion. Not only does this creates a buzz but also makes the meme more popular and liked.

For example, “Pineapples on the pizza or plain pizza only?”

Sometimes simple posts like these lead to a huge inflow of “comments” and “likes” that even a smart meme cannot get.

Thus, be yourself. It is rare.

How do people make money from this?

Money making from posting memes on your Instagram handles can be done in a lot of ways.

One of the most popular being:


You just have to promote the product of a brand through the meme. Today, understanding something through a meme or following meme culture is much easier than reading an actual advertisement.

So, famous brands like tinder, bustle and many more use memes to make their advertisement on Instagram amusing and therefore more relatable.

For example:


This post by Tinder not only promotes the dating App but also creates laughter among its established niche hence getting the post a lot more likes than what it could get otherwise.

End Words

Now, you know how the world is progressing further. It is indeed mesmerizing to know that we are not just driven by materialistic content but the priceless ones too.

We may not realize but most of the times what actually makes your lips curve and turn your frown into laughter is a meme. Thus, we can never get full of it.

You can always have another addition to your meme collection on Instagram and not get bored of it. Therefore, happy meme-ification people!

A meme-machine should never stop getting manufactured and the more competition there is to make one, the more exciting it gets for its audience. So, do not think before starting one yourself because what matters is its persistence.

Thank you for being memetic-enthusiasts, you are only helping us live life to the fullest!

Aditya Goyal
Aditya Goyal

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