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Use Instagram Geotags To Engage Local Audience

As much as every brand today wants to do big and be no less of competition on Instagram and Instagram Geotags, they forget the petite details of it.

When every brand is doing almost the same thing, then one has to start working on the specific details as they begin to matter.

Hence, Instagram is not lagging behind in serving brands to be a little ahead of others and a little closer to their audience as it introduced geotags to us.

What is Geotagging? What difference does it create? How to use it anyway? We have the answer to all those questions popping in your mind.

Instagram Geotags

According to Instagram, ‘geotags’ are a way of storing your location with your photo. If you want to publicize your picture or to promote your brand, you can always tag your photograph with the location of a local-outlet or any physical location of the brand.

Why use Instagram Geotags at all?

Do you think this picture is complete? Well, some of you may think yes but that is because you are not comparing this with any other picture.

What about this one? Do you see the difference? The distinction between the two posts we shared with you clearly shows that one has not been Instagram geotagged while the other one has.

Hence, the former lacks information. Sometimes, a buyer does not buy a product online. They are skeptical about the sizes maybe and who knows if they want to check out the outlets?

In such a case, geotagging plays a big role wherein providing the location of the nearest local outlet seals the deal for you and the buyer can immediately rush to it.

So, it can do wonders for you while other brands are daydreaming about their perfect social media handles.

How to Geotag?

You can do it in two different ways.

1.  Feeds

Instagram Geotags can simply be added while you are posting a picture by tapping on the ‘add location’ bar and typing the location. The best part is that while you type, suggestions of similar locations can also be seen which can give you better ideas.

After adding the location and hitting the ‘post’ icon, you can see the location just below the place where your username is seen.

Here, you can add location by typing in the respective case and by taking a hint from the given locations as well.

2. Stories

Geotagging can also be done on your Instagram Stories. Adding locations on your stories can make it a lot simpler for your audience to know about the locations where the brand can be found.

They are then just a tap away to see the latitudes and longitudes of your brand and also can come across many other posts related to your brand on that location.

Coming back to how to geotag your story, you can simply add the sticker and type in the location. It’s that straightforward.

This way you can add location by using a sticker on the top-right corner.

Ways to engage nearby audience with geotagging

1. Reaching out local influencers and audience

When your post lacks geotag, the people who are inquisitive of your products might be unable to reach out to it because of being unaware of the presence of outlets.

On the contrary, adding geotags to your posts can attract a local audience and viewers towards buying products.

This way you can also reach out to local influencers in the area for promotional purposes also.

Hence, providing a location of the store in Delhi light not help a person living in Mumbai but it will definitely fascinate the Delhi audience into checking out the collection.

2. Track Location Pages

Whenever you tap on a location tag on Instagram, a new page of that location hashtag opens. So, it consists of a collection of all the posts including that geotag. Opening it will introduce the viewers to related content and widen your outreach.

In fact, you can enhance it to new levels by commenting on the posts connected to yours. This can affect your niche to unexpected extents and can put your brand out there to a different set of an audience too.

3. Keep a check on your audience

You never know how your niche grows and to keep a close eye on it, you should open your own geotags and see who is tagging you.

This way you can get to know about the popularity of your brand and its ever-growing rate.

Open posts and explore the kind of response your brand gets on these Instagram geotags.

4. Expand outreach

This way of evolving your brand on Instagram is very much dependent on the previous point. The prerequisites of expanding your outreach are knowing new viewers and fresh sets of audience liking your posts and geotagging you.

When you do the former point, you fulfill the criteria for completing this one. How?

When you know your growing niche, you can encourage them to add more content on your geotagged location. You can do this by liking their comments and showing love to them.

They should realize that whatever they are doing is well received and acknowledged. Their efforts are not going in vain. This way they will be motivated enough to do the same again and every time.


You remember we say every drop matter? Well, we saw it in action today!

Seriously, this saying works everywhere. So, it is vital for all of us to know that taking even half a step more towards your goal will always bring you closer to it than others. And, that’s how you are distinguished.

Therefore, rather than making huge changes work on the smaller ones. They will surely have an influence on the audience.

Aditya Goyal
Aditya Goyal

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