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Get More Instagram Engagement with These 11 Content Ideas

We talk about getting more followers on Instagram. We talk about getting more engagement on our Instagram Profiles. We even talk about advertising our accounts.

However, the one thing common to all these problems we face is “Our Instagram Post – What to post on Instagram?”.


Don’t you think having a presentable yet subtle post on Instagram will do the talking and then you won’t need any fancy cover-ups?

Well, as simple as it looks most of us struggle to do that and are stuck up at a point after which we just cannot think of a better way to show ourselves.

So, let us see some of the many ways by which we can transform our posts and put forth a refreshed version of ourselves. Remember, I mean “refreshed” not “changed”!

11 Best Content Ideas For More Instagram Engagement

We have some interesting content ideas for you that you can share on Instagram to get more engagement in return.

1. More to hear, less to see!

Now, this kind of post is something soothing. Sometimes, it’s not just you who get tired of the daily, monotonous posting. Trust me, the same goes for the other side of the screen too.

Hence, why not put something on your Instagram that is actually more than just to look at.

Often, it is so relaxing to just hear the sound of the rain pouring or the thunderstorm or even the birds chirping at the corner of the sill.

So, this time goes for a ‘close to nature’ video kind of a post. Trust me, you will be surprised to see the outcomes!

Instagram Engagement

2. The Real Talk

This seems scary, how will it not be scarier when it is in action, right?

But, that is not the case. People love to be open to the Instagram Influencers they follow. In fact, they completely adore the fact that someone cares a lot more than just being virtually present there.

Hold sessions. Inform your followers about when you’re going to be online so they don’t miss the chance of knowing you better and telling their stories.

For this, you can live-stream or you can have conversations in the comments section.

In my opinion, go for the former! It builds a personal connect much stronger than you could have with any other kind of a post on Instagram.

3. Hold impromptu giveaways

Sometimes, maybe most of the times, free gifts can do more than what a thoughtful post can!

However, since you can afford it only once a while, I would recommend you to take the pains for such a rare moment.

Giveaways excite people and they don’t require many inputs from you than the gifts you’ll be giving away. This is a “kill two birds with one stone” situation.

Not only do you have to put in a lot of the efforts, but it also puts smiles on everybody’s faces.

Of course, you cannot see it, but you definitely can feel it!

4. Breathtaking Views

Don’t you think sometimes it’s better to use the back camera rather than the front camera for a change?

Trust me, it is a change for everyone’s good! Well, it cannot be a better option when you are living a view your followers can only dream of in the corner of their rooms.

Therefore, it will never be a failure to post lush green scenery or a starry sky or just a range of hills soaked up in raindrops.


5. Candid Moments

When you are completely blocked on your creative side, do not overthink and put the first picture you click from the random moments you are living.

It is necessary for the people who follow you to actually know you and not the sugar-coated self you try to portray every day.

Even the random bathroom selfies with friends on a road trip will amuse your audience more than any picture-perfect selfie you can click.

Just for your information, the embarrassing moments will work too!

Instagram Engagement

6. What’s your take on this?

Not always, but whenever you feel something happened with you that needs to be shared, you should share.

Venting out the feeling is the best way to deal with it and for everybody to take a lesson from it. By this, I don’t mean to get sympathy by posting something personal but, it gives you an idea of what someone else would do if they were you.

Moreover, it creates a connection with the audience and they will feel their importance on crucial matters.

So, the next time you feel the urge of discussing something that needs to come up end it with “What’s your take on this?”

Who knows what comes up with one of your followers when you least expected it?

7. Food, Food and more food.

Now, this is something that I don’t think anybody can get tired of.

So, when you are blocked off the ideas for posting on your feeds why not put your heart on your feeds because the heart is where food is.

You can put a picture of the breakfast you’re having or simply a lazy Sunday brunch.

This post will always fascinate your audience into knowing what you actually eat and obviously what they can adapt in their lives.


8. Naughty pets

If you have a pet, do not think twice before putting their picture on your Instagram. After all, they are more important than anyone in your life, aren’t they?

The love and affection they show is unconditional and not something that any lens can capture but who said not to try?

Therefore, next time when you are confused about putting something up, just rid of it and put a piece of your heart on display.

The best part is that they are photogenic unlike you, so, doing that won’t create another problem of editing.

I’m sure there will be many people to admire their beauty.

9. Share your interests

When you are reading a book and you love it, don’t you want to recommend it to everyone to share your feelings with?

If yes, then why not start it with your post itself?

Posting about a recent book you read and recommending it to your audience is an interesting way to post and to be innovative at the same time.

You can also post a recent challenge you took and ask your followers to do it as well. It will be crazy.

Many people love this kind of interaction on social media hence, posting about a book or even a magazine or a place you visited is not a bad idea keep going with the flow and being regular at it.


For Example: @TigerShroff here, posted a challenge he undertook. It was exciting to watch this post on Instagram and will be even more to try it? I am sure everybody is.

10. DIYs

You can put your own invention on display. Just don’t bother about the criticism and only think of the amount of dedication you put in to complete it.

Ultimately, these crafts and small achievements sometimes turn out to be a big trend on Instagram.

You don’t want to say “Oh! I thought of it. Why didn’t I do it?” and be guilty of it afterward.

Therefore, do what you like and hence, post what you did!

11. Brand Hauls

Did a lot of shopping just for the sake of satisfying the greed? Or, regretting a lot of irrelevant stuff you bought in a sale but are not sure to wear. No problem!

Why not post a brand haul this time when you have means to do so?

A lot of your audience loves shopping so, brand haul can create a huge stir in your feeds. From comments asking about where you bought it from to the comments asking for the price of it, brand hauls always manage to create a buzz in your Instagram Profile.

So, next time when you buy a lot of things, why not have a post dedicated to it?


End Words

This may not be it but I’m sure it helped in giving a kick-start to your genius mind to produce some great ideas for your Instagram.

If yes, then I’m glad the purpose is solved.

As at the end of the day, what means to your followers is that they are looking at a side of you through your posts and not someone imaginary. I hope that is fulfilled.

No matter what you post on instagram, it should be something you like doing and not what’s expected of you.

Aditya Goyal
Aditya Goyal

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