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10 Best WordPress LMS Plugins To Sell Online Courses in 2022

In recent times, ​WordPress​ has emerged as quite a popular CMS among bloggers and website builders. The wide range of plugins it offers for every purpose is what makes it win everyone’s heart.

For educational institutes, private coaching centers, and online classes, WordPress LMS plugins enable users to sell & publish courses online.

Before we move on to know the 10 Best WordPress Learning Management Systems (LMS), 1st understand what is LMS?

LMS Plugins for WordPress is a kind of online tool using which you can create, sell, and manage online educational courses.

In the current situation when the whole world is combating with ​ COVID 19 pandemic, this plugin becomes even more crucial for people involved in eLearning.

LMS comes with so many perks wherein you can handle documentation, inquiries, administration, tracking, and reporting of online courses with great ease.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a win-win for both the sellers and buyers of online courses. Sellers can track and manage the content of online courses, buyers can log in to the website through LMS for joining the online courses.

10 Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Let’s see what these 10 LMS Plugins for WordPress are to sell your online courses.

1. LearnDash

LearnDash LMS Plugins for WordPress | BizApprise

As of now, LearnDash is the best Learning Management System plugin for major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs for organizing and selling out their online courses.

It provides features like selling of membership, One-time payment, subscription, or license. It also provides the facility to unlock new courses by earning points from the courses they bought.

This would be amazing for raising the level of user engagement with your site.

2. LifterLMS

WordPress learning management system | BizApprise

Another WordPress LMS plugin on the list is LifterLMS. It understands the needs of the user and delivers the core functions accordingly. It can provide extensions like Stripe, PayPal, MailChimp, etc.

Just like the LearnDash, Lifter also focuses and prioritizes user engagement which is also an important aspect from the SEO point of view for any website. To enhance user engagement, it offers the temptation of achievement badges, certificates, one on one coaching, and many more.

3. LearnPress

LearnPress LMS Plugin for WordPress | BizApprise

WordPress’s LearnPress LMS plugin is a free resource offering all the expected features needed for managing an eLearning site. For making the onboarding easy and convenient, it has a setup wizard.

Though the basic plugin is lightweight but can be expanded by adding extensions. Wishlist, Course Review, and Prerequisite courses are its other important traits.

The plugin is completely free and you can purchase an add-on if you need any particular features.

You can also purchase the Pro Bundle that will give you complete add-ons in a single purchase.

4. Sensei

Sensei is simple and easy to use. The plugin is best for beginners to create courses, add lessons, and then conduct quizzes.

It is integrated with WooCommerce and offers a yearly subscription. The price of which is based on the number of sites you are applying it on.

However, WordPress themes can be applied, and are not necessary that you have to make a choice amongst WooCommerce themes.

Besides that, it has all the essential features needed to create a healthy and informative learning website including analytics on course grading, completion time, registration process, etc.

5. WP Courseware

This is another popular LMS among the user community and is rich with useful features. The interface of WP Courseware is super simple with easy to use drag and drop builder.

Likewise, other LMS will also let you create quizzes either blocking or non-blocking. In blocking students have to score minimum cut-off marks while there is no such requirement in the non-blocking quiz. In addition to this, it has grade books, certificates, shopping carts, and free courses to offer.

6. CoursePress Pro

CoursePress Pro is a premium plugin for LMS which is known for more customization. You can use it with top payment gateways to ease payment services.

With no course limitations, you can upload as many courses as your host allows you to do. With some themes, you can get this Pro Bundle for free of cost.

The cost of this bundle is relatively higher and you can check this on their website.

7. Good LMS

Good LMS creates online and onsite courses along with quizzes, practical tests, certificates, instructor profiles, and payment gateway integration.

This is not as many bombarded features as other plugins, though price. You can get it for just $32 and the best for a simple look and experience.

8. Namaste! LMS

This is also a free LMS plugin for WordPress. After completing the prerequisite courses, users can customize the rules of different courses according to them. The benefit of using the Namaste LMS plugin is offering certificates, Grade systems, Badges, and a Progress bar for improving user engagement.

Namaste LMS also comes up with PRO Version which some additional features that you needed to create a course or practice test.

Pricing is less than any other LMS Plugin offering similar features.

9. MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS is a plugin by stylemix themes, which is another WordPress LMS Plugin with some advanced features like co-author (2 or more authors for a course), Live Classes, International Integration, and so on.

You can download this plugin for free and pro version pricing starts with $39 for a single site.

10. Tutor LMS

WordPress learning management system | BizApprise

Tutor LMS is another LMS Plugin for WordPress that is available for individual instructors, educational institutions, and eLearning platforms.

Some features include drag and drop, unlimited customization, advanced quizzes, and a front-end course builder.

With a single license, you can add this plugin to a single domain, and the price for that is $149. You can host unlimited sites for the price of $299 only.

End Words

LMS plugins make the WordPress learning management system super easy and blissful.

All the above-mentioned 10 LMS plugins for WordPress are selected and tested before recommending you.

Each plugin has its own pros and cons and should be used according to the expected usage.

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