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4 Best Benefits of Stealth Startups that You Must Know!

“Work in Silence and Let your success make the noise”


This thought definitely inspires people to get up and start chasing their dreams.

Stealth startups are one such mode of startups where the entrepreneurs do their business in silence without revealing much of the information about themselves.

There could be a couple of reasons for this say, it might be the part of a marketing strategy, or to keep up the good public image, or anything.

Secrecy in any business is advantageous, no doubt! That’s the reason that Apple always surprises the world bringing updates and changes in its software and devices overnight. Wearing the veil of secrecy is not a bad idea as it gives you a lot of benefits. Apple is here just an example, there are many such tech and non-tech companies, who always keep the revolutionary ideas secret and confidential, and it is needed.

These days the idea of stealth startup is tempting all types (small or large) entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who want to create something that adds up value through their revolutionary ideas, products, services, intellectual property, prefer to go with the concept of stealth startup mode.

We can give you the best example of DOMO – A social media analytics platform online and a software company that works stealthy for 5 years and then emerged as a successful platform in the 6th year of its operation.

Before that, no one was knowing that there is such a great platform but ultimately this helps the DOMO to get handsome earning in its pre-launching funding. Isn’t it sound too cool?

DOMO’s success is unbelievably motivating other such new entrants in the market of startups and silently work behind closed doors.

The best thing about the stealth startups is that it enables you to focus more on your vision along with keeping an eye on the market moves.

Although, there is another group of entrepreneurs that exists who hesitate to continue the stealth mode for a longer period of time. Usually, they announce their existence in just a few months only.

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Benefits of Stealth Startups

If you’re planning to enter into a startup, you must read these benefits of stealth startups and follow some simple steps on how to start a startup.

1. Peaks the Interest of the Investors

Whatever you are doing, developing a product, or about to launch a service, to get the attention of the investors, stealth startups is right.

Plus, it also aids in planning the right and effective product launch strategy so as to grab 100% market attention through the press coverage. Press coverage is in fact a great medium to go for a systematic launch. Most of the startups jump for any such opportunity.

When you start from a stealth mode, you will also be able to get the benefit of product buzz so created before the launch. Altogether these things will help you to get the desired response from the investors. Certainly, you will get more time to plan for the product launch.

2. Avoiding Fears Faced by Startups Initially

Startup means something new and unique you are going to see in the market. There are a lot of examples of such startups that were trailblazers in what they are doing. When a group of startup entrepreneurs is interviewed, it has been found that most of them face the fear of idea stealing and launch the product in a better way before them in the market.

Well, such fears are natural, especially when you are counting on startups staking all your education, money, and time. 

In industries where the spirit of competitiveness is high, such fears may become a reality. It is possible that your competitors might have more budget and better feasibility to take up your innovation on their name.

Stealth startups help in overcoming such fears and let you concentrate on other important things to boost your startup.

3. Launch Your Product at the Right Time

Things done hastily may always have the chance to go wrong. The same is the case with startups. If you fail to launch your product or service at the right time, you might fail badly despite having excellent products or services to provide for.

The reason is, it is very important to influence your audience and it is only possible if you unveil your cards at the right time.

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Let us take the example of big brands today like Facebook and YouTube. Before Facebook, Orkut and Friendster were there and YouTube is launched after ShareYourWorld like platform, yet Facebook and YouTube are the leading platforms. The whole game is of timing!

Stealth startups evaluate the market gradually and find the right time to hit the floor and grab all the opportunities. Sometimes, to be the first in the race, businesses rush in but being the pioneer doesn’t mean that you will be successful as well.

So, sometimes it is ok to be late but with a bang. Stealth startup raises the success rate letting you find the right time for the launch.

4. Retaining the Perspective of an Idea

In the current scenario, where the information can be transmitted at the tip of your finger, it is quite difficult to retain the idea secret.

The idea of stealth startup can do this better.

Digitalization made it easy to find a new product with a similar idea and there is always the possibility that someone else may develop a product that sounds similar to yours but not exactly the same. So, your chances to get a breakthrough gets slimmer. 

If you are in the field where access to resources is easy, the budget is affordable, investment is available, and chances to build up a similar product under the same perspective as yours, choosing a stealth startup, you will always be safe and assured.

This also gives you peace of mind and provides you a stress-free situation to work better on your goals. You can focus on other important tasks like branding strategy, formulating marketing ideas, and pre-launch buzz creation to have a blasting launch of the product.


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