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The 5 Best Instagram Explore Page Tips of 2022

Are you interested to gain your Instagram followers? Here in this post, we have curated the list of the top 5 best Instagram explore page tips to get discovered by new people and gain more views and followers.

Being popular on Instagram may sound too common but it is indeed very important for struggling as well as established businesses to stay in the race of being loved by the audience. Hence, in such a case what would a brand dream about?

That as soon as a viewer searches something related to them, their brand pops up on the top of their search, isn’t it? So, why not work towards making the dream actually come true?

Best Instagram Explore Page Tips [2022 Updated]

Here are some tips to get discoverable on the Instagram search and gain more followers and reach.

1. Optimize your name field

Now, people usually confuse the name field with a username. Both of them are different things, friends! While username should be searched exactly as a whole if you want your profile to appear on top of the account of a user, the name field is basically a combination of various keywords.

If a person searches any word which is also present in your name field then chances are that your brand comes on the top of their Instagram search and gets discovered. Hence, it is very important to keep your username and name field different. Focus on your name field more than your username. Try to explain what your business entails with your name field and be exact and on point with your username.

For Example, Ikea has put the category under which it falls as its name field. So, if people search for a furniture store, its account gets discovered on the top.

2. Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags really increases the chances of your getting identified. It is not over-hyped, it does wonders but it is not visible to you directly. Not only should you use hashtags in your posts and stories to get featured in the search column of Instagram but you should also incorporate them in your bio.

A descriptive and reflective bio of your brand or business or as an influencer works a long way in letting a new person know about it before looking at anything.

It’s the first step towards making impressions and we all know the drill, don’t we? First impressions are the last impressions. So, make yours worthwhile!

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3. Location tag in every post

Add location to the posts you have. In the search column, when you type a keyword and tap on the location bar, all the posts with the tagged location come up. So, if you post pictures with the location tag of that place, you might get featured on the top of that bar.

This way you become visible to a bigger audience who might not even know if you exist until then.

4. Follow and engage with similar brands

As an Instagram account ready to outshine, it is necessary to evaluate your competition. So, always follow different accounts and interact with them to know what they’re doing and to learn from them. Growth can’t happen until you know whom you’re fighting against.

We are not talking about an unhealthy war between you and other accounts, but a friendly engagement with them once in a while and having a look at their work is completely harmless.

5. Learn by changing perspective

Sometimes, our minds get stuck. We don’t get any inspiration on how to lead further and get disheartened. However, at that time try to change the view by which you are looking at things. Instead of thinking with a business perspective, try to put yourself in place of a viewer and then search, click and swipe the way they would do.

This will really help you gain clarity in how you should go about things. To display something, you should first know whether you would especially search to see it as you want your users to or not? The answer itself is the key to whether you should go on with it or make alterations.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Explore Page Tips

All these and many more can be, the list is endless and it is up to you as to what to follow and what not to. Just remember one thing that on huge platforms, there’s always small things that make a difference and not the big ones because that’s what everybody tries and tests and get used to in the first place.

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